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10 Questions You Should Always Ask When Shopping for Baby Products

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Either you’re awaiting the arrival of your newborn, or your newborn has arrived. Either way, congratulations! You’re a mama now. Thankfully, being a parent (especially a new parent) is made easier with the number of blogs out there. But a lot of thoughts might be on your mind, especially when it comes to shopping for baby products (both before and after your newborn arrives). Here are the questions you should ask before shopping for your newborn and the things you should think about.

When Should I Start Shopping For My Newborn?

At around the 12-week mark (the end of the first trimester), that’s when most new parents find out if their baby will be a boy or a girl, and that’s when they go out and start shopping for baby prodcuts like clothes and toys. The answer to this question? There is no definitive answer. You can start shopping immediately after you find out the gender, or you can wait till the second or third trimester (when baby showers usually happen) so you’re not buying a lot of duplicate items. But remember, you have nine months before your little bundle of joy arrives, so you have plenty of time to shop! Don’t feel like you have to rush.

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What Baby Products Can I Wait to Buy For My Newborn?

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 If you’re a mama who wants to have everything all ready to go before the baby is born, go for it! But if you’re trying to decide what you can buy and what can wait, here are some items you can hold off on buying until your little one arrives:  joggers, swingers and bouncers, noise-making toys, educational toys, and a lot of bottles and pacifiers.

How Often Should I Shop For My Newborn?  

This question tends to come up anytime you are clothes shopping:  how often should I buy my little one clothes? A general piece of advice is to only buy a few pieces of clothing or outfits in each size:  zero to three months, three to six months, and six months to nine months. If you want to buy some clothes that your little one will grow into soon and roll the sleeves up until the clothes fit, that’s fine as well.

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What Do I Really Need For My Newborn?

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 All a newborn really needs is diapers, food, clothes, and love. However, let’s make your job as a new mama easier. Here are the baby products that you really need for a newborn:  a crib, bassinet, car seat, stroller, crib linens, formula or breastfeeding feeding gear, newborn/infant clothes, and diapers and wipes (especially diapers and wipes). Your newborn will go through a lot of diapers and wipes, and these don’t expire, so be sure to stock up.

What Should I Not Buy For My Newborn?  

Just like there are the essentials and necessities, there are some baby products your newborn won’t really need. As a new mama, we want to make sure our baby has everything, and that’s understandable. But there are some things your newborn can do without. You don’t need expensive bedding, clothes, or shoes, only because a newborn is messy and grows out of shoes and clothes (very quickly). You also don’t need a complicated stroller (strollers don’t need to have a bunch of levers and buttons; they just need to be safe). There are other things your newborn can also do without, like a newborn bathtub, but what you need and don’t need depends on your situation and your budget. Go with your gut!

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Can I Get This as a Hand-me-Down?

Do you have a friend who maybe has some leftover clothes, supplies, and toys from her newborn? Perhaps you can ask if you can have any of those items as hand-me-downs, so there is less to buy. Some mamas don’t mind buying all new things, but if you are a budget-conscious mama, this is an important question to ask.

Do I Really Need to Buy All Those Stuffed Animals and Toys?

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Newborn babies find joy in the world around them (expect to see a lot of toes or fingers in mouths) and are just as happy playing with the zippers or buttons on their clothes. You don’t need to buy a lot of stuffed animals and toys (you’ll likely receive a lot of them from friends and family anyway), but if you want to buy your little one a few, do so! Buy a few and see what your newborn enjoys before splurging on a lot of stuffed animals and toys. You can even do something fun like make a DIY busy board!

Is This Really The Best Price?

Do your research, whether you’re shopping for newborn items in the store or online. Research the things you want to buy, read the reviews, and price compare. That way you’ll be able to see if something is a good bargain or not. Also, keep an eye out for sales! If you’re able to, stock up on items for your newborn around Black Friday, after Christmas, and late July/beginning of August.

Do I Need to Buy Sustainable Baby Products?  

If you are a mama that is conscious of the footprint she leaves on the environment, then yes, there are many eco-friendly newborn products made from organic and sustainable materials, such as glass bottles, organic cotton swaddling blankets, bamboo spun lace baby wipes, and washable cloth diapers.

Are These Products Fragrance-Free?

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A newborn’s skin is soft, sensitive, and easily irritated. Make sure that any products you buy for your newborn (that you will use on his or her skin), are fragrance-free. This includes bath soap, shampoo, and even the detergent you wash clothes in (even though you won’t use detergent on the skin, detergents with fragrances will irritate the skin).

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Being a new mama and having a newborn is an exciting time for everyone in your family. We hope these questions and things to think about makes shopping for baby products for your newborn a little easier and a little less stressful.

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