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New Mom Care Package Ideas

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Becoming a mom and being able to bring home a newborn baby is one of the most wonderful feelings. However, any new mom can agree it’s also VERY exhausting at the same time. This is why if you have a family member, friend, or co-worker who will give birth soon – or just gave birth recently -, it may be a great idea to surprise her with a new mom care package. This thoughtful gift can be a real lifesaver as it can make the new mom’s life so much easier and make her feel supported!

In the following, we will review a few ideas to help you design the perfect new mom care package.

When to Give a New Mom Self-Care Kit

Before we take a look at the specific items to put in a new mom care package, let’s review when it’s best to give a self-care kit.

A baby shower serves as a perfect opportunity to surprise the mom-to-be with a new mom self-care kit. While we tend to focus on showering the new baby in love and gifts, the mom would be pleasantly surprised to be spoiled as well 🙂  However, if you can’t attend the baby shower or the mom-to-be simply doesn’t have one, you can give the package to her anytime you meet her. The best is if you can do that a few weeks before her due date.

Additionally, a new parent care package can be a great gift idea for your first visit to meet the new mom and the baby after the birth.

Items to Put in a New Mom Care Package

new mom care package

When it comes to choosing which items to include in a new mom self-care kit, there are many creative and useful items you can add to the package. Below, you will find some thoughtful ideas for a new mom care package that every new mom would appreciate after giving birth.

Beauty Products

new mom care package

The first category of items you can add to the package is beauty products. You can choose from many amazing products that can help the new mom feel better and make self-care easier for her. After all, when the baby arrives, moms tend to sacrifice their self-care and give all their time to the baby. Thus, these products can do wonders for the new mom.

To give you an idea of which beauty products would be great in a self-care package, here is a list of items:

  • Dry shampoo – It can be a life-saver! Showers can feel impossible to get in with a newborn- and quickly degreasing your hair can feel heavenly 🙂 
  • Nourishing hand cream
  • Moisturizer – You can opt for an in-shower moisturizer to save some time for the new mom.
  • Shower steamers– a fun way to add relaxing scents and moisturizing vapor to a shower. 
  • Nipple cream – If the new mom is breastfeeding or plans to do so. (I personally love lanolin based products)
  • Lip balm
  • Under-eye concealer – It will be appreciated after the numerous sleepless nights to cover the undereye dark circles.
  • Postpartum bath salts– if mom does have time to some self-indulgence, a bath (once they’re able) can do wonders for all those post birth aches and pains. 
  • Want a thoughtful curated box? Consider pre-made new mommy gift packages

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Audiobook Subscription and Wireless Earbuds

New moms look after their babies full-time. So they have little to no time to do some activities they used to do before, including reading books. Giving an audiobook subscription such as Audible, Scribd, or even Blinkist can be a game-changer for those moms who like to read. Consider also adding a set of wireless earbuds to the new mom care package. Thus, the mom can listen to the audiobooks during nighttime feeds as well.

Reusable Water Bottle

All moms need to hydrate to recovery well.  If the new mom is breastfeeding, it’s even more important to drink enough water throughout the day. By giving a nice reusable water bottle to a new mom, you can remind her of the importance of hydration. You can choose a super cute bottle with a motivational time marker or one with double-wall insulation.

Scented Candle

new mom self care kit

If you would like to make your new mommy friend feel better at home, you can consider including one or more scented candles in the new parent care package. Scented candles can create ambiance, improve mood, and help the new mom feel more relaxed as well.

If you need some ideas, check out this beautifully designed Chesapeake Bay candle with a burn time of nearly 70 hours.

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Meals and Snacks

New moms are tied up with caring for their newborn baby 0-24h, particularly in the first few months after the baby’s arrival. This is why for new moms cooking is considered as an extra task that can cause stress and makes them more exhausted in addition to looking after the baby. If you want to help out your friend or family member who just gave birth, sign her up for some kind of food delivery service, such as Freshly. What is great about Freshly is that it delivers healthy, cooked meals that the new mom should only reheat!

If you know her food preferences, there is nothing more thoughtful than a hot homemade meal too. Make a double batch so that she can freeze some of it for a week or two later too! If you have a network of friends and family that you want to get involved, you can even come up with a meal train to make sure she’s staying fed in those first few exhausting weeks and months. I remember with my daughter, my mother-in-law’s cooking was an absolute life-saver-  otherwise I probably would have skipped a lot of meals at a time when I needed that extra nourishment to heal! 

Alternatively, you can also buy some healthy snacks that she can eat easily using only one hand. For example, here you can think about some bags of dried fruit or energy bars. However, if you are planning to give her the package after the birth, you can also bake some fresh and delicious lactation-friendly cookies or muffins.

Comfortable Clothes

Another thing you might want to put in the gift box is some comfortable clothes. Since new moms need time to recover from giving birth regardless of whether they had a vaginal delivery or a c-section, some comfy clothes would be absolutely appreciated by the new mama. If your friend is breastfeeding, you can surprise her with a few nursing tops or t-shirts that make breastfeeding easier. Also, you can get some cute nursing pajamas that are perfect for the period of postpartum – and even after.

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Sleep Mask

sleep mask

Since most new parents can’t get enough sleep, it would be thoughtful of you to put in the mom survival kit something that could help the new mom sleep: a comfy sleep mask that effectively blocks out the light during the day is a great option. This way, chances are that she can fall asleep more easily and it may also improve the quality of her sleep.

DIY Coupon

If you want, you can also create some DIY coupons for the new mom on what you offer your help. – Ultimately, this is what most moms need the most, isn’t it?

There are so many free coupon templates available on the internet, you should just choose the perfect one and print it. For example, you can offer to babysit, do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the house, cook a meal, make grocery shopping, etc. Everything might help a busy mom!

Just make sure she knows that you’re coupons are offered in earnest and keep reminding (even pushing) her to use them. Otherwise, she might not think they’re sincere or forget to use them! 

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Be Creative

I hope you enjoyed this list of care package ideas for new moms. After all, all these items are great choices and they can ease the transition into new motherhood. Try to be creative and include as many products as you want in the self-care kit. Your mom friend or family member will be grateful for even the tiniest of gifts!

What’s your favorite product to put in a new mom care package? Let me know in the comments below!

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