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No Talent in the Kitchen: 11 Ways People Ruin Even the Easiest of Meals

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Cooking is frequently seen as an art form, and not everyone identifies themselves as culinary artists. While not everyone can effortlessly whip up a lavish five-course feast, there are still some meals simple enough for even those who lack culinary skills. Surprisingly, there are individuals who have mastered a different skill altogether: the art of spoiling even the most straightforward dishes, and it doesn’t demand much effort.

An online forum conversation starter asked, “What is an easy way to f*** up a simple meal?”

Your palates will be infuriated.

1. Adding Cinnamon To Spaghetti

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If a spaghetti recipe says to add spice, cinnamon isn’t what they were thinking of.

One online user says, “My wife made spaghetti once. She put cinnamon on it. Why? Well, the recipe says add spice. Cinnamon is a spice. Logic is sound. [The] flavour was bad.”

Cinnamon rolls don’t approve, either.

2. Misunderstanding A Unit of Measurement

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A tablespoon is not a teaspoon; a third cup is not a two-thirds cup. If you don’t get the measurements right, you’ll most likely end up with a totally different version of what you want to make.

An online user narrates, “My Mom claims one of the first meals she cooked for my dad called for three cloves of garlic. She wasn’t that experienced and put in three heads of garlic. That’s a lot of garlic.”

3. Undercooked Rice

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Undercooked rice tastes like corporal punishment. If you do not add enough water to the rice, you’ll be left with chewy, hard, half-cooked grains.

Luckily, there are a few ways to salvage undercooked rice, including making fried rice instead.

4. Wax Paper vs. Parchment Paper

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Wax paper should not be exposed to heat, and parchment paper can be exposed to heat. Mixing up the two of them can give devastating results.

Someone says, “I’ve had a very hectic and crazy week this week. I went home last night and cooked some oven-roasted potatoes… on wax paper… I went to have a shower, and I came out to the kitchen filled with smoke. It wasn’t pleasant.”

Yeah, it will be unpleasant.

5. Essential Oil is Not Extract

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We know essential oil basically heals everything, including our ancestors’ sins, but it doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t) added to our food.

6. Using The Wrong Kind Of Heat

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If the recipe says to use the oven, please use the oven. If it says to microwave the food, and you microwave it, you’ll be left with a different-looking meal.

7. Sugar For Salt

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Imagine salty cookies or sugary soup?

Mixing up the two ingredients is sure to spoil even the simplest meals. To keep this from happening, keep the two ingredients in dissimilar containers.

8. Overcooked Noodles or Pasta

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Noodles smash quickly and can become a messy mush of something disgusting and inedible.

Someone says, “That’s gross. I’m imagining pasta soup where the pasta isn’t even pasta anymore.”

Stop imagining; it may make you gag.

9. Forgetting the Food In the Grill

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If you’re going to grill something, getting drunk and forgetting that you were grilling is the perfect way to ruin a perfectly good steak.

Someone adds, “When I was a teen, we tried to grill a turkey on a charcoal grill. After six or seven hours, we gave up and went to bed. The next morning, best turkey ever.”

There are exceptions to this rule.

Someone adds, “I got st**ed once and left the pizza in the oven. It was a solid black brick when I took it out.”

Pizza is not the exception.

10. Too Much Salt

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Too many spices in food ruin food, but some space more than others. No matter what the recipe says, a three-quarters cup of salt must be questioned before it’s added.

One online user said, “Put in 3/4 cup of salt. Even said “this can’t be right; well, better stick to the recipe”. I misread salt for something else. Not my brightest moment.”

11. Burned Hot Dogs

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One man put a pot of water on to boil some hot dogs. Unfortunately, since it was 2 a.m. he forgot he was cooking and fell asleep. He awoke to the fire alarm and very burned stinky hot dogs.


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