Mompreneur Series: Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

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Is it possible to find legitimate work at home jobs as a mom? 

That’s what we’re going to be looking at today.

Welcome to Mompreneur Series where I’m discussing ways YOU can transition into a work from home mom.

If you want to join the work from home movement so you can have the flexibility and be around for your kids, this series is a must-read for you.

No matter what kind of background you have there is a way to use your skillset and work remotely.

It might be a side business that you build when you can OR you tap into work from home jobs to use those skills you went to school for or learned on your own 😉

To recap, I’ve looked at 4 really awesome work from home mom opportunities in these previous posts:

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Post #3: How to Start a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Business

Post #4: How to Start and Build a Mom Blog

In this post, I’ll be looking at 3 reputable online job directories you can use to find legitimate work from home jobs.

I’ll be sharing tips you can use to make sure the jobs you’re interested in are actually real.

So, let’s dig right in…


how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start

Are There Any Legitimate Work From Home Jobs?

Finding a work at home job for moms

That’s a great question!

When you’re starting out on your work from home mom journey it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the multitude of job listings that seem to promise the world.

Are these jobs legitimate?

To find legitimate work from home jobs for moms you need to use the right resources and be diligent with your research – that starts with asking the right questions.

Let’s look at how you can tell if a work from home job is legitimate or not.

1. Does the job sound too good to be true?

You know your mom always said if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This holds true when you’re online looking for work from home jobs. If everything in the job posting seems “perfect” raise your red flag.

2. Do some research on the job listing company. 

Take note of the company that listed the job and do a Google search. Do a lot of results come up? Does the company have a professional website? Can they easily be contacted directly through the website? Go ahead and email them with any questions. Do they get back to you in a timely fashion?

3. Does the company want too much personal information? 

There is absolutely no reason for a company to ask for your social insurance number, drivers license number or any other piece of personal information during the interview process.

If they do, then I’m willing to bet the job you’re interested in is not legitimate.

4. Did they contact you? 

It’s flattering to have someone reach out to you and offer a job. But that should raise your red flags since we can all agree that most companies want to learn about you before hiring.

5. Have a good look at what the job entails.

Do they list any required skills? Most legitimate work from home jobs have narrow and specific skill set requirements. If the job you’re interested in doesn’t, think twice.

6. Is the person emailing you from a company email? 

Reputable companies set up employee email addresses using the company name.

If you receive an email from someone using Yahoo or Gmail then I’d air on the side of caution.

7. They ask you for money upfront.

Let me be very clear: There is no reason to be asked for money before you get the job.

Also, if you really think about it, you’re a job seeker who is looking to make money not the other way around.

At the end of the day, take your time and do your research to see if the work from home job is legitimate or not.

The great thing is, there are reputable online job resources specifically for moms.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Moms

Now that you know how to protect yourself during your work from home job search, it’s time to look at legitimate work from home jobs for moms.

Below I’ll outline 3 awesome online resources you can use to find a job that fits your life.


I love the name of this online job resource, don’t you?

It’s catchy and easy to remember. was started by Lesley Pyle who, at the time, was in the same position you’re in now.

After the birth of her first child, she desperately wanted to stay home, but she still needed to earn an income to help support her family.

So she created a legitimate online job resource specifically for moms.

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a job seeker account here.

Choose between a quarterly membership or annual membership (and their dirt cheap considering what you get).

Once you’ve signed up, search through the jobs and apply to those that interest you. does screen employers before allowing them to post their online job opportunity. That’s a good thing because it helps you know that you’re applying for a quality job.

That being said, I would still do your own checks (like the ones mentioned above) before you apply. Always a good idea to protect yourself!

Keep applying until you find the job that allows you to become a work from mom!

Want some examples of the jobs found on Check them out here.


how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start


While doesn’t necessarily cater to moms only, it was founded by a mom just like you. started in 2007 and has become one of the leading resources for finding work from home jobs.

You can feel good using for your online job hunt because they have a team of researchers who look at each company who wants to post a job opportunity on their website.

That’s right – they only post prescreened job opportunities.

Worried they may not have a job for your skillset? Don’t be – they have job postings in over 50 categories.

Here’s how it works:

Check out postings in 50 job categories here.

If you find a job you like, then you’ll need to sign up for an account.

They charge $14.95/month or $49.95/year which nominal considering what you get.


WAHM stands for work at home mom, so that’s right up our alley!

You can find legitimate work-from-home jobs that are generally tailored for moms PLUS access the work from home mom forum to connect with other like-minded mamas.

Here’s how it works:

Browse work from home jobs here.

Apply directly to the posting company.

Make sure you do your research as always – use the tips outlined above.

Join the forum of work from home moms here.

Enjoy finding a work from home mom job AND connecting with other WAHMs.

Becoming a work from home mom doesn’t have to be a dream, you can make it your reality.

If you’re looking for a part-time or full-time work from home opportunity, then definitely check out the resources I’ve outlined above.

There is legitimate work from home jobs that are catered to moms who want to spend more time with their family but still add to the family income.

Are you currently looking for a work from home job?

What do you think about the resources that help moms like you find jobs?

What measures will you take to make sure the job you’re interested in is legitimate?

Comment and share below!

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how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start

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