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20 Men That Ruined Their First Dates- Yet Managed to Marry That Same Woman Later

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The beginning of a relationship marks a fragile phase, where a single misstep holds the potential to disrupt the entire journey. While no guarantees exist in the initial stages of dating, as the years unfold, one becomes more confident in the wisdom of their choice and discovers gratitude for it, regardless of any bumps in the road.

An online forum conversation had men reveal the dumb thing they did during their dating phase that they can’t believe their wives ended up overlooking.

1. Gum On The Counter, Money In the Mouth

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Nervousness and self-consciousness can lead to very strange behavior, especially in the presence of someone you like. This happened to one gentleman who ended up chewing his money instead of his gum.

He narrates, “Suffice to say when I put the gum on the counter and the €2 coin in my mouth, the cashier was baffled, and my girlfriend (now wife) was crying with laughter.”

2. Unintentional First Date Refusal

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A girl suggested a possible first date venue, but the man, a Starbucks employee, didn’t hear her very well. His response sounded like a flat refusal to go out with her.

He says, “I misheard her, thinking she said, “You should go sometime.” I replied with “I’ll definitely check it out!” I handed her a drink, and she left very awkwardly.”

Thankfully, she returned the following day, and he redeemed himself. He says, “3 years married and 2 kids later… Really glad she saw through my awkwardness.”

3. Temporary Name Amnesia

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Forgetting somebody’s is one of the capital offenses in dating; it conveys you don’t care enough, or they didn’t impress you enough to bother with remembering their names.

A man narrates online how he forgot his girlfriend’s name while introducing her to a friend.

He says, “I forgot her name once when introducing her to a friend. This was maybe a month into our relationship. I was all like, “Hey, and by the way, this is…. uhhh…. my girlfriend.”

She’s definitely a very forgiving person.

4. The Fork Stabber

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If you have a sibling, you know protecting your valuables, such as food, is an invaluable skill. One man with an older sibling famous for stealing his food forgot her was on a date and not with his brother.

Their now grownup child narrates, “On my parent’s first date, my mom reached for something to try off my dad’s plate, and he instinctively stabbed her hand with his fork – drew blood and everything. He was obviously mortified. Glad my mom was crazy enough to keep dating, marry, and procreate with the fork stabber.”

Yeah, she is crazy.

5. The Phone Screen Breaker

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First-date greetings are awkward, as you don’t know if you should shake their hand or give them a French greeting. As was the custom, one man went in for a hug and accidentally knocked his date’s phone to the ground.

The screen cracked, but she said the crack was there before the hug.

He adds, “Almost a year later, she confessed that I actually broke her phone that day. She had just gotten it from her mom (all phones she ever had were second-hand, very simple ones), and she couldn’t afford a new one at the time, but still, she lied and kept using the broken phone so I wouldn’t feel bad. My heart sank.”

They’ve been married for two years; he’s given her a brand-new flagship phone every year since.

6. A Weird Al Experience

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An artist who makes music to make fun of pop music may not be the ideal road trip selection for a first date. But some people are just clueless like that.

One married man narrates how he was lucky not to be ditched after subjecting his date to this genre for six hours.

He says, “She didn’t ditch me, but [I] haven’t been allowed to play Weird Al in her presence for the past 24 years.”

7. Seeking Attention Wrongly

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An extroverted man went out of his way to grab the attention of his crush by being showy and talking too much, but the girl wasn’t impressed. She was introverted and preferred less pomp.

He got the girl by a miracle. She now says, “Two months into our relationship, he confessed that he saw me and was intrigued and wanted to get to know me, so he did everything to get my attention, he’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. I’m surprised he managed to actually get my attention.”

The end justifies the means, no?

8. I Don’t Know You Well Enough

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Is knowing someone for two weeks enough time to pass up a wonderful job opportunity in their favor? For one online conversation contributor, it wasn’t, and he told his girlfriend as much.

He shares, “I told her we didn’t know each other well enough for me to pass up an opportunity like that [the job], and if it was meant to be, it would work itself out. Well, it was meant to be, and we got married this spring.”

What did they say about setting birds free and them coming back?

9. Ex Name’s Mix-up

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Calling your date by your ex-girlfriend’s name is a dating faux pas that rarely gets forgiven. One user had this unfortunate experience.

