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14 Commodities That Shouldn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

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In the current economic landscape, individuals find themselves contemplating the real value of their expenditures and whether they genuinely derive substantial worth from them. This is a time when being economical doesn’t necessarily equate to being truly prudent, and conversely, high expenses don’t always ensure exceptional value. In an era where the influence of the price tag is significant, it becomes crucial to discern when the buzz around a product or service isn’t worth stretching your budget for.

An online forum contributor asked, “What is just stupidly overpriced?” It’s time to adjust your budget.

1. Funerals

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A befitting sendoff doesn’t have to be the one that leaves the living broke. Funeral directors are now putting the ‘fun’ in funerals, and making it a very expensive affair.

An online user says, “Used to work at a funeral home. Most caskets we’re 10x what we purchased them for. Our cheapest casket was about $3,000 at the time, and we would buy them for about $300. I just worked maintenance there, but funerals are scams.”

Someone adds, “I want to see people honored in their death, but spending $5,000 on a pine box does not make sense to me.”

2. Weddings

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Weddings have become a high society event, and even service providers charge a premium for services to cater for weddings.

Someone advises, “I read a post that recommended just buying regular cupcakes for a wedding because if you even think the word “wedding,” the bakery will know and charge you like a thousand percent more or something.”

Prepare for the marriage, not just the wedding by saving up some of your money to start a life with your partner.

3. Concert Tickets

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Attending a concert to see your favorite artist perform live feels like the treat of a lifetime, but it’s not worth going bankrupt for.

One online conversation contributor says, “[I] Stopped going to concerts. Actually, I’ve stopped supporting anything that is price-gouging these days, lol.”

Someone adds, “It’s getting ridiculous.. especially when you add in the transportation, food and drinks, possible hotel.”

4. Theatre Food and Drinks

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You walk into a theatre to watch a show or a sporting event and end up paying more for the snacks that you paid for the ticket.

Someone says, “Seriously, I’ve seen cans of coke go for 5$ and hot dogs for 10. Like, what the f***?Both of those probably cost 50c total to the store. That’s a 30x markup.”

That’s how food smugglers were invented.

5. Cosmetics

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The beauty industry is growing tremendously, and so are the prices on the cosmetics shops’ shelves. As more and more brands enter the market, and the older ones charge a premium for the brand name, it’s good to remember it’s never that serious.

Someone says, “Cosmetics, the markup on luxury brands especially is MASSIVE.”

It is, unnecessarily so.

6. Toothpaste

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Most brands keep coming up with a new flavor or a new technology when it coms to toothpaste, and every improvement seems to cost more.

An online commenter says, “Anytime a manufacturer creates a ton of artificial differentiation within their own brands, you know you are being ripped off.”

7. Good Quality Water Bottles

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Getting your 8 glasses of water daily is essential, but do the bottles have to cost the same as a house in Brooklyn?

8. Wedding Dresses

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Wedding dresses are not cheap unless you decide to get one from eBay or make one.

One user says, “My mom said “yeah, *** that” and made her own. The fabric cost like $20.”

Getting your perfect wedding dress that would make a royal wedding look like child’s play is great, but you can do that without crashing the economy.

9. A Good Bra

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All bras are equal, but some are more equal than others. A good bra will set you back several dollars, and people who wear bras know nothing holds you down better than a good bra.

One online conversation contributor says, “My fiancé was shocked and almost didn’t believe when I told him I spent $250 on 4 bras. And this was a buy one get one 50% sale!”

10. Valentine’s Day

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The designated day of love turns out to be a designated day for people to go broke. There’s a lot of hullabaloo about throwing a lavish dinner and making an impression on Valentine’s Day, and bank accounts aren’t happy.

It also emerges that the big show of love doesn’t guarantee the longevity of the relationship.

A user says, “My last couple breakups were shortly after V-Day. Dropping a few hundred bucks on a nice dinner and the best floral arrangement I can find apparently isn’t cutting it anymore lol. Flowers and roses aren’t cheap.”

11. Lobsters

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As one online user shares, “Lobster was literally considered food for the peasants at one point in history. They used lobsters as bait on ships.”

Today, though, lobster isn’t cheap, and animal lovers are happy about it. The less people who can afford it, the better for the animals.

12. Diamonds

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A girl’s best friend may just be an unnecessary purchase after all.

Someone says, “This is one of the first one that’s I’ve seen that really has no justification for being the price it is.”

13. Cigarettes

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A good old smoke may be the most expensive luxury that most can’t seem to shake off.

A conversation contributor says, “Cigarettes. It takes more than your wallet. It takes your girlfriend, dog, and your kids. And your pet fish when a drunken Sally accidentally ashes into the bowl. Is that what you want to be remembered for? Murdering fish?”

Oddly specific.

Someone adds, “And yet, there are still people who start smoking in 2022. Why?! I don’t understand why anyone starts, knowing how addictive and expensive it is.”

Save your money, Joe.

14. Halloween

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Like most holidays, many fun low key events have turned into who can spend the most money on decor, treats, and dressing up.


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