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10 Childhood Confidence Boosters That Our Kids Will Carry into Adulthood

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If there’s one virtue that parents should prioritize in their children, it’s undoubtedly confidence. A child radiating confidence opens the door to boundless opportunities. This self-assurance serves as a powerful foundation, empowering kids to evolve into accomplished and reliable individuals who can establish and uphold their principles.

Confidence begins at home; here are a few ways to ensure your child grows up confident.

1. Hug Them—A Lot

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Children who get a lot of physical touch from their parents and caregivers interpret this as love, giving them the confidence that they’re important and loved.

This is one sure way to see your kids develop into individuals confident in themselves and in their parents.

2. Give and Express Unconditional Love

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Tell your children you love them; your love is not pegged on anything they do or don’t do. When a child knows they can’t “un-earn” your love, they become confident in their actions and themselves.

They will not be afraid to disappoint you since they know you love them even when they’re not being their best. That way, they will learn and grow.

3. Forge Positivity Daily

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There’s a lot of negativity in the world and enough things to discourage and make people, not just children, dislike themselves and develop low self-esteem.

Discourage negative talk in your kids, whether from you, themselves, or someone else.

4. Improve Your Own Confidence

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Your lack of confidence will spill over to the children, and it’s almost impossible to bring up confident kids if you are struggling with it yourself.

Develop confidence, and your kids will notice and have someone to look up to.

5. Follow The Leader In Their Playing

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Kids’ playtime is an excellent time to develop leadership skills and confidence. Let them choose the games they want and follow their lead.

This helps them trust their choices and lead with more confidence.

6. Help Them Set Goals

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Kids need to learn to set achievable goals early in life and work towards achieving them.

Teach them what SMART goals are and how they can set and achieve them, even in small ways like their school work and home tasks, before moving on to bigger things.

7. Give Them Undivided Attention

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It’s possible to be present physically but have your attention taken away by something or someone else. This makes a child feel like they aren’t a priority, hence not important.

Create time in your busy schedule to give them undivided attention. Put your gadgets down when spending time with them, and be fully present.

8. Do Not Compare Them To Others

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Children are different, all with different strengths. Do not compare one child to another or make them feel like they haven’t achieved as much as their counterparts.

Encourage them to improve their skills and abilities without asking them to be like so-and-so.

9. Help Them Overcome Their Fears

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There are many things that kids may be scared of, and they may keep them from achieving their goals.

Help your children identify what they’re most afraid of and work through them. Some fears are unfounded or based on what someone else told them they couldn’t do or be.

10. Weed Out Bad Influence

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Encourage the kids to be friends with people who bring out their best character and help them to be confident.

Friends are a huge part of a child’s development; help them get a tribe that’s good for them.


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