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The 12 Best Pieces of Advice That Moms Give Regularly- If Only We’ll Listen

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Life’s intricacies come bundled with a mom. Maternal wisdom seems tailor-made for every twist and turn existence throws our way. Children often brush off or even get irked by the maternal guidance generously offered. Yet, as we navigate the complexities of adulthood, we realize that moms have, in fact, deciphered the enigmatic code of life’s labyrinth.

People shared quotes from their childhood that were the best advice they ever received from their Moms.

1. People Don’t Really Change

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There comes a time when kids grow up and finally, see people for who they really are. The common thought is that people have changed.

One Mom offered great advice to her daughter, “When I was a pre-teen, she told me “as you get older, you’re going to think everyone around you is changing. It’s not them that are changing, it’s how you see the world that is changing.”

2. Nothing Lasts Forever

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Circumstances, whether favorable or unfavorable, are transient. This perspective serves as a safeguard against both depression and excessive euphoria.

As one Mom told her child, “This, too, shall pass.” 

3. What Is Happiness?

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Happiness can be elusive, but that’s probably because we don’t have a proper interpretation of what happiness really is.

One mom decoded it for her daughter. She said, “Happiness is just having something to look forward to.”

4. Is Someone Annoying? Search Yourself

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Other people’s character and behavior may be annoying to us, and one parent figured out why this may be the case.

She said, “If you dislike someone for a character trait, make sure you don’t have the same one. Things that annoy you in others, might be things you do yourself.”

5. Grandpa’s Advice

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The most valuable guidance is the wisdom passed down through generations.

One user says, “Something my grandfather told her, then she told me: “Hugs and handshakes, give them like you mean it.”

6. Don’t Ignore Gut Feelings

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Our bodies tell us when we’re in imminent danger; we often ignore the warning to our detriment.

One parent said, “If there’s an uncomfortable feeling in your gut about a person, situation, or place, go with it. Listen to it and protect yourself.”

7. Travel A Lot

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A Mom encouraged her daughter to spend her money on travel, as those would be the memories that stay. She said, “You don’t regret money spent on travel.”

She adds, “To convince me her advice was solid, she asked the adult me if I remembered what our couch looked like when I was 12, or what I got for Christmas. I couldn’t remember. Then she said “What about the trip we took the Grand Canyon that summer?” Memories galore.”

8. Always Have Some Money

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Having no money can leave you in a sticky situation, and a mother knows better than to let their child stay in a sticky situation.

One user shares, “Always have enough money to get out of a situation and an exit strategy. She said it about dates, but it’s good advice in general.”

9. Time Management

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Keeping time is a great trait, and we can all learn to respect other people and their time.

One Mom told her child, “When you show up late, it tells people that you think your time is more important than theirs.”

10. Marital Advice

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What sustains a marriage? Love? Goosebumps?

One mom gave her daughter the best marriage tip ever.

She said, “Sometimes you won’t be in love with your husband. But it will be your commitment to stay together that keeps your marriage working. And then one day, you find yourself back in love with them.”

11. Advice On Physical Abuse

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Being in an abusive relationship can be tough, and you have to know when to leave.

A Mom said, “Even if you love each other sooo much and he is so sorry, and it will never happen again; if he hits you, you leave.”

12. How To Make Friends

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How do you make a friend?

One mom said, “Most people want to be liked, so find what you do like about them and show them what that means to you.”

The user now says, “This has allowed me to find the best in people, and then you can compliment them about something they might not even notice.”

Wise Mom.


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