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20 Activities for Your Kids When They’re Bored and Driving You Crazy

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From what I’ve noticed, a child with ample free time on their hands often gravitates towards mischievous activities and tends to find themselves in trouble.

It’s sometimes hard to keep kids entertained, especially when you’re stuck at home or they have fewer activities during the summer or winter holidays. It can be hard for them to keep being so imaginative (sometimes). But don’t worry; there are plenty of fun and creative activities that kids can do to pass the time! Here are 20 fun things for kids to do when they’re bored.

1. Get Creative: Draw a picture

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Create a masterpiece with some crayons, pencils, and paper. Not feeling creative? Check out some free online tutorials and draw along!

2. Get Creative: Paint a masterpiece

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Grab some paint and get to work! Give your child a canvas or make some art on the walls or windows of your home. You can use brushes, sponges, or their hands to up the fun factor.

3. Get Creative: Write a story or poem

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Encourage your child’s imagination by having them write a fun short story or poem. It can be as wild and wacky as they like! Bonus points for drawing fun pictures and creating a booklet out of paper to turn it into a craft.

4. Explore Nature and Go for a walk

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Get outside and explore! Taking a stroll in the park or just around the block can be very enjoyable for kids to get some fresh air. They can also grab their bike.

5. Explore Nature: Have a picnic

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Find a nice spot outside and break out the snacks! A picnic is always fun for kids and the perfect way to spend time outdoors. Plus, they can take their stuffed animals or dolls along for extra entertainment.

6. Explore Nature: Collect flowers, leaves, and rocks

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Don’t all kids love collecting rocks, leaves, pinecones, and other items from nature? You can give them a shoe box for a collection or help them use these items for a pain press on paper. Also, create an outdoor scavenger hunt to make it more fun!

7. Play Games: Board games or card games

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Bring out the family board games or a deck of cards and have at it! Kids love to play together, so let them join in on some classic games like Monopoly, Uno, or Go Fish. You can also head outside for some outdoor fun with games like tag or hide and go seek.

8. Make up your own game

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Challenge the kids to create their own game. They can use toys or items around the house to make up rules and gameplay.

9. Play Games: Video games

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Video games are a great way to pass the time, and plenty of options can entertain kids for hours. Remember to set limits so they don’t get too absorbed in the game.

10. Learn Something New: Read a book or magazine

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Reading is not only educational but also fun! Encourage kids to explore books, magazines, or comics. You can visit your local library and help them pick a few new books to explore. You can also join in and read together.

11. Learn Something New: Watch a documentary or educational YouTube video

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Pick a topic that interests them and find some documentaries or educational videos on YouTube related to it. They can also watch interesting movies and shows available online. For example, National Geographic has some great shows for all ages.

12. Learn Something New: Try a new recipe in the kitchen

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Let kids help out in the kitchen and try cooking something new. You can find some easy recipes online or in cookbooks; they’ll love helping out. Plus, they can eat the delicious results afterward!

13. Get Crafty: Arts and crafts projects

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Kids can do some fun projects with arts and crafts supplies. You can also check out online tutorials for ideas of what to make. From paper airplanes to jewelry, plenty of creative ideas are out there that can be made from recycled materials around the house.

14. Get Crafty: Build a fort or playhouse

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Building a fort or playhouse is always fun. Use blankets, sofa cushions, and other furniture around the house to create a little den for the kids. You can even add some fairy lights to really up the cozy factor.

15. Connect with Others

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Connecting with friends or family can have many options, including a Zoom call, writing a letter or postcard, or scheduling a play date.

16. Put on a Puppet Show or Play

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Get creative with dress up clothes or puppets (they can make some first with paper bags if needed) and have them act out their favorite book or create their own storyline.

17. Have a Dance Party

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Turn on some tunes and get ready to shake your hips. Pick their favorite genre or try something new and upbeat.

18. Try a New Sport

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Look up new sports on Google or YouTube and learn the rules. Pick one that is versatile enough that you can use balls or other items you already have at home. Otherwise, you might have to run to the store to grab a few supplies.

19. Try a Brainteaser

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Find brainteaser online to print or in a local magazine or newspaper. For littles, this might involve a maze or matching whereas bigger kids can try sudoku, word search, etc.

20. Bonus Options

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Here are other options to consider:

  • Volunteering for a local charity or organization
  • Starting a garden or planting flowers
  • Practicing a musical instrument
  • Building with Legos or blocks
  • Making homemade slime or playdough

Remember, there are endless possibilities for things to do when you’re bored – just let your imagination lead the way!

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