dear mama: you are enough!

Dear Mom: You Are Enough Just the Way You Are!

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Dear Mom, you are enough. Just the way you are! You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to do it all, and you don’t have to be someone else. You are enough just the way you are! So take a deep breath, relax, and remember that you ARE ENOUGH!

We All Need a Reminder Some Days!

To be honest, I wrote this little letter to myself the other day when I was struggling. I’ll admit that motherhood has been relatively easy for me so far. But last week I was OFF. Easily angered, feeling like I might cry about every little thing that didn’t go my way (like a toddler about to have a tantrum), and ready to fight my husband about everything.

I know I’m not the only that has these days and I wanted to throw this reminder out there for anyone that needs it! We

You Don’t Need to Be Super Hero- Mama!

You’re a normal human if you:

  • Make mistakes
  • Get angry
  • Just want to scream
  • Have moments of pure exhaustion
  • Feel sad sometimes
  • Feel like you’re not doing enough
  • Need a break

Remember that you are just a person, you’re not superwoman (no matter how much you might feel like it some days). So cut yourself some slack and be gentle with yourself. You ARE ENOUGH! Just the way you are.

You are enough mama!

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

I’m here to gently remind you (and myself) that your mental and physical state is trying to tell you it’s time to let go and say yes to some self-care. Feel like you don’t have time or energy for it? Make it a priority and say screw it to everything else until you get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Seriously! Get a babysitter, put the kiddos to bed early, and do whatever you need to do to fill your cup back up.

It’s Not Selfish- It’s Survival!

Remember that taking care of yourself is not selfish! It’s actually quite the opposite. When you take care of yourself it allows you to be the best version of yourself for your family. It’s called survival, Mama! So do what you need to do to survive and thrive in this thing called motherhood!

Need some ideas for self-care? See our full guides below:

You Are Enough

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when we’re in the thick of parenting. We start to think things like “I could have yelled less,” “the house could be cleaner,” “we could eat healthier”, etc. That may all be true on some level- but we can’t do it all! And we SHOULDN’T do it all.

Here’s what your family truly loves you for:

  • Your presence
  • Your patience (when it’s available)
  • Your kindness
  • Your endless love
  • Your dedication

Remind Yourself Everyday

self-care reminders
Write it down and don’t forget it!

Use one or more of these options to remind yourself how awesome you are!

  • Write it down daily in a journal
  • Say it daily as a mantra
  • Pray about it
  • Scream it
  • Write it and display it somewhere you see daily (bathroom mirror, steering wheel, etc.)

Sending My Love

I hope this little reminder helps you as much as it helped me! You are ENOUGH just the way you are!

With love,

Your fellow mama

P.S. If you need more- here’s exactly what I did. Got in our hot tub when the kids went to bed, bitched at my husband about how I needed more help for 1 hour, watched a movie by myself (yes, it was a Pixar cartoon), drank a beer, and went to bed relatively early to get a good night’s rest- haha. I woke up feeling refreshed- said “sorry, not sorry” to my husband with a big morning kissed and moved on to a better day! 🙂

What do you do when you’re having an off day? Do you remind yourself of how awesome you are? I hope so!

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