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12 Effective and Helpful Tips for Tackling Baby Stomach Aches

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Navigating stomach troubles becomes a common challenge when tending to a newborn. As their petite tummies start processing milk or formula and air, it’s almost inevitable that some turbulence will ensue. With babies, the question isn’t so much “if” stomach upsets will occur but rather “what” steps to take when they inevitably do.

1. Stop Overfeeding the Baby

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Babies can’t say “enough” when feeling full, and a new Mom may overfeed the baby, leading to tummy upset.

If the baby takes long pauses while feeding, spits milk, or unlatches from the bottle or breast, it’s time to stop feeding them.

2. Always Burp the Baby

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A baby swallows some air while feeding, and this air is one of the leading causes of tummy upsets. Ensure that you burp the baby after every feed to get rid of the air.

One of the most common ways to burp a baby is by putting them over your shoulder and gently rubbing the small of their back until you hear the air come out.

3. Try Burping in Different Ways

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Sometimes, a baby holds onto their air tighter than we’d want, and burping the common way doesn’t work. If the baby isn’t burping easily, try different ways of burping the baby.

Sit them on your lap, leaning forward, and gently pat their backs. Remember to support their necks with your hands. Whatever you do, get the air out.

4. Keep the Baby Upright

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Feeding the baby while lying down is a major cause of gas and stomach upsets. Keeping the baby upright helps the gas move up and out, especially when feeding.

5. Watch What You Eat

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Your diet plays a major role in the state of your baby’s tummy, as some foods may make the baby gassier than others.

If your baby is struggling, try eliminating foods such as beans, dairy, garlic, and fast foods until you find what’s working against you. Any hypoallergenic food must be struck off your menu.

6. Try Some Tummy Time

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Tummy time is great for helping the baby build up strong muscles in readiness for walking, crawling, and independence. It’s also great for helping the gas move around and alleviating stomach discomfort from the baby.

7. Give The Baby a Massage

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Baby massages are excellent for helping the baby relax and reduce tummy discomfort. Help move things around by rubbing the baby’s tummy in circles.

Massage the baby’s arms, legs, and back and help them get relief from all the discomforts in the tummy.

8. Latch Them Properly

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A proper latch is when the baby has the whole n**ple and the are-ola in their mouth. If the baby doesn’t latch well, they suck in air which leads to colic.

Ensure the baby has opened their mouth fully before giving them the breast or bottle.

9. Over-supply Problems

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Having more than enough breast milk is a blessing, but too much of it and the baby will have difficulty suckling.

If the milk flow is too high, the baby ends up swallowing more air or overfeeding.

10. Change the Baby’s Diet

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Once your baby is ready for solids (usually around 6 months), it takes a while before their tummy gets used to solids, and they may initially react to some of the foods.

If your weaning baby has tummy issues, try eliminating some foods they’re eating to see which is the culprit.

11. Switch Up the Formula

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Not all formulas are the same; some babies may react to some brands. If your formula-fed baby develops tummy aches, change the formula to a different brand and see if the problems subside.

12. See a Pediatrician

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New Moms are known to make scared, frantic calls to their doctors all the time, and you may be weary of being another paranoid Mom. However, contacting your pediatrician is a good call if the baby’s tummy issues persist.


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