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10 Ways to Help Kids Eat Their Veggies- And Enjoy It Too

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In the pursuit of encouraging your children to embrace vegetables while curbing their sweet cravings, a digital community forum recently delved into a vital question posed to parents: “How can you successfully persuade your children to consume vegetables they aren’t fond of?” In return, a wealth of parental wisdom surfaced, unveiling well-tested techniques that promise to swiftly transform your discerning young eaters into enthusiastic enthusiasts of all things green and nutritious!

1. Learn Ways to Make Them Delish

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The first tip from a mom is to master the art of fixing veggies in ways that taste delicious to your little ones. Someone wrote, “Steamed vegetables with a bit of butter and seasoning was perfection for me as a kid; everyone looked at me weirdly for liking vegetables.”

2. Hide Veggies Into Their Favorite Dishes

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One effective way to make your kids start liking vegetables is to hide veggies with little taste of their own into things they already love to eat. A parent said, “Chop them small and add them in a lasagne. It’s like they were never there at all.”

3. Let The Kids Choose Their Greens

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A parent said, “Gentle exposure, and I don’t force my kid. I’ll leave one piece of broccoli on a plate and tell her she can try it. I offer different dips and ways of serving it, e.g., roasted or mixed in a soup. I also always get her involved in the kitchen, which makes her more interested in trying new foods.

Another said, “Forcing a child to eat anything is problematic on multiple fronts. As adults, all we can do is model good choices, and then it’s up to them.”

4. Try Adding Cheese to Make it More Fun

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According to some parents, adding cheese to veggies can significantly enhance their flavor, texture, and overall appeal, making them more palatable to the pickiest eaters.

5. Offer Vegetables in Every Form

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Someone said, “We just offered vegetables in every form, raw fresh, cooked, and canned. Mine only like certain ones cooked, will eat the rest raw, and they hate canned. So now I keep those veggies in stock. Sometimes I use those bento box cutters and cut them into fun shapes. That’s always a fun way for them to eat.” 

6. Be Patient

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Getting your kid to eat something they don’t like is an uphill battle. However, keeping your cool and showing patience is the key. A mom said, “I’d wait it out. Kids go through phases. Give your child a tiny serving of veggies and a big serving of fruits to compensate for it. One day they’ll eat them again. Mine refused veggies for the longest and then, one day, started eating them.”

7. Smoothie Magic

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According to some parents blending veggies into delicious smoothies can be a game-changer. Someone said, “Smoothies will be your best friend! Add spinach or kale with mixed berries/bananas/avocado. I like to drizzle a bit of honey/maple syrup for sweetness and don’t forget your milk of choice. It’s delicious and filling, and you’ll be able to get the veggies in without looking suspicious!

8. Use Baby Food Pouches

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Another approach suggests offering applesauce or pureed veggie pouches as a clever way to provide essential nutrients to children resistant to veggies. These pouches often offer a smooth texture and focus on fruity flavors, masking any presence of vegetables. A user said, “We get pouches with the blends of fruit and veggies, and my fussy eater will happily slurp those up. In their usual form, she will only eat a handful of fruits and no veg at all.”

9. Don’t Sweat It

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Making a big deal about eating veggies and making kids feel ashamed can exacerbate the situation. Simply lead by example, keep offering a variety of options, and they’ll try it when they want to.

10. Have a Garden

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When they are directly involved in growing and picking vegetables, you’ll be surprised at what they’re willing to try!


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