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Old Generations Are Always “Out of Touch” – 15 Things Millennials Will Be Blamed for When They’re Old

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As baby boomers presently exert significant influence due to their amassed wealth and experience, it is crucial to acknowledge that millennials possess the energy and foresight essential for shaping the future. Generation Y has left an indelible mark with notable contributions, ranging from the advent of social media and mobile technology to the revival of cargo pants in fashion. Nevertheless, as the next half-century unfolds, we can also attribute specific challenges and transformations to this dynamic generation.

An online forum asked, “What will millennials be blamed for in 50 years?”

1. Exposing Children to the Internet

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Newborns are introduced to the internet even before they can start babbling.

An online discussion contributor says, “This one enrages me. We are raising a generation of children whose parents exposed them to the entire world at an age where they are as vulnerable and pliable to social pressure as they possibly can be purely to feed their own parents’ narcissism and need for the dopamine hit of the validation of social media.”

2. Raising Babies with Electronic Gadgets

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Kids today are addicted to all screens and games, thanks to some millennials’ parenting style.

One user says, “I’m a high school teacher. My kids are Gen Z with Gen X parents (my age, I’m childless), and I’m definitely feeling the effects. These kids, love them to death, but the screen addiction is real. They live lives inside- games and discord where they solely communicate.”

Imagine these kids as adults in a work environment in the future.

Another adds, “Bro, it’s so bad even at places like Disney World. Kids with their faces on tablets and screens… kids, you’re at f****g Disney world…look around… because it doesn’t get better!”

3. What’s Your Name Again?

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Have you ever had a baby’s name and instantly wondered, “What were your parents thinking?” Millennials are creative, so they’re not settling for boring baby names. Non-boring names tend to be bizarre, and the future will not be amused.

A user says millennials shall be blamed for “Awful baby names.”

4. Zero Digital Privacy

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It has been said before that big brother is watching, and now, everyone is watching you.

An online thread contributor says millennials shall be to blame for the “Collapse of digital privacy.”

5. Artificial Intelligence Everything

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AI is taking over the world, most of it thanks to millennials.

A commenter argues, “Look, humans had a good run. We’ve been genociding each other and letting corrupt, racist a**holes run the show for the past 8000+ years, I say we give the robots a shot.”

6. Population Changes

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As more and more people get comfortable with not having children, who knows what the world will look like in 50 years! Someone says it’s not the millennials’ fault; they just can’t afford to have kids in the present economy.

“A contributor says, “D**n, for real, especially with the BS student loan forgiveness decision in the SC today. I will have even less money to save up for a kid. The wife and I make decent money, but between mortgage, bills, and other expenses, a kid is just not in the future now.”

7. Painting Over Everything

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Gone were the days when hardwood and brick thrived in their natural colors. It seems Gen-Y discovered paint, and now it’s becoming a problem.

An online forum commenter says it’s a “godda** shame” that the solid hardwood cabinets in their kitchen are painted white; their brick wall is also painted white, and so is the built-in wooden fire oven.

Someone asks, ” … why the f*** would you ruin some bada** built-in wood-fired oven?!”

8. Not Stopping the Boomers

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Millennials came after Baby Boomers and Gen-x, and will have all the powers to undo any harm they caused. An online user thinks it’ll be the millennials’ fault for “allowing people in their 60s-80s to run the planet into the dirt.”

Another user adds, “We do have the power. We just don’t use it.”

9. Apathy and Helplessness

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An online user says millennials basically aren’t doing anything.

A commenter agrees, saying, “Millennials are the middle child of the generations. We’re jaded to the point where all we can do is focus on ourselves and hope the best for our depressed little sibling to do better.”

10. Not Saving the Planet

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The environment is in dire need of people to stand up and do the right thing, but are they?

“We’re already getting blamed for this. My husband’s nephew is saying that’s about millennials, and we’re at fault for not stopping climate change.” A user says.

11. Shifting the Goal Post on Gender Roles

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An online forum contributor thinks Generation Y is responsible for “Mutilating traditional gender roles.”

12. Online Dating

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Gone are the days when people used to meet in social gatherings and strike conversations leading to dating. Today, you just need to “swipe left,” and you’re a match!

Online dating has its fair share of problems, including breeding swindlers and diminishing social skills.

An online contributor notes that the founder of one of the popular dating sites is a millennial born in 1986!

13. Social Media

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Social media sites keep increasing, and more and more people are hooked to them. An online forum commenter says this shall be blamed squarely on the millennials.

As a millennial asks, “Why do we have to wait 50 years? We’re already getting blamed for everything.”

14. So Much Entitlement

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Some critics argue that millennials have a sense of entitlement, expecting quick promotions and recognition in the workplace without putting in sufficient effort.

15. Delayed Adulthood

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They are often accused of delaying traditional markers of adulthood, such as getting married, having children, and moving out of their parents’ homes.


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