easy handmade gifts for mom

Easy Handmade Gifts for Mom

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Mother’s Day is approaching! But have you already found the perfect gift for your mom? (Or let’s be honest- yourself?) If not, don’t worry. We collected some ideas for easy handmade gifts for mom so you can surprise her with something special this year, for example, with a DIY gift.

All our craft ideas on the list are easy to make. You will need only a few supplies, a little creativity, and an adult to supervise (if you’re putting the kids to work!). Homemade gifts can feel cliché sometimes. But when they’re heart felt and thoughtful- they can be cherished 🙂 

Although these handmade gift ideas are for kids, if you are a dad, an aunt, an uncle, or a babysitter, don’t stop reading. Help the kids create a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, so they can make their mom happy this Mother’s Day! Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to bond with the kids.

So are you ready for the ideas? Let’s get started.

easy handmade gifts for mom

Colorable Mother’s Day cards

The first one on the list of easy handmade gifts for mom is colorable Mother’s Day cards. What I love about this idea is that it is super easy and kids of all ages can create a lovely card.

But how can you make one by yourself? First, you have to find a printable Mother’s Day card on the internet. Luckily, there are many coloring cards to choose from, for example, check out this site for some easy designs. Then, print the card that you have chosen for your mom (or ask someone to print it for you). After that, all you have to do is to look for your favorite colored pencils and color the card with the colors you like.

Easy DIY bookmark

If your mom likes to read, she would certainly be happy if you give her a handmade bookmark. This way, she would think about you every time she opens her book.

Similar to the Mother’s Day cards, here you can also look for a printable bookmark and color it.

But if you would like a more creative idea, cut a 2×6 inches big paper (be careful with the scissors, don’t hesitate to ask for an adult’s help!). Then draw or paint something on this paper, for example, a flower, a heart, or if you can write the text ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ as well.

It’s a great idea to use popsicle sticks to make bookmarks. Here is how you can make a flower bookmark using only popsicle sticks, paper, scissors, paint, and glue.


easy handmade gifts for mom

Pressed flowers card

Since cards are classic gifts for Mother’s Day and even toddlers can create a wide range of cards, we brought another craft idea with cards.

You can create a very special card by decorating watercolor paper with pressed flowers. Collect a few nice flowers or petals in the backyard or a park, then place them between two pieces of parchment paper and use a heavy book to press your flowers or petals. If you want perfectly flattered dry flowers, wait at least 7 days. Then arrange your flowers on the watercolor paper and use glue to adhere them properly to the paper. Once you are ready, place parchment paper and a book on the top of your card. Leave it like this overnight to make sure everything stays in place. And your card is ready!

To make it more special, you can draw some hearts or write “for Mom”, “I love you Mom” or “Happy Mother’s Day” on the card.

Decorated flower pot

Most moms like flowers and gardening, so making a sweet flower pot for your mom seems like a great idea. Plus, it is super fun! Get a new terra-cotta pot and decorate it with paint, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms (you can buy them in a shop for craft supplies). Here is a nice tutorial to decorate flower pots for Mother’s Day. Once the pot is ready, you can fill it with a beautiful flower or other plant.

Painted mug

With a little help, painted mugs can also be easy handmade gifts for mom.

And what will you need to make painted mugs? A white mug, some enamel acrylic paint, a brush, and dish-washer safe gloss. If you are wondering how you can use these supplies to make the best customized gift for Mother’s Day, check out this page where the whole process is explained in detail. Although this tutorial shows how to paint butterflies on the mug, you can choose any kind of design, the important thing is to create the gift with love.

If you want something a less more creative, you can even find a local pot painting store where you pick your mug (or other type of ceramic item) and paint it. Then, the shop will fire it for you within a few days to a week for you to come pick up.

Another very budget friendly and fun option is adding photos to a mug in an online store. We did this for my brother’s this year- putting a picture of each of them with my daughters and adding text that said “I love my Uncle.” They were under $10, functional, and made within a week! Don’t forget the hot cocoa! 🙂 


easy handmade gifts for mom

Handmade coasters

I’m sure your mom would love a few homemade coasters as every time she would get a drink she would be reminded of you. One of the most simple ideas is to make hand-printed coasters. To do that, you will need to paint your hand first, then place it on a tile to make the handprint. It should be waterproof, so the tile needs to get a few layers of protective glaze as well. But the whole process is explained here. The result will be breathtaking!

Hand-painted faux cactus

You can make a faux cactus for your mom using a few rocks, some paint, and a pot. Collect 3-4 bigger rocks (these will be the cactuses) and a lot of small rocks (these will serve as the soil in the pot). Paint the big rocks completely green and add some white points that will represent the thorns of the cactus. Once the rocks get dry, fill the pot with the small rocks and then place the larger rocks in the middle of the pot to look like a cactus plant. If you want, you can also paint the pot. Such a unique gift idea, isn’t it?

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Egg carton flowers

When it comes to Mothers Day, there’s never enough from flowers. Did you know that you can make a flower from egg cartons as well? All you need is a few egg cartons, paper straws, acrylic paint, paintbrush, pom poms, glue, and scissors. Ask an adult to cut the egg cartons for you (you will need four containers for one flower), paint the carton, and glue the paper straw to the back of the flower. Finally, glue a yellow pom pom in the center of the flower. And your lovely flower is ready!

Mother's Day

Although these are easy handmade gifts for kids to make for their for moms, make sure that there is an adult during the whole process to help (because- kids are messy!). It doesn’t matter which idea you choose and how beautiful the homemade gift will be, your mom will appreciate your efforts and kindness. And if you are out of time, don’t forget that you can still draw something for your mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She will feel that you and the whole family care for her.

How will you surprise your mom this year? Do you like homemade gifts?

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