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27 Little Things That Drive People Absolutely Crazy

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Every individual has their limits. While some people showcase remarkable self-control and can weather any verbal storm, there inevitably comes a moment when they reach their breaking point.

Whether it’s encountering unkindness directed at them or at their loved ones, there’s a limit to what even the most composed person can endure.

An online discussion delved into the triggers that can push even the most easygoing individuals to their limits.

1. False Accusations

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Facing accusations and condemnation for actions you genuinely committed is distressing enough, but being falsely accused of something you had no part in is the breaking point for countless individuals.

A user says, “I actually on the spot quit my last job over this.”

2. Dealing With “I’m Never Wrong” People

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Mistakes are a universal part of life, yet there are individuals who genuinely believe they are immune to error. Interacting with such people can be profoundly unsettling and frustrating for some. Online users acknowledged that this is one of the most aggravating aspects of life.

3. Refusal To Acknowledge Lack Of Knowledge

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We can’t all excel in every field; confessing when we lack expertise in a particular subject is a sign of intelligence.

Regrettably, not everyone grasps this concept, and some individuals staunchly defend their ignorance, much to the frustration of many.

Someone says, “I’d rather you just say you don’t know, and you’ll find out later Vs you trying to bulls*** your way through something.”

4. Rudeness To Lower Class People

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How you interact with those you consider beneath you reveals your authentic character (although that may be the first problem). Unjust or impolite treatment of others is one of the most exasperating behaviors, even among the most composed individuals.

An online user says what drives them crazy is “People being rude or malicious just because they can get away with it, especially to people who are lower on the social ladder.”

5. Being Talked To Like You’re Dumb

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No one wants to be addressed as if they were children or as though they lack intelligence. Such communication is not only insulting but also belittling.

A conversation contributor says, “Talking down to me like I’m a kid. That’s usually what sets me off. Everything else I can live with.”

Someone adds, “It takes a lot to make me mad… but I hate when people talk to me like I’m dumb.”

6. Someone Explaining Your Feelings

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Emotions are personal and valid, and only we genuinely comprehend the depths of our feelings. Consequently, it can be quite irksome when certain individuals presume they better grasp our emotions and attempt to explain them back to us.

7. Bad Listeners And People Who Talk Over Others

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Effective communication is a two-way street, and strong listening skills are invaluable. People desire to be heard without interruptions, especially those who naturally avoid interrupting others in conversation.

One user says they’re driven crazy by “People who don’t let me finish speaking. I’m already pretty quiet, and I love to listen to other people, so it’s really frustrating when they can’t allow me to finish a sentence before butting in.”

8. People Who Can’t Keep Time

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Timekeeping is a deal breaker for many people, while others have their clocks running in slow motion without care.

The inability to punctually keep appointments and commitments is a source of immense frustration for many individuals. One online user says this one thing is about to break his relationship.

9. Bad Parking Skills

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People who can’t park properly should not be allowed to drive. Arriving at a parking spot and seeing a motorist parked in two spots is exceptionally annoying. This inconveniences everyone else who parks after them.

A conversation contributor says, “I can’t stand people who park like s***. Like yo [sic], it takes 10 seconds to back out and pull in straight.”

10. Unruly Kids

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Whether they are yours or somebody else’s, kids have a weird talent for driving even the chillest person to the brink of insanity.

It takes a lot of self-talk, self-control, and coffee to stay calm in the presence of loud, disobedient kids.

A user says, “I consider myself a very chill person, but my kids know which buttons to press to make me explode in seconds.”

11. Negativity

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True, many bad things are happening in the world, but the negative energies and negative talk don’t have to be brought to your face every time.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook often requires a conscious effort; otherwise, one may be surrounded by dark clouds with no glimpse of a silver lining. Many individuals simply trying to enjoy a good time find it quite disheartening when someone introduces negative topics that threaten to spoil the moment.

12. Doors Left Ajar

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Have you ever requested someone to close the door behind them, only for them to leave it slightly ajar? You’re then faced with the decision to either get up and shut it yourself or tolerate it, and it becomes particularly frustrating if the door is creaky.

That’s undeniably quite exasperating!

13. Hypocrites

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Dishonesty is maddening, but when it involves deceit about one’s identity and a tendency to blame others for the issues they’ve caused, it ranks high among the behaviors that greatly infuriate many people.

14. Racism

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Hating others for non-issues, such as their ethnicity or skin color, is one of the lowest forms of humanity. It’s even worse when the hateful person justifies their hate.

One online user says the thing that irks them most is “When a person is racist, but they tell you it’s O.K. because they believe the group of people they hate really is bad.”

15. Messy People

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Living with people who don’t clean up after themselves is a recipe for disaster and constant quarrels.

It’s irritating to be in the same living arrangement with someone hell-bent on making your space unlivable. It’s worse if they know keeping a space clean is easy but don’t think it matters to be clean and organized.

A conversation contributor says, “People who don’t clean up after themselves. Like if you shave and leave your beard hairs all over the sink or don’t clean up your piss all over the toilet seat. F*** that.”

16. Use Your Blinkers Idiot

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One Redditor says, “People who don’t use turn signals are bad people.” No matter what anyone else says, they find it irresponsible and unacceptable.

17. The Need for Real Buttons

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Many of the “buttons” in our lives (on dashboards, phones, keyboards, etc. are becoming screen-based. One user says, “I’ll take hard buttons (over touch buttons) and manual door handles (over fancy electric latches) in a car any day.”

18. Please Just Drive

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If you know the rules for right of way when driving, one user says to please just follow them. He says, “If you have the right of way don’t wave at me to turn left in front of you.”

19. Delivery Service Fees

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This topic of delivery and fees for restaurant food tends to yield polar opinions. One user says, “I shouldn’t have to pay a service fee when I pay for my order in full and pay for the delivery service when ordering directly from a restaurant.”

20. Keeping Kids Out of Beauty Pageants

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Many people who don’t like seeing the objectification of kids will agree with this: “Beauty pageants should only be 18+ people.”

21. Poor Articulation and Writing

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Many people are unwilling to deal with people’s confusion about certain worlds. One example given was, “‘Lose’ not ‘loose’.” Other common examples include “their” vs “there,” “should have,” not “should of,” and “couldn’t care less” (not could care less as mistakenly often said).

22. Money Spending Feeds

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Many agree with this one: “Public Venmo payments are dumb. I don’t need a social media feed for who bought someone coffee.”

23. Insane Customer Demands

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One user says, “The customer is not always right.” He had hundreds of responses in agreement. A few people talk about how wrong customers are sometimes. Plus, it was pointed out that the original saying about the customer being right stems from a correlation between customer market demands and revenue that makes dealing with people worth it for profit.

24. Cryptic Menus

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One user complains, “QR codes instead of menus…I just won’t.” Many agreed about menus and really anything else that QR codes are used for.

25. Time Changes

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“Daylight savings is the stupidest thing ever.” Says one disgruntled user. Anyone dealing with adjusting to the new time change twice a year can agree. Plus, it seems like the next one comes around too soon.

26. Constant Talk About Generations

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When did generational trends become such as big deal? No, Boomers aren’t all senile and Millennials aren’t all living in their moms’ basements.

27. Social Media Everything

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Many people with a following on a social media channel will say something offensive just to build some


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