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15 of the Funniest Things People Murmured While Dreaming

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Have you ever watched someone during a deep slumber, only to witness them suddenly become an unexpectedly talkative individual? It’s a fascinating sight as they might utter a whimsically random word or phrase before effortlessly returning to their dreams, all the while leaving you in fits of laughter, while they remain blissfully unaware.

People shared some of the funniest things they’ve heard someone say in their sleep.

1. Someone Please Call Animal Protection Services

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A user shared how they startled themselves from a deep sleep.

“Not something someone else said, but I woke myself once screaming “GIRAFFE MURDERER!” at the top of my lungs.”

How tall does a giraffe murderer have to be, though?

2. Hell and Mr. Fudge?

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A user says, “My sister once screamed out loud, “NOOO, MR. FUDGE!”

Maybe don’t watch apocalyptic movies before bed?

3. More Magic

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An online user says she heard a sleep say, “I need more mana.” Apparently, mana is Polynesian for a supernatural force- we could all use a little more of that

4. Not a Fan of Romeo

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One user recalls sleep-talking at a camp training, “D*** IT! Romeo is such a little…B***.”

She even went ahead to match make the not-so-glamorous-now Romeo with her co-worker, whom she clearly didn’t like.

5. Beans in the Oven

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A family that didn’t eat green beans records their mother saying in her sleep, “”You need to put the beans in the oven.”

The bean rules didn’t apply in Dreamland.

6. Creepy Sesame Street Impression

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One freaked-out brother recalls a creepy night with his brother, who loved making cartoon character impressions. “Well, one time, he decided to sound like Elmo. In the middle of the night and all he said was, “Elmo loves you.””

Who else sang that out loud?

7. Thunder Bosom

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A user shared their experience with an ex. She screamed in her sleep, “Thunder t***s, go and flip them off!”

It was a complete act, with flailing arms and all.

8. Dolphin Love

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“Do you like dolphins?”

Even in our sleep, do we have to ask that? No one has a reason to hate dolphins.

9. Some Shaving TMI

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Even if you don’t shave ‘down there,’ no one will know. That is unless you tell them in your sleep. An online user shared a TMI moment when someone said in their sleep, ““We’re basically sleeping in a jungle cause I haven’t shaved my p***s in weeks.”

10. How Normal Are Your Pants?

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Another user narrated her husband’s favorite sleep-talking sentences from her. She has been recorded saying, “Now I know where to buy normal pants.”

How normal are your pants?

11. Irish Folklore Facts

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Did you know that Leprechaun people have leprechaun hair?

An online user supplied this fact in her sleep.

Life-changing fairy information there.

12. A Case against Fondant

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“I really, really hate fondant. When we get married, no fondant. Please.” A new boyfriend begged in his sleep.

If they don’t listen when awake, try in your sleep.

13. An Impossible Purchase

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“I don’t care how fluffy they are; I’m not buying clouds from you.”

If someone was selling clouds, wouldn’t you at least think about it for a second?

14. Who Brought the Pork

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Someone shares a random question their partner asked in their sleep that’ll have you giggling: “Is that somebody’s pet pig?”

15. Get Out

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One mom recalls her toddler yelling at her stuffed animals to get out. Apparently they had come to life in her dream and were being naughty. Too cute!


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