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Reality Check: 15 Hilariously True Tips Every New Parent Needs to Hear 

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As a new parent, you must brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride like no other! Amid the challenges and joys that come with it, sometimes all you need is a little reality check to reassure yourself that you’re not alone and doing a fantastic job. Here are some hilariously accurate tips every new parent needs to hear, aka funny new mom advice that is actually quite useful.

1. Projectile Poop is Normal

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Projectile poop is unexpected, messy, and just one of those delightful surprises that parenthood brings your way. While these experiences can be distressing in the moment, they often become humorous stories that resonate with others.

2. Little Humans, Big Messes

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Kids, including newborns, are typically messy, making it essential to keep spare baby clothes, backups, and extra attire for yourself at the ready. Having wipes within easy reach, whether in your car, purse, or pockets, is a wise strategy for handling unexpected situations.

3. Wipe Away Worries with Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes are essential lifesavers. Tackling messes from poop and pee to dirt and germs, make sure your baby stays fresh and clean anytime, anywhere. So, always carry these fantastic helpers!

4. You Can Never Pack Enough Diapers

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Are you planning to pay a visit to the market with your baby? Always remember that your little one’s tummy is working hard, and you never know when they might need a change. Don’t risk running out of diapers on the go, or you could end up with a messy situation!

5. Rest When the Baby Rests

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Parenthood brings immense joy, but those initial sleepless weeks can be disturbing. It’s crucial to be kind to yourself, let go of everything, including any self-imposed pressures, and seize the opportunity to rest when your baby does. But good luck trying to fall asleep when you’re convinced every creaky floorboard is a looming disaster.

6. Rolling With Madness

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 Children are always on the move, and attentive parents frequently find themselves voicing unusual phrases like “Quit licking your sibling” or “Take that out of your pants.” Enjoy the madness and have fun.

7. It’s Okay to Accept Help Sometimes

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We often believe we can handle everything independently until we become parents. It is essential to accept help, even if it’s just a quick or kind offer to bring over a meal. Gratefully, taking a helping hand is a lifesaver during those early days of parenthood!

8. Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

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 Mistakes are a part of every parent’s journey; it’s an undeniable fact. If you’ve heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a perfect parent,” you’ll soon realize its absolute truth. Every parent blunders, but remember, it’s okay —children are remarkably resilient.

9. Giving Up the Neat Freak Dream

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 If you were a neat freak before becoming a parent, prepare yourself! Kids bring a daily tornado of mess into your home, often several times a day. You might counteract the chaos by investing in bins and organizers, but sadly, it’s a battle that’s hard to win.

10. Riding the Waves of Parenthood

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 Parents often feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but it’s a part of the journey. These emotions don’t define you as a bad parent but a good human being. Treasure the good moments, cope with the tough ones, and remember your child will grow up fast.

11. Whole Night’s Sleep is a Myth

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Forget about getting a whole night’s sleep. In parenting, “full night’s sleep” is redefined as anything longer than 3 hours.

12. The Baby Monitor Dilemma

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The baby monitor is your lifeline and your most significant source of anxiety. Is that a cry or just a random noise in the monitor’s static?

13. Social Media vs Real Parenting 

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Social media can be a source of joy and inspiration, but it can also make us feel inadequate and stressed. If you keep comparing yourself to the other parents on social media, it will add to the frustration. Mostly, it’s the filtered reality. They only share the best moments, not the messy and chaotic ones.

14. The Never-ending Laundry Game

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It’s time to be amazed by your tiny human’s ability to produce mountains of laundry. Welcome the pile and accept that spit-up is the new normal.

15. Every Day is a Fashion Show

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But not for you. Your baby will rock new onesies daily, while you might just wear the same shirt for a week. Who’s the real fashionista now?

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