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14 Silly Boomer Trends That Are Thankfully Slowly Fading Away

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The youngest members of the Baby Boomer generation are swiftly approaching their 60s, and many of their once-iconic trends have become unfamiliar to today’s generation. While they undeniably gifted us with Rock and Roll and played a pivotal role in the creation of personal computers, some of the renowned trends from the post-World War II era may fade away as they do.

People in an online forum discussed things that will “die out” or become significantly less popular when the baby boomer generation is no longer around.

1. Writing Checks

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Baby Boomers wrote checks for almost everything, and one online forum contributor reckons this rather annoying habit may die with their generation.

They share, “Writing a check in the grocery store or writing checks, period! I can’t believe in my town, we have to pay our property taxes by check because of the dinosaur who works there and the mayor, who is also a boomer.”

I think we owe Rex an apology for calling him a dinosaur.

2. Suits

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The outfit; not the popular Legal Drama Show.

“Suits [at the workplace] have already become a thing of the past at many workstations, and the workstations that still mandate them, such as finance, will abolish suits once the baby boomers have gone.” A user says. Maybe?

3. Cable TV

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With all the Live Streaming apps and software happening right now, kids in the not-so-distant future will ask, “Cable what now?”

A user says, “Cable and streaming aren’t even in the same league. With cable, can you even watch what you want on demand? F*** any company making me watch content based on their network schedule.”

Some people are still pro-Cable TV, if only they’d up their game.

One says, “Cable will be making a comeback if the streaming services keep up their sh***y practices. I’d switch back if it was an option where I live.”

4. China Dishware

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Most Boomers’ homes have china dishware, sometimes enclosed in their special cabinet.

“Someone says, “This! I have 2 sets in my basement from my SO grandmother and mom, plus the set they felt I HAD to have of my own! We don’t entertain, but I have place settings for over 36 people.”

5. Hands-on Personal Service

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Since many people discovered remote working, self-service, and bots, one online form user says we may see the death of services that require people to physically assist in workplaces.

“We’re doing this now at the insurance company I work at. Ask your question to a bot, and it will try and answer it. If it cannot, it will point you to a contact method depending on the question.” Another user adds. “

Some millennials said they still prefer personal service to self-service.

6. Toxic Masculinity

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Another user hopes that “Men having to hide their feeling and little boys being told to suck it up and be men” will be gone when the Boomers are all gone.

Stoicism is a train that has been lauded by the older generation, while more and more men are now more in touch with their feelings.

The thin line between “suck it up” and “feel free to show your emotions” is still blurry for many.

7. Voicemail

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An online contributor notes that voicemail was popular because it was the only way to leave a message if you didn’t get the person you were calling. The younger generation today prefers texting anyway, and voice mail may soon be a thing of the past.

“The amount of voicemails I have to filter per day is too high in business. It’s all the older generations leaving the voice mails as well mixed in with the now plentiful amount of telemarketers calling you daily.” An online user says.

8. Perfect Front Lawns

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A few younger generations seem fed up with the effort expected of them to keep a perfect lawn, especially with the usage of pesticides. Some are open to turning their lawns into vegetable gardens or pastures.

A clearly fed-up online conversation adds, “Oh, PLEASE, let the pesticide monoculture lawns die! This is the best answer yet!”

Another adds, “I have my lawn mowed, and it is ugly as hell. I refuse to constantly put down chemicals and then have to water it. No thanks. My older neighbors definitely have nice green lawns.”

Some people aren’t convinced this will die with the Boomers, though some youngins seem to have inherited the itch for a perfect lawn.

9. Standing Cashiers

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A job as a cashier requires you to have strong calves, as you’d be expected to stand for hours on end.

“Bruh, I worked as a bank teller many years ago, and the same thing [was happening]. We weren’t allowed to sit. My feet were killing me at the end of the day.” A user says.

Another adds, “That’s the truth. I used to work at a job standing in the same spot for 7 hours. Now I work 12-hour shifts but constantly moving, and my feet hurt way less moving for 12 hours than standing for 7.”

When the Boomer bosses are no longer bosses, cashiers can finally sit.

10. Strip Clubs

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Adult “content” was majorly found in strip clubs, but people in an online forum feel this might be out of fashion in the coming years.

A commenter says, “Strip Clubs disappear because people have p***, and to a lesser extent, millennials, Gen Z, and fifth-wave feminism is normalizing sexuality and s** work.”

11. Pension

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The newer generation is moving from saving for retirement towards saving schemes and investing for various reasons other than pension.

A user shares, “My generation, late 1980’s, won’t have pensions. Our boomer parents had pensions to rely on. Thinking I’ll have a pension when I’m ready to retire is completely foreign to me. Companies aren’t offering pensions anymore from my generation.”

12. Ironing

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Someone on an online discussion thinks keeping your clothes crease-free will one day be a gone venture.

It may be that people won’t be bothered by creases anymore, or we will discover new ways of keeping clothes straight.

Many people have already ditched ironing.

13. Answering Random Phone Calls

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Younger generations don’t generally answer phone calls they aren’t expecting. For Boomers, this isn’t the case. Someone writes, “Hopefully it’ll become unprofitable to make spam calls once there aren’t enough people willing to answer random numbers.”

14. Old Family Role Cliches

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We’ve come a long way in equal rights for men and women. Yet, one woman shares that some beliefs are still deeply instilled in the older generations from the way they were raised and TV propaganda. She says, “Hopefully, the sitcom cliche that the dad is a lay about dumb f***, whilst the wife takes care of everything, everyone laughs at him despite him being the sole breadwinner for the family. Family dynamics have changed so much over the years that this just does not fly in any way shape or form these days.”


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