How to know if you should start a blog

How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You

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Thinking about starting a mom blog?

You surf online and see a lot of moms making money with their blogs and staying home with their kiddos.

But, there’s a lot to learn, right?

And, there’s a big-time commitment to building a successful blog.

Are you a little bit scared to build that blog?

I totally get you, mama!

It makes sense to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a blogger  BEFORE wasting any precious time.

I’m so happy you found this post! I’m going to share with you tips and tricks to figure out if you should move forward with your Mom blog dreams 🙂

Questions to Ask Yourself to Figure Out if Blogging is Right for You

How many of these questions do you say yes to? 

✔ Are you a creative who loves sharing things with people?
✔ Are you a stay at home mom who needs a creative outlet?
✔ Do you want to stay home with your babies?
✔ Do you love to write?
✔ Do you like the idea of running your own business?
✔ Do you want to design your life on your terms?
✔ Do you crave freedom from a traditional 9-5 job?
✔ Does blogging your way out of a job sound good to you?
✔ Do you have a topic (niche) you can talk endlessly about?
✔ Do you love helping people?
✔ Do you have a thick skin?
✔ Does taking on a lot of work intimidate or excite you?
✔ Are you able to put your expectations of how things should be aside?
✔ Do you evolve with changes or remain stuck?

If you answered yes to even just a few of these questions, then I can tell you, it’s worth becoming a Mom blogger!

Let me level with you – there’s a lot of work that goes into being a successful blogger – you’ll need a thick skin and be willing to put in the time without much monetary gain.

Blogging is a long game. A marathon so to speak.

Ignore any posts where people claim to rack in tons of dough when their blog is only a “month old”.

Those posts are designed to sell you some expensive course that promises the world in a short period of time.

Stay away from those at all costs.

You quite possibly could blog for a long time without making much money. Seriously. 

Are you okay with that?

I don’t mean to scare you, I only want to be truthful!

Okay, so if you said yes to working hard, what’s the payoff, the rewards?

What do you get if you’re dedicated?

The rewards are truly amazing:

✔ Design life on your own terms.
✔ Stay home with your babies.
✔ Contribute financially to the family expenses.
✔ Work in your pajamas!
✔ Have a creative outlet.
✔ Never have to work for someone else again.

So, we know blogging is a lot of work that takes time, but do you have the qualities of successful bloggers?

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Qualities of a Blogger

How to know if blogging is for you

We’ve established you’ve got the desire and commitment to make a go at building a blog, but let’s look to see if you’ve got the qualities that make bloggers successful.

I’ve been in the blogging game for awhile (and I LOVE it!) and I’ve noticed accomplished bloggers share similar qualities.

This list of qualities is in no particular order and is only more guidance to help you figure out if blogging is right for you 🙂


✔ A get it done attitude – no matter how hard and challenging the task might be.
✔ Able to adapt to the ever-changing online world. (they realize things will change; what worked today, may not tomorrow).
✔ The ability to see what’s not working, come up with a solution or move on quickly. (In other words, they don’t get stuck because they think they’re “right”).
✔ A message or purpose they are passionate about and NEED to share.
✔ They’re authentic and use their voice (they let their personality shine!).
✔ Do not feel intimidated by competition, even if there’s a lot (I don’t care what niche you’re in, there will be competition; will that stop you?).
✔ They love helping people.
✔ Continually remain creative in their chosen niche.
✔ Can think outside of the box to create compelling content that helps their audience.
✔ The ability to put themselves out there no matter what everyone thinks.
✔ Take advice, but use it as they need it.
✔ Pick themselves up after a perceived failure.
✔ They’re a brave bunch who push aside blogging fears and move forward.
✔ Think for themselves. (In other words, do not need someone to show them it works before trying something – although it is nice when the strategy is proven!).
✔ Determined to make their blog successful despite how long it will take or how many setbacks they experience.
Find time to blog no matter how busy they are.


That’s quite a list!

Do any of the blogging qualities resonate with you?

If you’ve made it this far, I bet they do 🙂

Let’s dig a little deeper into the mindset you’ll need as you build that blog of your dreams 🙂

The Blogging Mindset

how to figure out if blogging is for you.

You’ve probably read everywhere that you need to be passionate about your blog topic.

It’s true – passion is the foundation of successful bloggers mindsets.

Let’s look at why.


✔ Create compelling content that gets read and shared.
✔ Have an endless amount of ideas because you LOVE what you write about.
Put in the hours needed to grow your blog to where you want it (you won’t feel like it’s work!).
✔ Learn about strategies for blog growth and invest in blog education.
✔ Identify what direction you would like to take easily.
✔ Do the blog tasks to make your blog more appealing.
✔ You have to LOVE blogging. Live and breathe it – be passionate and stimulated by it.

SIDE NOTE: I won’t go into too much detail, BUT passion is definitely important and so is making money from your blog. So make sure to research a blog niche with good income potential before you commit!

So, You Feel Blogging Is Right For You? Let’s Put It All Together

Creating a Mom blog isn’t a small task, but if you love your blog topic and work from a place of passion, you’ll be just fine.

Set some realistic blogging goals and don’t get deflated if you haven’t reached the same level of success as another blogger.

Put in the time, invest in blog education and have a thick skin as things in blog land get thrown at you.

Again, there isn’t a ‘right’ amount of time to building a successful blog.

Every blogger’s path is different, so try not to compare yourself!

Stick with it!

Consistent action breeds results.

Work on your Mom blog a little bit every day and I BET you’ll start seeing some results 🙂

A word of warning – lots of bloggers love to share their income reports.

I personally find them motivating, but they can also make you play the comparison game, especially if you’re not at the level of the blogger.


Remember – everyone’s life is filled with so much these days – full-time jobs, kids, family obligations, appointments, sleep, the dog – so it’s hard to tell how much time DAILY these bloggers are able to dedicate to building their blog.

You will achieve your success on your terms and that is powerful!

Another thing that can play with your blogging mindset is people’s reactions when you tell them you want to blog or are blogging full time.

I still get the confused, what the heck are you talking about look from the people who just don’t understand.

Your family, husband or friends may think you’re cute because you think you’ll blog and actually make money.

So get ready to be misunderstood. Don’t let it throw you off course!

Don’t listen to anything negative. Own your desires. Build that blog.


Soldier through fellow blogger! You will be successful if you’re determined.

So, what do you think?

Is blogging right for you?

Let me know in the comments!


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