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Halloween Dreams Crushed: 10 People Share Their Most Disappointing Moments

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Halloween is eagerly awaited by many, filled with high expectations and excitement. The joy of the Halloween spirit and festivities can occasionally be overshadowed by unfortunate events, shattering the hopes of a fantastic time.

Several individuals recounted their most unfortunate Halloween encounters during an online discussion.

1. Grandpa’s Surprise Gone Awry

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A grandfather who decided to disguise himself and surprise his daughter’s family for Halloween was thrown off the front porch by his son-in-law, who thought he was an intruder. He cracked his head.

A user says, “He was rushed to the hospital with permanent damage, no longer able to care for himself or his wife, who had health issues as well. They both ended up in convalescent care. Additionally, my friend’s mother never forgave her husband, placing the blame [for] the accident entirely on his shoulders. They divorced shortly after.”

That’s crushing.

2. The Candy Thief

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A little girl dressed as an angel received loads of candy at the science museum and was very proud of herself. Unfortunately, when it was time to leave, her basket was empty.

She narrates, “The little boy behind me had been taking scoops of my candy and putting it in his basket. I cried.”

Someone else adds, “I was walking home with my friend when I was like 9, and a car of high school kids or around that age stole all our candy. Three hours of work, gone.”

3. Sick On Halloween

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Few things will bum you out like being sick on Halloween. Imagine all the candy and partying involved, and you can’t participate in any of it.

One user shares, “Had the stomach flu one year on Halloween. I was a month shy of turning 11. My parents took my younger siblings out trick or treating, and I was stuck alone in the house, blowing chunks out of both ends.”

4. Barf In The Candy Bucket

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Excitement elicits diverse responses in individuals, and the allure of Halloween candy, especially in abundance, can be particularly thrilling. In this instance, one child found the overwhelming excitement of all the candy too much to handle and regrettably vomited right into their candy-filled basket.

5. Halloween And Religion

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There are many myths surrounding Halloween, and some people claim that people worship the devil on Halloween. One family got their celebration changed when religion entered the chat.

They say, “We dressed up normally most of my childhood but around 10 my mom got even more religious and every year after that we had to dress as a Saint or biblical character. It was mortifying.”

6. When Dad Passes Away On Halloween

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It’s terrible when a death occurs on a holiday, and one contributor had the heartbreaking experience of their dad passing away on Halloween.

They narrate, “Halloween 2014, my dad died. He had cancer, and I had a flight out on November 1 to say goodbye. Got a call early on Halloween morning telling me to get on a plane ASAP. During my layover, I got the call he had passed. Holiday still kinda sucks for me.”

7. Teargassed

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Some people will do anything to mess up a pretty good holiday. One man threw a teargas canister during a Halloween parade.

A user says their disappointing moment was “Getting tear-gassed on Polk St. in San Francisco. Mid-1970 evening, everyone is milling around in crazy Halloween costumes. Lots of fun, very chill, until some a**h**e chucks a teargas canister into the crowd. Pure chaos ensued, and my throat was sore for 24 hours.”

8. A Halloween Dog Attack

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A user narrates how they almost lost an arm to their friend’s Chow Chow during Halloween. The dog chewed on it so bad that paramedics had to be called.

He says, “I had 6 cuts, 3 cuts on the inside and 3 on the outside of my forearm. 4 stitches for 2 cuts and 1 for 1 and vice versa. And 10 more stitches for the inside of my arm (muscles and whatnot) 20 or so stitches total.”

Thankfully, that nasty experience didn’t ruin their relationship.

9. A Funeral On Halloween

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When sad events coincide with celebrations, they may change how that day is perceived forever.

One user says, “My mom’s funeral happened to fall on Halloween.”

That’s impossible to erase.

10. A Beating From A Girlfriend’s Brothers On Halloween

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One of a brother’s job titles is to defend their sister, particularly from other male species. One guy was unfortunately hated by his girlfriend’s brothers and received a thorough beating when he showed up for her birthday, which happened to be on Halloween.

He says, “Her other brothers then showed up shortly after and… well, I got my a** handed to me. I ended up just leaving the party with a black eye and a bruised-up face. I lied to my parents that I picked a fight with someone and lost. We broke up shortly after.”

That relationship was doomed.


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