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15 Dads Share Their Most Laughable Fails

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Dads have become somewhat legendary for their endearing and often comical parenting blunders, often rooted in their laid-back and instinctive parenting style. From the lighthearted to the downright ludicrous, fathers from all corners of the world gather on platforms like Reddit to swap anecdotes about their most unforgettable moments of parental mishaps.

Here are just a few of the funniest dad fails that were shared. Whether you’re a dad or mom, these stories will help you realize you don’t have to be so hard on yourself- we’re all only human.

1. What Did You Say?

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One dad says he was at the splash park one day with his 3-year-old and 15-month-old. He hears his 3-year-old trying to say hello to a little girl’s fish. Unfortunately, he kept pronouncing fish with a “b.”

He has to hurriedly run over to explain to the little girl’s mom that he wasn’t cursing but trying to say fish- which led to laughter from the adults.

2. Sorry for Punching You

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One dad reports that he accidentally punched his son in the face and knocked him clean off his feet. He had been trying to get his phone from his son when his son simultaneously ran forward into his fist.

The dad felt terrible, but his son thought it was hilarious.

3. Daddy, You’re Huge!

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Kids like to compare and contrast. One dad reports his son’s hilarious and loud comparison he made after they left a public bathroom at the museum.

After saying he was “huge,” the dad proceeded to comment that he’d never had any complaints. This made his wife, who was standing outside the door waiting for them, start laughing hysterically.

4. Say, What?

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Many dads shared the raised eyebrows they have gotten as their little ones attempt to pronounce words.

For example, common words like truck, frog, and fork can often sound like F-bombs and leave non-parents wondering what these kids are being taught. Thankfully, most of us can find the situation quite comical.

5. Mispronouncing Words

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Other dads share more funny mispronunciation fails that shocked people near them. One example is, “There’s nothing like a 3-year-old yelling, “FORK” (but sounding more like a curse word) to elicit giggles from the adults.”

6. What’s That Smell?

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One dad says his wife’s entire family was visiting for Thanksgiving, all church-goers that don’t curse or drink alcohol. His 5-year-old daughter came looking for him while he was on the toilet, and he told her to leave.

His daughter then proceeded to the kitchen, where everyone was hanging out, and said very loudly, “It smells like dog sh*t in here.” It took all his effort not to burst into laughter as he imagined all of his in-laws’ faces.

7. Baby’s First Foods

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One dad reports a major failure when he decided to let his baby, who was being introduced to new foods, try mustard. He clarified that it wasn’t yellow American mustard but the real spicy stuff.

The dad thought it’d be a great “non-sweet” flavor to try. He said it ended in a lot of comical flailing of the baby’s arms and that he instantly regretted his decision.

8. Curse Word Alternatives

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One dad recalls that his good friend was going through a bad divorce. He had said some mean things about the friend’s ex, but he always thought it was out of earshot of his son.

One day, he discusses with his wife the alternative words he uses when he’s around his son to avoid cursing, like “sugar” and “shoot.” At that moment, his son proceeds to yell, “Sugar, B**ch,” from the back seat.

9. Black-Eyed Daddy

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One dad reports having to go to work for an entire week with a black eye after wrestling with his 2-year-old.

The most hilarious part was that he got a black eye from a move the dad called “the butt drop.” Apparently, his son basically dropped his entire bony butt right on his dad’s face. Ouch!

10. Are You Speaking French?

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One dad admits that he doesn’t have the cleanest language, and neither does his wife. His 11-month-old daughter has started picking up all kinds of words in both English and French (his wife speaks French).

Both parents were surprised when their sweet little one dropped the F-word at the breastfast table. They figured they could pawn it off on the French pronunciation for a seal for now.

11. Get Your Story Straight

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One dad shares a funny story where his toddler got all of the facts wrong when re-telling.

“There was a crazy police chase that passed us by one day, on the shoulder. Scared the sh** out of me, so I yelled “OH SH**!” Later when my 3-year-old was telling the story, he told everyone I “s-h-o-t the police” on our way home from swimming class.”

12. Peanuts, Please!

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“When mine was [little] she loved peanuts but pronounced it p**is. I can’t tell you how many times she would see peanuts or peanut butter and just shout “I LOVE P**IS!” Awkward!

13. Dressing Mishaps

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Dads are known for their interesting dressing styles with their kids. Or perhaps they give the kiddos more creative freedom. Regardless, it can often lead to eye-raising moments when mom or someone else sees what they’re wearing out in public. Undies, mismatches, inside out- who knows what they’ll get!

14. Pancake Throwing Context

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A dad shares his attempt to show off his pancake flipping skills resulted in a pancake landing on his head. This lead to a full on pancake “hat” contest that had everyone laughing. We wonder what mom thought of the mess?

15. Trust Me

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A dad narrates that he was trying to teach his 7-year-old daughter how to fish even though she didn’t want to and thought fish were gross. He insisted it’s be awesome and she’d love catching one (which she did eventually). However, on her first try she forgot to hit the release and the hook swung around the got her on the neck- leaving a “disgusting” worm stuck to her neck while he told her to sit still. She was mad for days, but now they laugh about it fondly as their first fishing trip of many.


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