8 Ways Moms Can Make Money With A Blog

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Is it your dream to start a mom blog and make money from the comfort of your home so you can stay home with your kiddos?

Sounds amazing, right?

But, you’re wondering how the heck Mom bloggers actually make money from their blogs?

There are several avenues for making money from a Mom blog, which is great for diversifying income. It also means you can concentrate on building one income source before moving onto the next.

I’m going to walk you through 8 of the best ways Mom bloggers can make money from their blog.

Imagine how your life would change if you started that blog and implemented some (or all!) of these methods for making money FROM home.

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Would that mean you would become a stay at home Mom? You betcha.

It’s very possible – Mom bloggers are doing it every day!

OK, let’s dig into 8 awesome ways Mom bloggers can make money from their blogs:

8 Ways Mom Bloggers Make Money

1. Affiliate Marketing for Mom Bloggers

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, you will be by the end of this section of my post 🙂

Affiliate Marketing is a great choice for Mom bloggers who are looking for a relatively easy way to monetize their blog.

This is how affiliate marketing works: An online retailer pays you a commission if you recommend and/or send traffic to their website that turns into sales. The commission payment is at no additional cost to your readers.

Need an example?

Think Amazon.com and the thousands of products they have on their site.

When you sign up for the program, you get a special tracking link so that when you send traffic and it converts to a sale(s), you get a commission!

Some affiliate programs will pay per lead, which means you get a small cut for sending traffic that signs up for an email list even if it doesn’t convert to a sale right away or at all.

Pretty cool, eh?

Remember I said Affiliate Marketing was an easy way to add income to your Mom blog?

That’s because the process is fairly simple and isn’t time-consuming – making affiliate marketing perfect for busy Mom bloggers who don’t have all the time in the world to implement income strategies.

Let’s recap the Affiliate Marketing steps:

Step 1: Research potential affiliate programs that make sense for your audience.

Step 2: Sign up for as many as you want.

Step 3: Build your special tracking links.

Step 4: When you create content for your Mom blog keep in mind where you can weave affiliate links in.

Step 5: Publish your post and BAM you have potential income earners out there on the web working for YOU.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is, you’re not limited to how many links you can publish throughout your site.

With that being said, don’t ‘spam’ your posts and upset your readers. If your post is long enough, you can sprinkle quite a few affiliate links throughout, but make it look as natural as possible.

How do you find good affiliate marketing programs as a Mom blogger?

There are literally hundreds of awesome affiliate networks – the possibilities are endless for Mom Bloggers.

Here are a few of the bigger ones to help you get started:


ShareASale has numerous merchants in several categories such as home and garden, education, family, and games/toys.

Here are a few big names you’ll find on the ShareASale affiliate network:

Home and Garden: 


  • Grammarly.com (love this FREE service; helps me correct grammar while I write posts – important for this Mom blogger – cuts down on editing time!)
  • Learnandmaster.com (calling all homeschooling Mom bloggers!)

Other merchants on Shareasale that work for Mom bloggers:

These companies are only a handful of the awesome merchants you can find on ShareASale that are a good fit for Mom Bloggers.

Sign up for free here and start connecting to affiliate programs that make sense for your audience!


CJ is similar to ShareASale – they’re another affiliate program platform that hosts numerous great companies.

Here’s a sampling of potential companies you could work with on your Mom blog:

Sign up for free here.

Amazon.com Affiliate Program

It goes without saying – Mom bloggers need to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program to access the thousands of products and services they offer.

It’s a no-brainer, IMO 🙂

No matter what audience you’re targeting with your Mom blog – Amazon will have something for you!

Sign up here.

Want amazing amazon product displays for your blog articles that’ll increase your click through rate? Check out this amazing plugin that I use call AmaLinks Pro!


Another great affiliate network for Mom Bloggers. Similar to ShareASale and CJ, Flexoffers works with some pretty awesome merchants.

Check these out:

And, so many more! Sign up here. (Flexoffers does have an extensive sign-up process, but it’s still free 🙂 )


Another awesome affiliate network Mom Bloggers should absolutely check out!

Ever heard of Etsy.com? I’m sure you have 🙂

Awin.com is where you will find the affiliate program for them, so that means you can promote their incredible products on your Mom blog 🙂

Sign up for free here.

Have affiliate programs that are perfect for Mom bloggers, but aren’t on this list? Let me know!

If you’ve been unsure about affiliate marketing for Mom Bloggers, I’m sure you can see it’s a fantastic way to monetize your Mom blog.

Got time for another example? 🙂

If you’re a food blogger (or are thinking about starting a recipe blog) and wonder what affiliate programs would be a good fit for your blog.

Go to Google and search “food affiliate programs”.

Here are the results when I searched myself…

Affiliate Marketing for Mom bloggers who want to make money from their blogs.

No matter what niche your Mom blog is in, there will be an affiliate program that makes sense for you 🙂

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2. Product Reviews

Is your Mom blog in a niche that deals with a problem? Know of a great product that will help your audience?

If your answer is yes, then consider crafting some product review posts that are honest, educational and authentic.

Product reviews are an extension of Affiliate Marketing and can be powerful and add to your bottom line as a Mom Blogger.

mom bloggers creating product reviews to monetize their blogs.

The key is, to be honest, and review products you actually use.

You need to be helpful. What benefit will your audience receive if they purchase the product? Break down all the details and you’ll probably find yourself accumulating sales.

Product review posts are also perfect for the time-crunched Mom Blogger who feels she doesn’t have enough time to work on her blog let alone monetize it.

