How to overcome the fear of starting a blog

How To Overcome The 7 Fears Of Building A Blog

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So, you wanna start a blog, but what’s stopping you?

The fear of actually building that blog, I bet.

Creating a blog of any kind is no small task – there’s lots to learn and then, of course, the whole putting yourself out there in blog land is a pretty intimidating beast itself.

If you’ve read any good blogging advice, then I’m sure you’re researching your niche and narrowing down who your target audience is.

But, has all your research left you feeling like you’re entering a niche that’s just too saturated for lil ol’ you to break into?

You see all those ‘big’ bloggers killing it and you’re left wondering how your little blog will possibly compete with all their success?

That feeling of not being good enough is paralyzing, isn’t it?

And, oh joy there’s more blogging fears!

Have you felt any of these blogging fears?

✔ I can’t write or I’m not good at writing.
✔ No one will care/read what I have to say.
✔ People will judge and/or make fun of me.
✔ Do I really know what I’m talking about?
✔ There’s way too much to learn.
✔ What if I fail at blogging?

If you’re experiencing any of these blogging fears know that you can overcome them and have that blog you’re dreaming about.

The best way to put fears where they belong is to take continual action towards what you’re trying to do online.

So, let’s go ahead and breakdown 7 of the worst blogging fears and really put them in context for the next time they decide to rear their ugly heads.


Blogging Fear #1 Putting Yourself Out There

Overcome the fear of putting yourself out there as a blogger

“To be vulnerable – to really put yourself out there, and lean into it – is to live courageously” – Brene Brown

Sure, building a blog is putting yourself out there, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how blog land receives your efforts.

Trust me on this.

Why do you think there are so many blogs about every topic you can think of?

Because it’s WORTH putting yourself out there!

I know, I know, we have an online world that can be BRUTAL – thank you, Internet trolls with no life (insert eye roll here).

But, my honest experience is the majority of people appreciate someone who is being authentic and doing her best.

We as humans are craving more REAL people to connect with.

And, I’m sure that’s what you’re planning to be on your blog – authentic, real, or however else you wanna describe it.

I think most people also admire courageous people, do you agree?

Starting a blog is ballsy – putting yourself out there is nothing short of courageous!

Sure, it may not be easy, but I promise it gets easier the more action you take towards your goals.

Taking action = kicking the blogging fear of putting yourself out there to the curb.

Now for some tough love about putting yourself there: You can crawl into a corner and make up ‘what if’ scenarios to worry about OR you can snap out of it sooner so you won’t have to tell all your friends and family you shoulda started your blog earlier.

That’s seriously the reality you’re facing if you continue to let this blogging fear get the best of you.

Are you good at living with regret? Because that’s what will happen if you let this blog fear WIN.

Instead of focusing on negative results (that might not even happen), think about how well it’s going to be received instead.

Action Steps for kicking the ‘putting yourself out there’ blogging fear to the curb:

✔Fear REGRET more than putting yourself out there because regret will happen if you don’t start that blog.
✔Take baby steps while creating and building your blog. You’ll see how putting yourself out there isn’t as bad as you thought and the feedback is generally positive.
✔People are craving authentic connections and that’s what your blog will be. Tell yourself that over and over if you have to.
✔Creating your blog is the hardest step of putting yourself out there, so complete that and you’ll see how easy it is to take the next steps!



Blogging Fear #2 People Will Judge And/Or Make Fun Of Me

Overcome the fear of judgement in the blog world

The fear of being judged or made fun of is the sister of the fear of putting yourself out there.

What happens if you DO put yourself out there and then people laugh at you?

Or, they roll their eyes and pick your blog apart post by post?

This blogging fear is REAL and it’s felt by new and seasoned bloggers alike.

After all, you’re writing YOUR thoughts down for the world to see. And, we all know everyone has an OPINION, right?

So, how the heck are you supposed to build your blog and NOT worry about what others will think?

Well, um, I gotta be honest. You’re just gonna have to go with it.


Because most of this blogging fear is all in your head.

You THINK people will judge you before they even have and you know what? The truth is, most people won’t judge you at all.

They’re visiting your blog to see what you have to offer THEM. 

If they like what you have to say, they’ll connect and stick around. If they don’t, they’ll click away from your post without giving your blog much more thought.

I see you nodding your head, that makes sense doesn’t it? But, what about those Internet trolls who seem to scour the net searching for someone to pick apart?

Well, they don’t have lives truthfully, and you’re going to have to accept that some people WILL judge you.

Just remember: that defines them and not you.

They aren’t courageous enough to start a blog of their own. Instead, they choose to focus their energy on tearing down others who are trying to pursue their dreams.

I’ll take being a courageous entrepreneur any day over being someone who only spreads negativity.

