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12 Staples Every Foreigner Assumes Americans Have at Home- Based on Hollywood

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The impact of cultural stereotypes propagated by the film and media industry has given rise to numerous preconceived notions about the composition of a typical American household. Those from outside the borders of the United States may discover that the actual experience of stepping into an American home can be surprisingly enlightening, exposing a significant disparity between common perceptions and the genuine reality.

An online conversation sought to know, “Non-Americans, what do you think every American person has in their house?”

1. The Sink Muncher aka Trash Smoothie

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Almost every thriller has a scene where someone is blending something they need to make disappear inside the kitchen sink. This strange sink (aka- a garbage disposal) that blends things is not common in many parts of the world.

An online user says, “I’m so astonished by it, like where the trash goes from there…I want to visit America just to experience that!”

Someone adds, “I believe most people in Europe do not even know what it is. I only saw it in movies.”

2. Barbeque Sauces

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The outdoor grills in movies have made people believe every American must have a few bottles of barbeque sauce in their pantry. They aren’t very wrong.

One user says, “I have at least 5 varieties of BBQ sauce in my fridge at the moment, including 2 that are homemade.”

3. A Huge Coffee Machine

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The rest of the world is fueled by oxygen, but it looks like most Americans are fueled by coffee.

An online user says she thinks every American has, “A coffee machine with [a] large glass jug full of black coffee being kept warm. The UK mostly has electric kettles for making hot drinks individually.”

4. Popcorn Setting On Their Microwave

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Most microwaves have basic settings for thawing and heating stuff, but the American ones seem to be a little special.

Someone says their microwave settings have, “Popcorn, pizza, and (oddly) potato.”

Another person adds, “Actually, I have a popcorn setting and it works every time, flawlessly.”

5. Pickles

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Is there an American who doesn’t have pickles in their refrigerator?

A user says, “Apparently americans are rather fond of Pickles and Peanut Butter. Is that a fair assumption to make?”

6. Peanut Butter

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Probably because of PB&J, the assumption is that every American home has a tub of peanut in their pantry.

A user says, “I’m an American and it is rare that I don’t have peanut butter in my home.”

7. Drywall

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Every culture has a preference for how they make their buildings, and America loves it’s drywall quite a lot.

A user says they think America has, “Drywall….lots of drywall.”

Many agree.

8. Laundry Dryer

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Different countries dry their laundry in various ways, and America’s ways seems to be the dryer.

An online user says, “In my country almost everyone dries their laundry on a wire outside, so the concept of a dryer is baffling to me. I only see them in American Movies & shows. Do majority of you have it or not?”

Yes, as a matter of fact, they do. It is such as HUGE time saver.

9. A Small Hill of Pillows On The Bed

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The interior decor landscape has evolved in a lot of places, and America’s evolving includes pillows. Lots of pillows, it seems.

An online conversation contributor says, “I’m convinced almost every American has a mountain of pillows on their bed.”

10. A Beer-Filled Garage Fridge

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Does every household in America have a fridge in their garage filled with beer and other things?

“Yeah I have a giant 7’x3’ basement fridge, full of beer and stuff from Costco. Guilty as charged.” Someone says.

Well, now we know.

11. Jeans

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Are you even American if you don’t own a pair of denim?

“I wear blue jeans 365 days a year.” A user says.

“I don’t know if I’d want to know an American that didn’t have jeans. It’s down to earth. It’s chill.” Someone adds.

12. Air Conditioning

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Many Americans, households and businesses alike, love their frigid indoor temps.


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