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10 Crazy Airplane Stories That Make You Wonder Why Some People Are Allowed to Travel

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Air travel stands as one of the most efficient means of transportation when faced with extensive distances to traverse. However, similar to the mishaps that can unfold during train or bus journeys, flying can also present passengers with truly nightmarish experiences.

On a popular online forum, people shared their stories about the worst experiences they had on an airplane.

1. Stinky Situation

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A man explains how he found himself in a very awkward situation on an airplane: “My wife farted. It f*****g stank so bad that I could hear people complain 3 rows back. She pretended to be asleep. An air hostess walked up to me and started blasting me with some flowery air purifier. I got the full blame for it.”

2. Traveling with a Corpse

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A woman says she was about 11 when she traveled from Kenya to Stockholm. During the flight, a man had a heart attack and died. Unfortunately, as they were flying above the desert and they couldn’t land. As a solution, the cabin crew covered him with sheets and placed him under the stairs of the double-decker plane.

The following morning she was about to leave the plane when she had to walk past the corpse with the sheet not fully covering his feet. Understandably, seeing a dead person’s feet filled her with excitement and fear.

3. Being Touched by a Stranger

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On a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, a woman took a seat next to a guy. Only 2 hours after the take-off, for her biggest surprise she woke up with the man’s hands being under her shirt, trying to get into her pants.

“It was awful, my worst flight experience ever.” She says about this incident.

4. A Terrifying Descent

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During a flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, the plane circled over Atlanta due to a severe thunderstorm. With the fuel running low, the pilot decided to initiate a sudden descent in pitch-black conditions with unsettling noises from the cockpit. The narrator says the landing felt abrupt as they dropped 30 feet down instead of slowly descending to the runway.

When they were getting off the plane the pilots greeted the passengers with hugs and handshakes. This is when he noticed that the pilots’ hands were completely wet from sweat, showing that this flight wasn’t routine for the pilots either. Probably, they were as much scared as all the passengers.

5. Sleeping Through the Entire Flight – Or Not?

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“I had boarded a plane in Florida, exhausted after working 16-hour days filming for the past month and was ready to get home. I fell asleep and woke up 2 and a half hours later, excited that I had slept through the entire flight. Then I realized we were still sitting on the runway in Florida.” A user comments.

6. Unexpected Surprise from a Baby

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A man offered to hold a young mom’s baby as she was struggling with her 2-year-old during a flight. Being an experienced dad himself, he thought nothing bad could happen.

However, after feeding a bottle to the baby and patting her on the back, she projectile vomited in his face and down his shirt. After all, he took it in stride and considered it a moment of good karma.

7. A Shocking Story of Unwanted Attention

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Another user narrating their friend’s horrifying experience shares, “My friend was sitting next to someone on a plane and that someone kept bumping his arm in a rhythmic fashion until my friend opened his eyes and looked to see what was up.” He was disgusted to discover that he was doing exactly what you’d expect in a public space.

8. In-Flight Gas Trouble

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During a long flight from Vancouver to Shanghai, a man was sitting next to an elderly Chinese passenger who had really bad gas issues throughout the entire flight. Unfortunately, things got even worse when he curled up to sleep, turning his butt towards the narrator so he could face his wife.

While the issue was very disturbing, he didn’t want to make this sweet couple’s flight worse by complaining to one of the flight attendants.

9. Don’t Touch That

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One user writes about their worst flight experience: “About to land, a typical message from the pilot talking about the weather etc. When at the end of the speech he exclaims “NO DON’T TOUCH THA-” then soon followed after a swift termination of the loudspeaker.”

Hopefully, the warning was only about not touching the button to turn off the speaker.

10. The Hoodie Horror Story

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One person was traveling to Canada with only a hoodie and no clean T-shirts. While he was waiting in line with his boarding pass, he heard a strange noise from the man behind him. He decided to ignore it and didn’t even turn around.

Once on the plane, feeling cold from the air conditioning, he covered up by pulling down his sleeves and pulling his hood up. Turns out, the weird noise from the guy behind him was because he had gotten sick in his hood. Seriously? We’re wondering how it took him that long to figure it out and why the guy didn’t immediately apologize profusely.


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