Here’s why:

✔You can choose products to review from affiliate programs you’re already part of.
✔There is no word count minimum to meet.
✔There are no deadlines or time constraints to stress about.
✔You only need to be authentic and review the products you use (and we all know Moms use lots of products!).

While product review posts shouldn’t be your only monetization method, they can’t be overlooked as a viable revenue source and a great way to start making money from your Mom blog.

If it makes sense for your blog audience – go for it!

3. Sponsored Posts for Mom Bloggers

ways Mom bloggers can make money from their blog

Writing sponsored blog posts for big brands is another way Mom bloggers can make money from their blogs.

Sponsored posts are written in many styles such as:

✔A personal story detailing how the brand improved or helped a situation in your life.
✔A product review because the brand sent you the product (again, make sure it’s a good fit for your audience).
✔An informative post showcasing the brand’s products to help with a given outcome (for example, a recipe post could use ingredients from the brand you’re working with).

Generally, you’ll need to be an established Mom blogger before most brands will want to work with you.

Some will require a certain amount of page views and/or a good amount of followers on social media platforms.

If you feel sponsored posts might be for you, put together a media kit detailing your reach, social media following, what your blog is about and what interests your readers most. 

It’s also a good idea to list your rates for writing sponsored posts – you could charge a certain rate for 1000 words and increase the rate if the post needs to be longer or how much research you’ll need to complete.

I think sponsored posts are a great way to monetize your Mom blog as long as you stay true to your readers and only accept posts that they will enjoy and resonate with.

Nothing turns readers off more, then the feeling they’re being “sold’ to.

Want more information about sponsored posts? I found this article helpful.

4. Selling Services for Mom Bloggers

Have an awesome skill you can turn into a service and sell to other bloggers?

For instance, if you love to write, then why not look into offering freelance writing services from your blog?

Other bloggers will pay you to write.

How cool is that?

Whole businesses have been grown from freelance writing!

Sounds like a good fit, but not sure where to start?

Check out fellow Mom blogger Elna Cain’s freelance website here.

So much valuable information and her course sounds amazing!

Or, maybe you’re a whiz at creating beautiful printables – something tons of bloggers will pay you for. 

The point is if you have a talent and you don’t mind doing the work, selling services is a great way to start making money from your Mom blog – it’s easy and helps establish you as a blogger who knows what she’s doing.

What service could YOU offer on your Mom blog?

I made a pretty graphic to inspire you 🙂

different ways Mom bloggers can make money from their blogs

5. Selling Ebooks and Courses

ways to monetize your blog for Mom bloggers

Another fabulous way to make money from a Mom blog is to create your own Ebooks and/courses.

We all have a unique perspective on varying topics, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own Ebooks and courses!

YOU control the price you sell your Ebooks and courses at – that makes creating your own products VERY lucrative for Mom Bloggers.

Need some inspiration?

Look at what your blog readers struggle with.

What questions do they ask?

What process do you know well that you could teach to others?

Take some time to do market research before deciding what your course or book will be about.

Have an email list?

Send out a survey and see what your readers are interested in!

Not sure where to create your course?

Check out these top platforms:

Creating courses and Ebooks is something THIS Mom Blogger plans on doing. I love the idea of being in complete control of one portion of my blog income 🙂

Don’t think you can’t do it – spend some time brainstorming – you’ll surprise yourself!

6. Selling Physical Products for Mom Bloggers

Ways to make money from your Mom blog

While, I personally, don’t have experience selling physical products from my blogs, I have seen many Mom Bloggers killing it.

Are you in the crafting niche? How about selling your creations?

Or, perhaps you’ve got a rockin’ brand idea, so selling t-shirts is a great way to get your name out there.

OR, maybe you’re an organizer extraordinaire who could create a killer house organization book to help busy, stressed out Moms who feel their house is a disaster.

Point is, selling physical products from your blog is a feasible way to make money if you have the time and money needed to create the products 🙂

Interested? Read this article for more information.

7. Ad Networks

Displaying ads on your Mom blog is another way you can add income to your blog.

Generally, ad networks will pay you based on your pageviews (so, the more you have, the better) or actual clicks on their ads.

Some things to keep in mind if you consider using ads:

✔Who your target audience is and how receptive they will be when they see ads.
✔How many page views you have – most networks have a minimum requirement such as 50,000/month.
✔Don’t spam your blog with ads – it doesn’t look good and is generally annoying for the user.

What are some ad networks to check out?

Read this article for an extensive list.

8. Become A Virtual Assistant

Similar to selling services on your Mom blog, you can also become a virtual assistant and help other Mom bloggers with their blogging tasks. (That felt like a mouth full – ha!)

This method of making money is especially good if you’re just starting out and are looking to build some credibility.

Doing work for other bloggers builds a relationship and if they like you, they’re much more inclined to share your content because they KNOW you’re good.

You need to decide which makes more sense for your situation: Starting a VA business or working for an already established company that will find clients for you.

Personally, I’ve thought about having VA services offered from my Mom blog while I’m building it.

I think it’s a great way to add income to my bottom line.

What kind of work can you expect to do?

  • Content creation
  • Social media posting
  • Graphics work
  • Editing
  • Data Entry
  •  Project management
  • And more!

Make sure to read this post from Amy Lynn Andrews (love her blog!) for more info.

The key to making consistent money on your Mom blog is to diversify your monetization methods.

If there’s a dip in one, you’ll have the others to rely on.

The analogy, don’t put your eggs in one basket is so true when you’re making money online.

Try one money making method and see how you like it.

If it doesn’t work, move on.

Remember this is YOUR business so you can call the shots!

Have any other money making methods you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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