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10 Stats That Prove Families Are Loving Homeschooling

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Though homeschooling isn’t a new concept, its acceptance has been on the rise. Despite the enduring popularity of traditional schooling, homeschooling is gradually gaining recognition, and homeschooled children are no longer met with curious or judgmental glances.

If homeschooling your kids is in your thoughts, now is a wonderful time to begin. There are enough facts and stats to support homeschooling, and here are just a few of them.

1. Homeschooled Kids Do Better In Exams

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Homeschooled kids seem to do better on standardized tests. The average score for a homeschooler is above the 85 percentile, while public schoolers range around the 50 percentile.

This was revealed by a Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) research. Homeschoolers scored almost 30% higher than public school students on tests. 

2. Millions Of Kids Are Now Homeschooled

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Yes, that’s a Million with an M.

Statistics say that in 2020, 2.65 million homeschooled students. Well, wasn’t that because of the pandemic, you ask?

In 2021, 3.7 million students were recorded. By 2022, this number grew to 4.3 million.

Your child will be in good company.

3. Homeschooling Is Growing In the USA

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More people love the idea of homeschooling their children, and the USA is among the leading countries.

3.7 million were homeschooled students in the USA during the 2020/2021 school year. The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) reported that 5.22% of all school-age children were homeschooled from late March to early May 2022.

4. Which Are The Leading States in Homeschooling?

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North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia are the leading states in homeschooling in the USA.

The leading state (North Carolina) has almost 180,000 kids being homeschooled.

5. Homeschooled Kids Learn In A Safer Environment

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In light of school shootings and bullying, many homeschooled children have a safer learning environment than their school-attending counterparts.

It’s a huge relief to know that your child is safe in your well-guarded home than out in the world.

6. The Academic Quality In a Home School

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Teaching your kids at home means you can give them the quality education you wish they’d get in school.

The flexibility to choose your preferred curriculum and how to teach it means you give your kids the best education that fits their unique learning strengths and interests.

7. Ease of Adding Religious Instructions

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A religious family wanting to integrate religious studies into their kids’ curriculum can do it if they are homeschooled.

The public American education system forbids religious education, a major setback for families that value their religion.

8. Better Care For Special Needs Kids

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Having a special needs child in a conventional school setup is hard on both the child and the parent. A parent needs to employ an additional shadow teacher. The child may face challenges such as bullying or difficulty navigating school facilities and daily school life.

9. Families With More Kids Homeschool More

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It may seem like homeschooling many children is a hassle, but statistics show that families with more than one child prefer homeschooling to those with one kid. If you have two or three kids and wonder if homeschooling is right for you, you’re in good company.

This doesn’t in any way mean parents with one child can’t homeschool; 19% of homeschoolers have 1 child.

10. Homeschooling is Cheaper Than Conventional Schooling

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It’ll cost you less to homeschool your child than to take them to an official school. If you homeschool your kid, you will save about $300-$400 per term in supplies, gas, homework, field trips, etc.


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