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10 Reasons Why It Seems “Stupid” People Have More Kids

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Navigating the realm of parenting entails a significant responsibility, prompting individuals to weigh their decisions carefully before embarking on this transformative journey. The motivations behind starting a family are diverse, ranging from commendable to perplexing. Nevertheless, a curious trend has been observed by an online observer: there seems to be a rise in individuals becoming parents with seemingly less foresight.

How true is this? What is the simple explanation for this phenomenon?

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1. Intelligent People Socialise Less

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Procreation requires time, and intelligent people just don’t seem to spare enough time for niceties that take long enough to make a child.

An online user shared, “I read that highly intelligent people forgo socializing in favor of achieving their goals, and they therefore don’t just socialize with anyone.”

2. Dumb People Don’t Take Birth Control Seriously

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People with a plan for their lives put birth control in their daily plans and do not want surprises in the baby department.

A user says, “I guess they don’t know how or don’t want to use birth control.”

That would be a real problem.

3. Not Knowing Choices Have Consequences

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A child is not a faux potted plant you can throw out when you get tired of it. A child is hopefully, forever. Smart people think about what it really means to have a little you running the world.

One user says one reason dumb people get kids is, “They don’t think about the consequences of having children.”

4. Zero Planning

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Taking life as it comes is not a good plan for life, and smart people know that. Others just do things without a care of where it leads, and some of those ‘things’ are, unfortunately, babies. (Not that kids are bad, but some parents are.)

A user says, “People with higher education think about everything that is necessary to raise a child before making a decision. That’s why they have them later in their life.”

5. Lack of Proper Education

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A little education is dangerous, it gives you just enough to survive above the poverty line, but not enough to empower you to make smart choices. No education is outright bad.

One online contributor says, “There is some truth to that, and well, the answer is the more educated you are the less likely you are to have kids or many kids. Women that lack access to proper education in the developing world, for instance, end up popping out 5-6 kids on average.”

6. They’re Bored

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It’s hard to imagine that people get babies because they don’t have much else to do, but one online user thinks exactly that.

They say, “They [dumb people] have nothing worthwhile to do with their time, so they have s*x.”

7. Poverty Mentality

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Being poor doesn’t mean you have to be dumb, but sometimes poverty leads to some desperate, dumb decisions.

An online contributor says, “Or they intentionally have children, again, to fill their spare time or claim welfare money.”

8. They Don’t Think About The Future

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Raising a kid is hard, and one must think about all what they’ll need for their codependent life.

“Because they don’t think about the future. They just get the urge to have s*x and act surprised.” One user says.

9. They’re Not Afraid Of Risks

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An online contributor summarises this by saying, “Having children is objectively more work than reward, so many intelligent women just avoid the risk of childbirth altogether.”

10. Low Self-esteem

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When one doesn’t see their self-worth they’re likely to fall for anyone and anything, even unplanned pregnancies or knocking someone up.

Someone says, “a lot of girls who think they’re worthless find their worth in their body and because they are stupid and not educated, they forget protection.. cause and effect”


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