She shared, “My husband kept calling me by the name of his previous girl friend on our first date. I finally told him to give her a call because they clearly had unfinished business to talk about.”

The unfinished business turned out great, as he remembered why she was an ex in the first place.

The now-wife adds, “40 years later and it seems to have worked out in my favor.”

We’re not saying you can try this in your relationship; he might not return.

10. The Thumb Breaker

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Some people break hearts; one man decided that was not enough and broke his girlfriend’s thumb. Did he do that on purpose?

She’s now his wife and says, “I think (drunk memory) he slammed my hand against something. We both heard the pop, and I went to tears.”

It made for a very awkward night, but she lived to marry the thumb-breaker.

11. Woman Ablaze

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One of the reasons why smoking may be bad for you is you may accidentally set your girlfriend on fire while lighting it. One man narrates how he accidentally set his wife-to-be’s hair on fire with a match while lighting a cigarette. 

He adds, “Not good. We are still married 29 years later. I don’t smoke anymore.”

Something good came out of it.

12. Testing Flammable Spray

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If you’d like to know just how flammable hair spray is, hold a match near your hair-spray-wearing girlfriend’s head. It didn’t end very well for one user’s grandpa; her grandma had a bit of hair missing for a while.

She married him somehow, despite his “dumba** antics.”

13. The Saga of the ‘Stolen’ Car

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A couple drank so much on their second date, that they decided to Uber home. Smart move, except they couldn’t find it the following day. After reporting the car stolen, they found it parked and unstolen at his friend’s house.

She narrates, “He drank so much he forgot he moved it before our date. Now, once in a while, when we’re trying to find our car in the grocery store parking lot or wherever, one of us will say, “It’s stolen. Call the police.”

A nice joke to start a family on.

14. A Year’s Silence

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How long after getting a number should you call your potential date? The answer is not one year, but that’s exactly what one man did.

His niece narrates, He kept the paper she wrote it on and ended up finding it and calling her asking if she still remembered him and was still interested in going on a date.”

There’s always a chance, even after an eternity. The NoteBook showed us.

15. Soapy Water Under the Bridge

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All those “I’ll catch you when you fall” love lines escaped one contributor when a shower together with his girlfriend almost turned tragic.

He narrates, “We were taking a shower together and she was soaping up while I was under the hot water rinsing off and she slipped and instead of grabbing/helping her I pulled away.”

In his defence, he didn’t want to get soapy again. He could have rinsed again, but that thought wasn’t very swift. Well, it’s now soapy water under the bridge, she married him eventually.

16. A Height Problem

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A 6’8″ man decided it was a wonderful idea to pick his girlfriend up and throw her in the air. He was closer to the ceiling than he imagined, and he ended up giving her a concussion.

His height was also a problem during cuddling, she always kneed him in the groin area severely.

She says, “We’ve been together six years now and proud to say we haven’t injured each other in about four.”

17. Card Declined

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No one wants a cash-flow problem on their first date, it just spells doom for the relationship.

He says, “My card got declined on the first lunch date we went on. The bill was less than $20. I was f*****g mortified. 15 years married now.”

Well, maybe being broke isn’t a deal breaker after all.

18. Cute Squid for Dinner

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A man shares that his wife is an animal lover and was delighted to get to play with local squid in a glass bowl at dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. Sadly, he shares, “Two courses later they reappeared… as entrees, floating on a glass plate lit up from below and arranged to look like they’re swimming.” They’re married but she still gives him crap.

19. Tattoo Diss

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A man shares an ironic encounter with his now wife, “On my first date with my wife, we got to talking about tattoos. I have a rule that if I have an idea for a tattoo, I sit on it for a while to see if I really would still want it. I mentioned this to her and explain how glad I am that I do this because otherwise I’d be covered in Tool (the band) tattoos or some “other dumb sh**”. She rolled up her sleeve to show me that she had the lyrics to one of their songs tattooed across her arm.” Oops.

20. Moving During Busy Season

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One man say she had a great first date but then got super busy with work for over a month. By the time he got back in touch, she has moved to another city. Oops! Thankfully, he reports they did long distance and eventually got married.


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