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14 Easy Ways to Tap into Your Inner Beauty and Feel Confident

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While it’s undeniable that true beauty goes beyond mere appearances, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your look a bit. Attractiveness isn’t solely dependent on physical features; it can manifest in various ways, whether through a radiant complexion or an appealing fragrance.

You don’t have to break your back (and the bank) in a quest to look good. An online forum contributor asked, “What is an incredibly simple thing someone can do to make themselves twice as attractive?”

Take some notes.

1. Chin Up

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A bad posture can give you a bad look and a bad back. Standing upright instantly gives the impression of a confident human, and confidence is attractive.

One contributor simply says, “Good posture goes a long way.”

Someone agrees, “Thank you. I’m surprised I had to scroll so far down to see this advice – which is actually simple. Stand up straight.”

2. Curiosity over Correctness

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Few things are as ugly as pretending to be a know-it-all.

One online conversation contributor says, “Choose to be curious instead of “right.”

A teacher agrees. “I’m a teacher of 18 -25 year olds that don’t have much of an education. I tell them this is the best advice I can give anyone. Always be trying to learn.”

3. Get A Haircut that Is Just You

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A good haircut goes a long way in transforming your face; every face shape has the cut that works for it. There are a lot of trends that most people want to jump on, and sometimes, we don’t stop to consider that some of them may not be ideal for us.

One user says, “Get a haircut that suits you; don’t get one because it’s trendy.”

We all can’t be Justin Bieber.

6. Smell Clean

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It’s not complicated; we aren’t asking you to aspire to smell like a fresh meadow, but it helps to not smell like you hugged a garlic clove all night.

An online conversation contributor says, “People seriously underestimate how important it is to smell clean.”

7. Do Your Laundry

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Showering is important, but wearing clean clothes afterward is even better. Getting a clean change of clothes makes you look newer and better in a moment.

One user shares, “I had a friend who would shower daily, but she never did laundry, so she smelled really bad. Many a time, I let her know that her clothes smelled, but her fix was to just soak herself in air freshener or perfume.”

8. Be a Good Listener

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The ability to hold a conversation and listen actively is a trait many people find very attractive. Do you want to immediately be attractive in a social gathering or one-on-one conversation? Listen.

“Just listen to them. I am so tired of conversations that are one-way. People who listen and take interest are so attractive.” One internet user says.

9. Cut Your Cloth According To Your Size, Literally

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Getting well-fitting clothes transforms you from drab to glam in a jiffy.

One online user said, “This is how rich people do it. They buy something too big and have it tailored to fit perfectly because it’s so rare to fi[nd] perfectly fitting clothes off the rack.”

10. Show Humility

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Humility is a virtue that will never grow old, making you more attractive than a gold ring ever would.

“Treat everyone kindly. Not just people you know.”

Someone adds, “Yes! Kindness is so easy but, for some reason, so underrated! It literally costs nothing to be Kind to strangers & a small kindness can really brighten someone’s bad day!”

11. Respect, Starting with Yourself

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Respect is immortal, and it has to start with self-respect. When you respect yourself, you’ll be too beautiful to act ugly.

One online forum commenter says, “Want to look more attractive? Be more respectable, starting with respecting yourself.”

12. Smile

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The old cliché says a smile is a little curve that makes everything else straight. It also makes you instantly attractive.

One user who wasn’t used to smiling decided to do a social experiment by practicing smiling more. She got a lot more recognition, and for the first time, she was called beautiful.

She says, “It’s not something I can do naturally or often LOL, but I can say if you want to look attractive, you need to feel attractive, and smiling is important for both.”

Someone agrees, “A genuine smile is the most attractive thing anyone can wear. It doesn’t matter how negatively you think of your outward appearance; a genuine smile conveys positivity, and people will be much more inclined to engage with that and view you positively.”

13. Build Confidence

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Confidence adds a lot of glitter to your already awesome personality and makes you attractive. One user says the point isn’t to convince others of your confidence but to convince yourself.

Another one says, “Confidence. Being confident can instantly make someone twice as attractive to others.”

14. Love Animals

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Cats, puppies, and even a little piglet make you look compassionate, loving, and attractive.

Carry a puppy with you if you want to be an instant attraction.


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