Obviously, there are some risks when starting a blog, but there’s much more to GAIN. I could go over all the perks of blogging, but that’s for another post 😉

Action Steps for kicking the ‘people will judge me’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Connect to your desire to have the blog of your dreams more than the fear of what SOME people MAY think – because who cares really?
✔Realize your fear of judgment is your own perception of what’s going on. Most people aren’t judging you.
✔Tap into your why for building a blog – is it to stay home with your kiddos? Add to the family income? To make sure you don’t go insane? – you get the picture 🙂


Blogging Fear #3 You mean I have to Write and write some more?

Overcome the fear of writing and build your blog

I don’t think every blogger is faced with a fear of writing, but I think some are surprised by how much writing is involved in building a successful blog.

It’s not just blog posts – there’s emails to send, freebies to create, guest posting and so much more – talk about writers overwhelm!

Bad news if you’re a blogger who feels they don’t have a strong writing voice.

The advice is everywhere – find your writing voice, perfect it so you can connect with your readers.

Blog writers are a special kind in my opinion. We have to weave stories into our posts, but not too much for fear of turning our readers off or boring them.

It’s a delicate line to walk, so writing as a blogging fear is not all that surprising.

I’m going to level with you -the advice that writing is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it is some of the best I’ve heard.

It’s true.

Not all posts will be perfect, but the only way you’ll improve is by actually writing more and more.

Your writing voice will be found and evolve during your blogging journey.

Posts you write earlier in your journey probably won’t sound like your newer ones and that’s okay.

Wanna know why?

The beautiful part about running a blog is that you can go back and update any piece of your writing that isn’t up to your standards.

Nothing is set in stone.

Action Steps for kicking the ‘scared of writing’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Write a little bit every day until it becomes a habit you look forward to (yes, that will happen).

✔Don’t strive for perfection – it’s sure to keep you stuck. Write your post, edit it, publish and move on.

✔Your writing voice will get stronger the more you write, so keep at it!

✔Remember, nothing’s set in stone in the blogging world, so you can go back and edit an old post to get it up to the standards you’ll develop over time.

Blogging Fear #4 The Niche I Want To Build A Blog In Is Too Saturated

Overcome the fear of entering what is considered a saturated niche

Oh yes, the fear that your blogging niche is too saturated for you to join the conversation OR its sister, there are too many  ‘bigger’ bloggers in the niche.

Or, maybe there are too many bloggers in the WORLD – a thought that some bloggers will scare new bloggers with.

What could be more intimidating than that? You mean to say there are TOO MANY bloggers in the WORLD?

Um, uh oh.

So, I shouldn’t start a blog because of all the big bloggers in my desired niche or the fact there MIGHT be too many bloggers all together?

I’ve heard it all when it comes to blogging and, to be honest, I was a victim of this blogging fear for a lot of years.

The saturated niche blog fears successfully kept me stuck.

So stuck that I didn’t pursue this blog you’re reading for fear that I wouldn’t see any success or be taken seriously because there are too many other ‘bigger’ bloggers than lil ol’ me.

Helping Mom bloggers build their own blogs while raising a family is a saturated niche, but you wanna know what I say?

Who cares. It’s my passion and I’m going to pursue it.

And, you should too, no matter what niche you’re looking to build your blog in.

The truth is, if a niche is saturated or there are some big players, it’s because there’s money to be made.

And, there’s nothing to say there isn’t room for more.

Now, you’ll have your work cut out for you. You’ll need to be determined and dedicated to building your blog. But, you can carve out a nice little corner in a saturated niche.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel (a lot of advice will tell say you need to figure out how to be unique, which is HARD in a saturated niche) you will need to serve your audience with useful and actionable advice and information.

There’s only one you with your perspective, writing style, and general outlook. That, to me, is unique enough to work hard in your desired niche.

Blogging in a saturated niche is the long game. It will take consistent effort.

I can’t guarantee your results by any means – that will depend on your commitment to building your blog.

Action Steps for kicking the ‘my niche is saturated or there are too many ‘big’ bloggers’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Keep in mind that in a saturated niche there’s demand and money to be made.

✔Only you can bring your perspective to the table, so go ahead and join the conversation.

✔You don’t need to ‘take over’ the niche in order to have success; carve out your own little corner.

✔Remember to be helpful – if people can use the information you’re putting out there, they’ll connect and you will be successful. So serve your audience!


Blogging Fear #5 So, Do I Really Know What I’m Talking About?

Overcome the fear that you don't know what you're talking about

Do you feel you don’t have a right to build your blog because you’re not sure everyone will think you know what you’re talking about?

Or, maybe YOU second guess yourself all the time?

In my experience, I’ve found this blogging fear pops up when you read other blogs in your niche.

Comparing yourself to other bloggers with similar blogs can leave you second-guessing everything you’re trying to do.

