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16 Behaviors Some Men Do in the Name of Masculinity

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Certain individuals exhibit a striking steadfastness in their habits and conduct, particularly as they strive to project a robust and conventionally “manly” image. In this pursuit, they may eschew certain actions, even when such choices appear impractical. However, a critical question arises: is it genuinely beneficial to adhere to these decisions solely to uphold an idealized notion of masculinity? Frequently, the answer resounds with a decisive no.

On an online forum, men and women share the most ridiculous things men associate with their masculinity. Because heaven forbid someone might perceive them as girly.

1. Avoiding Sunscreen

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One man says, “Not wearing sunscreen. I can’t count the number of times people seem shocked I’m wearing it.”

For some reason, some men find spending money on sunscreen is too feminine. In reality, wearing sunscreen should be on the same level as bucking your seat belt or drinking water.

2. Is it Girly to Hear?

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One user writes, “My grandpa was nervous about his hearing aids being “too feminine.”” He then asked, is it too feminine to be able to hear what’s going on around you?

3. Getting Drinks

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One man shares he was made fun of by his buddies for saying he’s going to get “drinks” instead of going for a drink. Hmm, apparently, plurals are girly.

4. Going to the Doctor

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“Not Going to a doctor when something seems wrong.” One medical student confirmed this and said they learned that most men only go to the doctor when their mom or wife tells them to or there is something wrong with their junk.

5. Refusing Simple Life-Saving Measures

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“Not protecting yourself from easily-mitigated hazards. Silicosis risk? Dustmask. Driving? Seatbelt. Skin cancer? Sunscreen. Imagine thinking you’re tougher than the f*****g sun.” Men can be quite dumb.

6. Anything to Impress a Girl

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One man recalls, “I recall a tourist local once fighting a crocodile for a girl’s number. He lost, but the girl still agreed to a date.” Was that seriously worth risking their life?

7. Breaking Bones During a Handshake

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“Trying to crush someone’s hand when handshaking. There is a difference between greeting and assault.” Some men seem to think hand-crushing it essential to illustrate their dominance.

8. Basic Hygiene to Prevent Illness and Keep Friends

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“Lacking hygiene. I’ve encountered guys who bragged about never washing their hands.

I specifically remember seeing some opinion piece shared on Facebook about how women tend to prefer men who take care of their skin. First comment was some boomer posting a selfie saying, “I’ve never used moisturizer, this is what a real man looks like!” Setting aside that this dude predictably looked like a sunburnt dipsh**, it was such a pathetic thing to be proud of.” One man shares.

9. Purposely Sleep Deprived

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“Getting proper sleep. I often have issues going to sleep and some days I just stare at the ceiling for 5 hours rather then sleep. I tell people if I seem a bit off I didn’t get any sleep. A lot of the times I have a guy call me a pus** because he purposely stayed up late to play video games or hitting the town.

I’m sorry I like to feel well rested.”

10. Bragging About Their Lack of Fatherly Duties

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“Being an incompetent father. You have four kids and you’ve never changed a diaper? That’s not a brag dude.” Stepping up for your kids is way more manly than being a dud.

11. Protection from the Elements

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One user shares, “My dad will claim he doesn’t need an umbrella because “real men” don’t need them. Ok dad.” Hm, apparently, getting wet and cold is manly.

12. Wearing Boring Colors

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One guy shares, “I got myself a mint colored hoodie and my mother asked me if it was really male clothing. Sorry for not picking black, grey, dark blue or brown lol.”

13. Making Everything a Competition

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Driving your grandma or baby to the doctor? Why would safety matter when someone is trying to drive faster than you? For some men, they just can’t ditch crappy driving habits in the name of safety- no matter who is in the car. They want to be first, go the fastest, etc. So dumb.

14. No Time for Femininity

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The notion that men should avoid interests or hobbies considered “feminine,” limiting their self-expression and interests. It’s not so black and white and can lead to avoiding things that could be quite enjoyable in reality!

15. Thinking There’s an Ideal Body Type

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For men and women alike, believing there’s only “one” body type that’s ideal creates a negative body image and undue stress.

16. Hazing

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Why are men in organized groups or sports so hard one the newbies? This seems to be some kind of tradition in the name of “earning their spot.” But it ends up turning into a lot of bullying and abuse.


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