How to brainstorm and come up with content for your mom blog

Mom Blog Content Creation

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Hooray, mama!

You’ve installed hosting for your blog, chosen a professional WordPress theme and now it’s time to create content for your mom blog.

Missed the first tutorial? Here it is: A Simple Guide To Help You Create A Mom Blog

Getting your blog up and running on WordPress feels like such an achievement, doesn’t it? It did for me at the time 🙂

And now, we move into creating our Mom blog content. I want to make sure your blog has the important pieces it needs so you set your foundation for blogging success.

What you need to keep in mind, is that creating well written, relate-able, informative and useful content will take time.

Your aim with creating content is attracting your desired audience.

It’s as important as it sounds! 🙂

This post outlines the kinds of content you absolutely should include on your Mom blog.

Let’s dig right in so you can begin crafting masterful content to attract your readers 🙂

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1. Craft A Strong ‘About Me’ Page

Write a good about me page for your mom blog


You may be surprised to hear your ‘about me’ will be one of the most clicked on pages of your mom blog.


Because people want to know who the person is behind the blog. They need the authentic connection to build trust. 

So, crafting a memorable, authentic and honest about me page is an absolute must.

Like anything in blog land, take your time writing it. If someone is on the fence about your blog, your ‘about me’ might be what sways them to come back or browse around your blog further.

What does a killer about me page have going for it?

Here are some tips and must-haves to help you create an ‘about me’ page that stands out from the crowd:

Write a paragraph that makes your readers feel like they belong. Introduce the problem they’re facing, note that you understand and let them know how your blog can help. People want to know what’s in it for them. Why should they stick around? Is this the kind of blog they’ll be able to identify with?

Talk to your reader like they’re your friend. The best blogs are written in a conversational tone. Kinda like sitting down with your best friend and sharing a really great story. People love the personal touch of conversational writing.

What credibility do you offer your audience? Don’t let credibility scare you! You don’t necessarily need an education or years of experience to show how you’re credible in your niche. It’s perfectly OK to let your readers know you’re newer to your blog, so you’ll be sharing what you learn as you go. Now, if you do have some experience under your belt, let them know. There are many ways to build your credibility – please don’t let the fear of not having any stop you from putting yourself out there. People crave authentic, genuine people – so let them know your story!

Tell them who you are and what your blog means to you. Why did you start your blog? Where do you plan on taking it? This is a great place to share some fun facts about yourself or your family.

Keep these tips in mind and I can guarantee you’ll write a killer about me page! 🙂

2. Create Your Categories for Navigation

Your categories are used for navigation around your mom blog

Your blog navigation is like a road map or table of contents for your readers.

It needs to straightforward and super easy to understand.

How will you organize all the awesome content you create? How will you make sure your readers move around your Mom blog as you want them to?

Outline the information you want to write about into categories. If one category has a subtopic, place it underneath so your reader can easily understand your breakdown.

When I started MomBlogLife, I made sure to complete my categories first. Seeing the framework helped me with the next mom blog content creation step.

Which is…

3. Write 5-10 Pillar Content Posts

Pillar post creation for your mom blog

You may have heard of pillar content, but if you haven’t, it means content that is well written, informative, evergreen and covers a large topic on your blog.

In other words, pillar pieces of content are laying the foundation of your mom blog content. 

For example, my ‘creating a mom blog‘ series is pillar content.

From your pillar content, you’re able to break down the post topic into several other blog posts and link back to your pillar posts.

I recommend writing 5-10 pillar content pieces before promoting your blog. No, there is no rule for how much content you need before promotion, but having that many substantial posts means when someone lands on your page, there is enough good information to be consumed.

While those first pillar posts are out there, you can work on creating more content to expand your blog further.

If 5-10 pillar posts seems daunting to you, then I recommend having one post per category on your blog.

4. Your Disclosure Pages

If you plan to do any affiliate marketing, then you need a disclosure page letting visitors know you may make a commission from anything you recommend. There’s no way around it – the FTC has clearly stated people have a right to know you make money from reviews and suggestions. (Read more from the FTC here.)

Here’s my disclosure page for Mom Blog Life. 

It’s always good to be as transparent as possible with disclaimers that keep you covered and your readers informed! 

5. Add A Privacy Page

If you plan to build an email list or collect your reader’s personal information in another way, then you will need to have a privacy policy detailing how you will keep this information private.

I use a free plugin called Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (you can find it by searching in the ‘plugins’ section of WordPress) to generate my privacy policy for me. Simply fill in the fields required, copy and paste the shortcode provided into a page on your blog and publish.

Viola, a super easy way to make sure your blog is protected.

That wraps up my tutorial on Mom blog content creation. I feel confident that if you create the content outlined in this post, you are well on your way to Mom blogging success!

Just remember – any good content takes time to create – so don’t beat yourself up if you feel you aren’t accomplishing your mom blog content creation as quickly as you thought!

What are your thoughts on content creation? Share and comment below!


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