How to keep your blogging expectation in check so you can build a successful blog without stressing out

6 Ways To Set Realistic Expectations And Achieve Your Blog Goals

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Lately, I’ve seen so many new bloggers get frustrated with blogging so I’m just going to throw it out there – creating and building a blog takes time. 

(So, you really should have your blogging expectations in check but more on that in a sec).

That’s not really news but with all the annoying posts promising blogging success in 6 months or 3 months or 1 month (gasp), it’s time to look at what actually needs to happen in order to build that blog you dream about. 

The short story? 

Your blogging expectations need to be in check.

The long story?

That’s covered in the top 6 ways to achieve your blogging goals below – which is really all about how to keep your expectations in check so you can realize blogging success. 

So, if you’ve been overwhelmed with this whole blogging thing and you wonder why you don’t see success grab a coffee and let’s chat. 

Blogging is not an overnight success story no matter how you slice it, okay?

In fact, it’s a fairly long ride (btw, you’ll never ever be “finished” building your blog) so you might as well sit back and enjoy the process. 

But how do you do that?

Read on…

Not sure you should keep reading? Have you ever thought or wondered any of the following?

  1. I’m simply not getting enough done so that means my blog will NEVER be successful.
  2. There is WAY too much to learn and I’m not good enough to get it all done.
  3. There are bigger bloggers in my niche who just know how to do it – I don’t seem to have the same talents.
  4. That blogger has so much time, how am I supposed to accomplish anything if I don’t spend hours on my blog?
  5. I don’t have the blogging budget which means I have to do it all myself and it’s going to take FOREVER.
  6. That blogger is making 20k a month after blogging for just 6 months, um, say what? How come I’m not?

Said yes to most of those? Read on…

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How Setting Realistic Blogging Expectations Will Help You Build A Successful Blog

1. Don’t Play The Blog Comparison Game

How to keep your blog expectations in check

You know you’ve done it.

Thought to yourself, oh I’ll just take a quick peek over at *insert name here*’s blog and see what’s going on.

Before you know it you’ve been there for half an hour wasting time and losing your motivation to blog.

Because, really, how on earth will you ever compete, am I right?

I get it though – there are so many big bloggers making the moolah you want to make so how can you not compare?

The comparison game is the biggest motivation killer when it comes to blogging.

So, if you feel like garbage every time you compare yourself to a bigger blogger you, first, need to stop comparing (duh), and, second, realize that blogger started long before you, okay?

See, blogging is a long game, not a short one. 

Sure, some bloggers seem to “get lucky” and build their blogs fast but if you peel the onion back you’ll see they gave up a lot to pump out that much content that quickly. 

(I know quite a few who have said they basically didn’t sleep or see their families, so the choice is yours really).

Truth be told, they started with zeros across the board and used their work ethic and goals to get the results they have.

And, if they can do it so can you. 

You just need to stop comparing yourself, okay?

We’re all at different parts of the blogging journey, using different strategies and doing our best and that, friends, is quite okay. 

It’s what makes blogging unique you know. 

So, the first step to realizing your blogging dreams is to put the blinders on and stop looking at bigger blogs than yours.

(Yes, no matter how tempting it might be).

Just remember no one has your story or talents or drive so focus that awesome energy of yours on building your own blog and it’ll work out. 

(PLUS, I like to say the fact bigger bloggers exists means this whole blogging thing works and isn’t a waste of time).


✔Remember bigger bloggers started before you.
✔Only open two browser windows when you find time to blog. Nothing more. One window is for your blog, the other is for any research you’re doing.
✔Remember, no one has your ideas, your writing style or your blog name.
✔People crave real, authentic bloggers and there is plenty of room for all kinds of blogs. Plus, who cares where anyone else is on their blogging journey? Own and ENJOY your journey 🙂

2. Be Yourself, Not Perfect

How to keep your expectations lower while building your blog

Above is my feel good about yourself photo because, well, it’s true.

The world needs you.

The world needs more authentic.

So, give yourself permission to be unapologetically yourself.

(That’s what the bigger bloggers have mastered, in my opinion).

But, yes, I get it – you may fall into the blogging trap of trying to be perfect and, generally, that takes away from being authentic which probably means you lose sight of what you’re blogging about in the first place. 

Which then causes overwhelm and doubt and stalls your blogging dreams almost permanently.