You think, “That blogger knows more than me, so I shouldn’t write my blog” or “I’ll never write as well as that blogger” or “I’m so boring compared to that blogger”.

Your perception of how things actually are is playing tricks again.

Here’s the thing, every blogger has their opinion and stance on things. But, another way to think about it is EVERY blogger has their opinion and stance on things.

Ya, follow me? If you think I’ve gone crazy hear me out.

If you’re authentic and serve your audience, you not ‘knowing enough’ becomes obsolete.

To me, blogging is one giant conversation about many different topics, so why can’t you join the conversation and give your unique insight?

Let your beautiful self shine!

Be confident in what you have to add to the conversation – it matters.

Action Steps for kicking the ‘I don’t know what I’m talking about’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Be authentic and share where you are in your blogging journey if you worry you don’t ‘know’ enough in your niche.

✔Again, only YOU have your unique perspective to bring to the conversation, so give yourself permission to just be yourself!

✔Stop reading similar blogs to yours. Doing so kills creativity and keeps you stuck in the blogging comparison game.

Blogging Fear #6 There’s Way Too Much To Learn In Blog Land

Overcome the fear of having to learn too much to start a blog

You’re new to blog land and the idea of starting a blog sounds wonderful. But, the more you read, the more you realize this isn’t going to be “easy”.

Maybe you aren’t looking for easy, but you certainly feel you weren’t looking to learn all that you have to.

How will you possibly find the time to blog and learn everything?

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into blogging and feeling you don’t have enough time is enough to stop your blogging dreams in their tracks, am I right?

It feels like you’ve got a mountain to climb!

Let me level with you – if you’re truly passionate about blogging you’ll find the learning curve is actually addictive. Don’t worry it’s a healthy addiction, ha!

Blogging is a lot of fun and, yes, there will always be something new to learn, but think of it as keeping your mind sharp!

Life is so boring if it’s predictable 🙂

The more involved you become in blogging the more time you’ll find to dedicate to it. Perhaps during your kiddos nap time or getting up earlier to get some work done.

Don’t let the work intimidate you – anything of substance takes hard work and elbow grease!

Action Steps for kicking the ‘There’s too much to learn in blog land’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Take small steps to achieve your blog goals. If you look at the whole blogging picture, it’s easy to get intimidated. Work on one thing at a time to see results.

✔Invest in some good courses to help you learn what you need to know. They will help ease the learning curve.

✔Always keep in mind WHY you want to build that blog. Write it out and place it in front of your workspace. When you keep your why in mind, nothing seems too big to overcome.

Blogging Fear #7 What If I Fail At Blogging?

Overcome the fear of failing at blogging

I saved the biggest blogging fear for last – it’s a real doozy – what happens if you fail at blogging?

At some point, every single blogger has to face this fear head on and keep building their blogs.

Here’s the thing about blog land – if something doesn’t work out, you need to be able to switch gears until you find the recipe that does work.

Maybe the audience you thought you were after morphs into another one. Maybe you surprise yourself and record a vlog instead of writing.

Your blogging journey will be full of twists and turns, but I promise if you put the work in and remain dedicated, it will be worth it.

And, let’s discuss the hard work a little further – creating a successful blog does NOT happen overnight. It’s not a get rich quick business idea so stop now if that’s what you were hoping for.

You will likely have to work for months and months before you start to see good results. And, that means, for FREE.

Are you prepared to do that?

No one but you can guarantee you won’t fail at blogging. There will be tough days where you’ll probably cry and wonder why you’re even blogging in the first place. There will be failures that will shock you, but take those as lessons and adjust your direction accordingly.

Action Steps for kicking the ‘What if I fail at blogging?’ blogging fear to the curb

✔Create content that is useful to your desired audience. Good content will always be king.
✔Take small, dedicated and actionable steps toward your blogging goals.
✔Know that you’re in the blogging game for a long while, working for free, before you’ll start seeing any real results.
✔Remember that blogging takes time and dedication.

So, there you have it, the 7 biggest blogging fears that can keep you stuck. What did you think about them? Do you suffer from any of the fears? Did I miss a blogging fear?

Comment and share below!


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  1. Thank you for this post, this is exactly what I needed to read to get over my fear of starting a blog. I’m a stay at home mom, wanting to start a blog and have been researching about blogging for a while. It is my dream to be a blogger just need to get over the fear of staring one .

    1. Jess,

      That is SO awesome to hear! Girl, if it’s your dream then you absolutely need to go for it! You have nothing to lose! Keep me up to date on your progress and let me know if you have any questions!

    1. Hi Hilda!

      The related posts are built into my theme 🙂 I use the Extra theme from Elegant Themes.
      Thank you so much for reading!

  2. I feel confident in starting my second blog after going through so much my first 3 years of blogging. I’m glad I started my blog and look forward to it’s growth by the end of this year.

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