Baby names for boys or girls inspired by things in nature

62 Nature-Inspired Baby Names With Meanings

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Want to give your new baby girl or boy a unique name inspired by nature?  As the world becomes more inspired by eco-friendly living and what’s going on with the environment, connecting with nature through the name of your child is on the rise. 

And, we can see why – it’s a great way to choose a unique baby name without being too out there. Below, you’ll find nature baby names drawn from all aspects of nature – land, forests, flowers, the sky, and much more.

Our hope is that you find one of the nature names that inspires you to name your baby after nature. Meanings are included and, if the name works for both a boy or a girl, we mention it. 🙂

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Baby Girl Nature Names

Nature baby names for girls are a delightful choice for parents seeking to infuse their child’s identity with the beauty and wonder of the natural world. From the serenity of flowing rivers to the majesty of towering trees, nature offers a wealth of inspiration for unique and meaningful nature names.

Let’s explore a treasure trove of nature names that draw from the splendor of the great outdoors, evoking feelings of grace, strength, and harmony. Whether you’re a parent-to-be, a nature enthusiast, or simply curious about the charm of these names, join us on this journey through the verdant landscapes of nature girl names, and find the perfect name that resonates with your love for the nature world around us.

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Ivy – nature-inspired for the plant; also known as an English baby name meaning “faithfulness”.

Sage – Latin word, that means “wise”.

Holly – means “the holly tree”.

Autumn – a feminine nature name meaning “fall” or “autumn”.

Dawn – means the first appearance of light or daybreak.

Summer – means warm season.

Amber – is an Arabic name meaning “jewel”.

Stormy – is an English baby name meaning “stormy weather”.

Coral – a girl’s nature name meaning “semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red”.

Amaryllis – a flower name, after the lily-like plant called Amaryllis.

Sunny – means “sunshine, happy, or cheerful temperament”.

Hazel – is one of the nature names which came from the color or the tree.

Willow – an English name from the willow tree meaning “slender and graceful”.

Iris – a name inspired by the flower.

Skye – has Scottish and English roots and means adventurous.

Ava – means bird, Latin origin.

Jade – a milky green gemstone.

Luna – means “moon”.

Pearl – the pearl is the birthstone for June and means innocence or modesty.

Lily – from the Lily flower meaning “pure and beauty”.

Maple – from the “maple tree”.

August (can also be used as a baby boy name) – means “great or magnificent”.

Dara – a Hebrew name that means “pearl of wisdom”.

Alya – the name in Arabic means “sky and/or heaven”.

Olive (use Oliver for a baby boy name) – means “olive tree”.

Viola – a name inspired by the flower Violet. 

Aurora – has Latin origin and means “sunrise”.

Vera – means “true” or “faith” – its Albanian meaning is “summer”.

Anise – means “licorice plant”.

Celeste – a French baby name meaning “heavens”.

Sandy – means “protector of mankind”. (Now THAT’S a strong baby girl name!).

Dalia – a Jewish name meaning “branch, bough of a tree”.

Rose (or Rosa) – a beautiful nature girl name meaning “of the Rose Blossom or Rose flower”.

Ayla – a good substitute for Ava, Ayla means oak tree, or halo, moonlight. It can also mean “light”.

Bay (could also work for a boy) – a large body of water.

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Nature Baby Names For Boys

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Ace – sharp and pointed.

River (could also be a unique baby girl name) – is an English word that means flowing body of water o.

Alder – from the alder tree.

Forest – A French name that means “woodsman or woods”.

Leo – this name is Latin and means “lion”.

Indigo (could also be used for a girl) – is a color name meaning deep blue or purple.

Rain (can also be a nature name for a baby girl) – means abundant blessings from above.

Storm – means violent weather or storm.

Acer – the Latin name for a Maple tree.

West – means West town and has been used in the past as a surname.

Clay – a sticky form of earth that can be molded when wet.

Cedar – an English baby name meaning “cedar tree”.

Briar (can be used for a nature baby girl name) – an English name that means “thorned shrub”.

Dillon – meaning “loyal”.

Aspen (can be used as a baby girl name) – means “quacking tree”.

Rowan – an English type of tree.

Heath – is an English baby boy name that means “untended land where flowering shrubs grow”.

Cliff – of English origin, Cliff means “slope or bank of a river”.

Jasper – a boy name meaning “Treasurer”.

Oliver – inspired by an olive tree or plant.

Reed – of English origin meaning “red-haired”.

Ash – a Hebrew baby name meaning “happy”; also refers to an Ash tree.

Elm – means strong, straight, and leafy and refers to the Elm tree.

Ashton – is derived from the last name and means “ash tree town”.

Basil – this nature-inspired name has a Greek and Arabic background meaning “kingly, brave, and royal”.

Oak – is a strong nature-inspired baby name and is a symbol of solidity, strength, and longevity.

Fisher – a name meaning “salmon”.

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That’s it for our unique nature-inspired baby names!

Our hope is that you’ve been inspired to add some of these gems to your baby name list!

Share with us in the comments if any of the baby names have grabbed your attention!

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