Are you ready for your adventure through motherhood?

Becoming a mom is one of those life moments that’s super exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 

So, if you’re walking around beaming at everyone with excitement to meet the tiny human who is sure to change your life (for the better!) but feel a bit panicked on the inside, know you’re not alone.

There’s a lot that goes into being a mom and, honestly, I started Mom Blogs Life as a way to help myself navigate this whole mommy thing.

Welcome to Mom Blog Life!

I’m JayDee, your new mommy friend who gets it. Plus, I’ve found an army of moms- because we’re all stronger in numbers 😉 

You’re either starting or have started your adventure in motherhood.

And, somewhere along the way, you’ve realized that mommying can be…

✿ Overwhelming
✿ Exciting
✿ Fun
✿ Exhausting
✿ Awesome
✿ Challenging
✿ Chaotic
✿ Fulfilling
✿ Hard
✿ Easy
✿ Humbling

It’s tough and wonderful every. single. day.

What Will I help You Do?

I’m the mom friend who is there to offer you the best advice on pregnancy and postpartum recovery (because goodness we need to talk about THAT more) and everything in between. 

I’m also that friend you can lean on when you’re knee-deep in being a mom and you’re not sure the last time you washed your hair (or heck brushed your teeth for that matter) and you need some self-care ideas and honest mom advice so you can get your sanity back.

And, I’m here to chat about what to do when you realize you don’t want to leave those cute little tiny humans to go back to work. So now what? I’ll help you become a mompreneur so you can start a work at home business and design your mom life the way YOU want. Not someone else dictating how to spend your days and no one else taking care of your kids.

Life on your terms, mama.

So, are you ready to go on this motherhood adventure with me?

Glad you’re here.

Alright, But Who Am I?

I’m a mom to a beautiful girl with plans to grow my family soon. And as tends to happen, my life totally changed through pregnancy and motherhood. ?

The biggest changes were my priorities- I knew I didn’t want to go back to work and send my daughter to daycare. I wanted to be there for all her first moments- so I jumped into working from home.

Three years later- I have excellent freelance writing clients, 2 blogs, and the big realization that I can do whatever I want and do my life my way!

Motherhood is such a roller coaster in trying to balance all the things. And it all starts in pregnancy. That’s exactly why this blog exists- so that we can support each other in pregnancy, mom life, work life, and beyond! 

So, can we be mom friends?

Things you should know about me 🙂

Here are some personal things about me that are sure to convince you we should stay friends.

✿ I’ve read so much about pregnancy that I could probably delivery your baby (I’d prefer not, but I could ha) 

✿ I actually loved being pregnant and love being at home with my daughter…sigh.

✿ I’m a Type-A person that loves to do all the research and relay all the important facts to you to make life easier for us all!! 

✿ I’m a girl mom that was raised with four rambunctious younger brothers.

✿ I’m living proof of a mom who doesn’t have it all figured out…yet.  I’m learning more everyday that life is about growth and progress, NOT perfection. 

✿ Can’t find me for 3 days straight? I’m in the forest in my camping van.

✿ My husband is from Europe and my daughter was born in the Czech Republic- we have a lot of exposure to different styles of parenting that all work! 

If you want to chat everything mom life shoot me an email at

If you’re looking to collaborate, same email. 

Want to write for MBL? Read this page first and then pitch your idea – I’ll let you know if it fits. 🙂