Why stay at home moms should consider starting a blog

Why You Should Start A Blog As A Stay At Home Mom

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Being a mom is pretty special but it’s not the only thing you are, am I right?

You’ve seen other moms starting a blog and you’re wondering if you have what it takes to be a blogger too – that’s why you’re here mama!


In this post, I’m going to show you why blogging is perfect for stay at home moms (or any mom, to be honest).

Imagine having something creative to do PLUS an infinite amount of earning potential.

Yup blogging can open up a lot of opportunities so let’s dig into the good stuff and take a look at the top 5 reasons stay at home moms should create a mom blog.

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Reasons Why Blogging Is Perfect For The Stay At Home Mom

1) You Won’t Lose Yourself In Being Mom

Don’t get me wrong.

I LOVE being a mom.

My kiddos are a very important part of my world but they’re not the whole thing. 

You see, there is still ME in the equation.

I’m a mom who wants to be there for her kids but also create something for herself – it makes me happy.

(Happy mom = super mom, no?)

Enter Mom Blogs Life.

(If you want to know why my blog name and domain don’t match click here – it’s kinda funny actually).

So, if you’re feeling the same way I’m willing to bet blogging is for you. 

It’ll keep you sane mama and earn you money – sort of a perfect thing isn’t it? 

Want to get started on your blog? Here’s my starting a blog for mom blogger tutorial.

Plus, since you’ve stayed home with your kids there’s the whole “been out of the workforce for years” thing.

Mama, returning to traditional work once your kids are in school will be hard. 

So, doing something for yourself since your kids are eventually (or already are) going to be in school full time is a great reason to join the mom blogging world. 🙂

2) Harness Your Creativity

Reasons moms should start a blog

Creativity comes in many different forms.

Maybe you’re a whiz at staying organized with a large family.

Or you enjoy baking pies for the holidays and people remark at how awesome they are.

Why not harness your creativity and share it with the world?

If you feel like you’re a creative creature there is no good reason NOT to start a blog.

Honestly, the possibilities and avenues are endless when you blog.

It’s really would be your own little slice of the internet, you know?

Your creative outlet.

Your third baby (okay, that MIGHT be pushing it but I wouldn’t be surprised…yes, let’s leave that for another blog post shall we?).

Doesn’t that just sound good?

(Click here to read that tutorial about starting your very own mom blog).

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that being creative every day has improved other areas of my life that I didn’t even know needed improving.


For example, I have WAY more confidence in just about everything now. 

So much so that I started canvas painting even though I’m generally terrible at it – and I displayed those bad boys in my house – in my living room.

You know why? 

Because they’re mine and I’m proud of them – yes, that’s the confidence talking to you through the screen.

(Honestly, the painting is really a work in progress but it still is a creative pursuit, you know, when I find the time). 

At the end of the day I couldn’t imagine not having my blog or online business so go get it, mama!

3) Contribute To Your Family’s Finances

Staying home with the kids probably saved you money but it hasn’t made you any, am I right?

But that can change if you start a blog.

And, if you find you have more time lately it’s the perfect time to get started. 

Maybe you want to earn enough to pay for the groceries.

Or perhaps you want to make enough dough to retire your husband (it CAN happen!).

No matter what your reason is, mama, starting a blog to make money is a great idea.

(Read 8 ways moms can make money blogging if you want more details).

So, now you’re being creative, giving yourself something to do, and making money – I don’t see why you need any more reasons to start but don’t worry there’s more.

(PS. I can’t guarantee you’ll make tons of money, okay? It will come down to your hard work and determination but don’t let that stop you).

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4) Enjoy Helping People

reasons for starting a mom blog

I LOVE helping people, don’t you?

I really do believe that most of us are people helpers. 

Have you noticed that every single time people are asked what makes them passionate somewhere in their answer is helping people?

(I tell you, the world is a better place than you think!)

When you’re a blogger not only are you not losing yourself being a mom by being creative and adding to your family finances, you’re also helping people worldwide.

Powerful, eh?

My little blog has helped people across the world and on the other side of the country too.

The possibilities are endless really when you think about email lists and social media.

What message or talent do you have to share with the world?

Your blog can be your vehicle to helping people in a way you didn’t realize.

(Read this if you have a fear of starting a blog).

5) You’ll Always Be Learning Something New

We’ve gone over some downright fabulous reasons to start blogging as a stay at home mom but just in case you need one more here it is. 

Joining the blogging world means you’ll always be learning something new. 

That pleases most adults I think.

I mean, I consider myself a life long learner and I’m sure you see yourself that way too. 

Blogging has many moving parts and that’s what makes it so darn interesting.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – blogging changes and evolves almost daily (okay, maybe not daily but often) so you will always be reading and learning which is a great thing, mama. 

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There you go mama – 5 super awesome reasons to start a blog as a stay at home mom.

Because being true to yourself and your creativity while earning an income and helping people sure beats watching TV or keeping your house spotless.

Just sayin.

If you’re worried your husband won’t like your blogging aspirations ask him to read this post OR do more research so you can build a case about why blogging is the best choice for you. 

All joking aside – if you’re looking to build something for yourself that’s creative, makes money, and helps people give blogging a try. 

You can do it, mama!

Tell, me mama – what are your actual thoughts on blogging? 

Have you been on the fence?

Don’t know where to start?

Share with me in the comments!


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