Yup, been there.

It’s ugly, right?

Unless you’re perfect means you’re not good enough. 

After all, other bloggers make it look so…easy.

And, maybe, this whole thing isn’t easy for you but that means being authentic to yourself is even more important.

Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart and, trust me, other bloggers have felt these feelings too, the difference is they kept going being their awesome, authentic selves and you should too.

My suggestion?

Might seem a bit cheesy to some but print out your fav motivational saying (you know, something like ‘you’ve got this’ or ‘you can do this’) and put it in your workspace and then stare at it every day (but not for too long because you need to work on your blog!).


✔Everyone loves a genuine and authentic person so get building!

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3. Have a Person to Keep You on Track

This is uber important especially if you don’t have an army of people to help you with blog tasks.

I’m also willing to bet that not everyone in your personal life completely gets what you’re doing either which can make you feel…lonely.

Blogging tasks are endless which is pretty overwhelming so getting a support person(s) in place should be next on your to-do list.

These people can help you focus on which task to tackle next or be your sounding board when you need to do a brain dump (because goodness knows you should be doing THAT often).

Basically, in a nutshell, you need to stop having the expectation you can do it all. 

Because you can’t without getting overwhelmed. 

My go-to person is my husband and no he doesn’t blog but is generally wonderful at everything else including the tough love I so desperately need at times. 

So, find your person who will keep you accountable, motivated, and on track. 

My suggestion?

Find blogging accountability partners.

Where do you find them you ask?

Start by asking in Facebook blogging groups. 

Trust me, you’ll find some takers.

(Yes, I have blogging accountability partner besides my husband – 4 of them actually).


✔Ask blogging partners in FB blogging groups – this is a great option especially if your hubby is not as supportive as he should be.

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4. Realize Your Blog Growth Will Take Time

Starting and growing a blog takes time and effort.

It seems so simple, right?

And, yet, as typical humans, we want our blogs successful yesterday.

I’m willing to bet you had no idea how long it would take to build a blog when you started. 

I didn’t. 

So, if you feel you’ve been blogging forever and you’re still not where you want to be, remember you’re closer than you think and…keep going!

Because, honestly, no bigger blogger has gotten to where they are in six months – I don’t care what they say. 

What I am trying to say is that we’re all in the same boat, building our blogs one day at a time and that’s okay!

(Remember too, big bloggers hire out a lot of work so that’s why it seems like they get so much done so don’t feel bad).

Also, don’t get intimidated with income reports – you can get there too if you put in the work…own your journey!


Anything worth having takes TIME. Don’t measure your success against another blogger.
✔time is going to pass anyway so complete your blog tasks as you can and you will certainly find the success you want.
✔You have a good blog – keep going! 

5. Network with Other Bloggers

blog expectations for success

Similar to finding accountability partners, networking with other bloggers is crucial to your success.

(If you’re an introvert you’re probably NOT happy with this news).

By surrounding yourself with likeminded people you will see that what you have to add to the conversation matters – no matter what you’re blogging about. 

This is especially useful for those times when you hear bigger bloggers say a niche is “saturated” and you just happen to be in that niche.


While it’s nice for those Negative Nancys to think THEY know for sure there’s no room in the niche, I’m here to say loudly what you have to say matters and it isn’t true.

Fewer people in a niche, less competition see where I’m going with this?

So, back to networking with bloggers – doing so will motivate you and (hopefully) inspire you to see your worth as a blogger.

You know for those hard days.

Plus other bloggers can supply invaluable advice so there’s that.


✔Join FB blogging groups and join the conversation!

6. Allow Yourself to Imagine Where your Blog will be One Year from Now

Dream about your blog goals and I bet you’ll stay motivated.

A good starting point is to imagine where you want your blog to be in one year?

What are the action steps you need to take to get it there?

Write them down and chip away at the list.

It’s so easy to get lost in what you’re currently working on that you forget your blogging goals. 

And, don’t worry about what bigger bloggers are doing – just go at your pace and cross. things. off. the. list.

It’s really a game of dedication and having a list of blogging tasks will make sure you’re always moving forward even if it doesn’t feel like it. 


So, tell me what are your blogging goals?

I’ll share mine if you share yours 🙂

Did I hit the nail on the head when I hint that keeping your expectations in check will help you build that blog you’re dreaming about?

Let me know in the comments!


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