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14 Expressions That Drive People Crazy And Make Them Want to Run Away

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There are certain words and phrases people say that are guaranteed to turn the people around them off. Chances are, using these phrases will result in fewer friends. Which words are a trigger will vary from person to person, here are what Redditors shared as their top least favorite expression.

1. Truth Tellers

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One user shares, ““People don’t like me because I tell it like it is.” Others agrees and go on to say that people that often speak bluntly are hte ones that can’t handle the “truth” themselves.

2. Only the Facts

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Similar to blunt truth tellers, another common phrase that drives people crazy is “I’m a straight shooter.” One user says, “Thanks for letting me know you are not in fact, a straight shooter.”

3. I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve

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“My ex: “I wear my heart on my sleeve!” Also my ex: Would quietly simmer about things he secretly had an issue with for months, make snarky remarks out of nowhere, and then it would be like pulling teeth to get him to have a solid conversation about [what] was even up with him.”

4. I’m Not Trying to Offend You

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A user shares this ironic phrase: ““No offense, but…”, just before saying the most offensive thing you’ve heard in your life.”

5. I’m Not Racist

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Similar to not being offensive, Redditors share a common “cousin to this phrase: “”I’m not racist, but” (proceeds to say most racist thing you’ve ever heard).”

6. I’m Not Being Political

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Yet another close cousin of the racist and offensive card. A Redditor shares: “”Not to be political…BUT.” You can’t retort because they made it clear their political rant wasn’t political.”

7. Don’t Get Me Wrong

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A final close cousin to other pre-qualifying statements that seems to end in awkward or rude statements: “”Don’t take this the wrong way”…with disaster statement to follow.”

8. Downplaying Medical Conditions

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One user shares, ““I’m so bipolar” to explain why they are indecisive or to play off poor life choices. Or just to say to sound quirky. Really hate that. I’m bipolar and rarely tell anyone.” Other agree that talking about a medical condition that they don’t have and making a joke out it is insensitive.

9. Insensitivity to Medical Issues

Another common one in this same vein is: “I’m so OCD.” A Redditor shares, “My colleague says this all the time and it’s really annoying. I actually have OCD and it’s a horrible condition that limits your life so much and gives you so much stress and anxiety.”

10. I’m Special

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“Another one that makes me roll my eyes is “I’m so weird”. People seem to like to use those kinds of words to make them seem special and “cool”. Whatever.”

11. Why the Drama

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“”I hate drama.” I have never heard someone say this, unsolicited, and not been exhausted with their shenanigans within a day.” Many users agreed that this is an indicator that they in fact in the midst of A LOT of drama.

12. Talking Down to Others

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While there is no one specific phrase to mention here, this is a big one for people. “If a person humiliates others for the sake of boosting his own ego, I immediately stop communicating with that person.”

13. Soul Insight

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“”I’m an old soul.” – I like people who are spiritual but those particular people seem to be less spiritual and more full of themselves most of the time.” Say one Redditor.

14. I’m an Empath

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Many agreed that using the phrase “as an empath” typically is just for attention.

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