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15 Kid Movies That Adult Can’t Help but Love

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Prepare to dive into the warm embrace of family-friendly entertainment! Finding a cinematic gem that can enchant both the little ones and the young at heart isn’t always a simple task. Recently, a vibrant online community gathered around an intriguing question: “Which films fall under the ‘children’s movies’ category but never fail to captivate adults?” The responses flooded in, presenting a treasure trove of delightful movie suggestions that promise boundless joy for audiences spanning generations.

1. The Incredibles

the incredibles movie
Photo Credit: Pixar Animation Studios.

The Incredibles has earned its place among the top kids’ movies that adults adore. Someone wrote, “Rewatching it as an adult makes you realize how brilliant it truly is.”

“I watched this as a kid and did not appreciate how much this would speak to me once I had to start worrying about paperwork, bureaucracy, and other annoying things like that.” Another added. 

2. Iron Giant

iron giant movie
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers.

Users love Iron Giant for everything from dialogues to the storyline and the performances. Someone said, “Iron Giant is one of my top 10 movies. If you don’t cry like a toddler at the end, there’s something wrong with you.”

3. Treasure Planet

treasure planet movie
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

“Treasure Planet” has gained a dedicated fan base over the years, and it’s not uncommon for adults to appreciate the film as much as children do. The movie has themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams that resonate with viewers of all ages.

A user stated, “I loved it in childhood and can still watch it repeatedly. “I’m Still Here” is such a great song too!”

4. Megamind

megamind movie
Photo Credit: Dreamworks Animation.

Megamind offers a humorous twist on the superhero genre and is incredibly popular among children and adults. Users still appreciate this movie even after years of its release. Someone said, “I love this movie so much. The voice acting is fantastic, and it’s one of the first movies I truly loved with Will Ferrell. It’s funny, even smart, occasionally, and I enjoy the villain-to-unwilling hero arc.”

5. Emperors New Groove

emperors new groove movie
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

One of the most beloved movies among users is “The Emperor’s New Groove,” which is highly regarded for its humor, snappy dialogue, and unique animation style. Someone shared a sweet memory, “A friend of mine in college made fun of me for having this movie in my collection. So, I insisted that he watch it with me. We paused the movie for 2 minutes while he laughed at some scenes. He never again doubted my taste in movies.”

6. Shrek

shrek movie
Photo Credit: Dreamworks.

If you’re one of the many adults who love “Shrek,” you’re in good company. Someone stated, “When it came out, I forced my dad to take me. He was reluctant and not enthusiastic after years of lame kids’ movies. He thanked me afterward as he thought it was such a great film, and he appreciates the direction that Shrek was able to take the children’s film industry, with its many nods to adult humor.”

7. The Addams Family

adams family movie
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Many users appreciate “The Addams Family” for its clever humor, traditional family dynamics, and themes of celebrating differences. A user said, “Addams Family and Addams Family Values are absolute gems.”

8. How to Train Your Dragon

how to train your dragon movie
Photo Credit: Dreamworks Production.

One user shared their delightful experience of watching “How to Train Your Dragon” with her grandmother. Against her initial resistance, the movie managed to capture her heart. By the end, a simple quote became a moment of shared laughter and a cherished memory. Dragons brought them together, making it one of their favorite memories. Adorable!

9. The Lego Movie

lego movie
Photo Credits: Warner Brothers and The LEGO Group.

Another masterpiece, according to the users, is The Lego Movie. It isn’t just any ordinary kids’ movie; but a block-filled delight that appeals to audiences of all ages. Someone stated, “I was skeptical when the first one came out, but when I finally watched it, I was blown away. It’s definitely in my top 10 favorite movies, honestly.”

10. Ratatouille

ratatouille movie
Photo Credits: Pixar Disney.

Regarding kids’ movies that leave a lasting impression on adults, Ratatouille takes the cake (Or Cheese?). A user stated, “This is currently my toddler’s favorite movie! He loves to play in his play kitchen, and I’m 99% sure he learned how to move the skillet on the play burner from watching Ratatouille!”

11. Wall E

wall e movie
Photo credit: Pixar Disney.

According to a user, “Wall-E isn’t just a great kids’ movie. It’s an incredible movie all around. The engaging storytelling is visual for the first half, without any dialogue. Many directors/writers would struggle to recreate anything of similar quality. It’s an e**ing masterpiece.”

12. Zootopia

zootopia movie
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Productions.

A mom shared that her son was obsessed with Zootopia for about 6 months, and she didn’t even mind watching it multiple times a day. Sloths running the MVD are pure gold!

13. Kung Fu Panda

kung fu panda movie
Photo Credits: Dreamworks.

Another absolute favorite among the community is Kung-fu Panda. A user wrote, “This is the one. I watch it yearly for my birthday, and I’m in my 30s. Great music, good jokes, heartfelt, outstanding fight choreography, and a stellar cast. It’s the complete package!”

14. Coco

coco movie
Photo Credit: Pixar Disney.

Coco stands out as a truly emotional movie that resonates with the audience. In an online community forum, one user shared their experience of being moved to tears by this remarkable film. ”Man, Coco tore me up! My grandmother was going through the late stages of dementia when I watched it, and it hit close to home.”

15. Inside Out

inside out movie
Photo Credits: Disney Pixar.

For many adults, the movie ‘Inside Out’ is the true depiction of the brain. Someone said, “I remember I went to see this movie with my dad, and I resonated with that movie so much. After we left, we had a great conversation, and I think we kind of understood each other better after that.”


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