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13 Unconventional Hobbies That Require Lots of Money to Pursue

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In an age defined by the ubiquity of social media, reality TV, and round-the-clock news coverage, the opulent lives of the ultra-wealthy have transformed into a widely recognized spectacle. From jet-setting on private planes to indulging in gourmet meals at the most exclusive venues and adorning themselves in the creations of renowned designers, their way of life never ceases to pique our interest. Yet, concealed beneath these conspicuous extravagances lie certain traditions and pastimes that remain enigmatic to those with more modest financial means.

1. Canned Hunting

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A man explains that canned hunting involves going to a ranch, where the animals are used to people and fenced in, to “hunt.” No chase or skill is required, yet some people will pay a large sum for this (cue the wealthy). He goes on to say, “Imagine going to a dairy farm and bragging about how you bagged a big cow. That’s what canned hunting sounds like to others.”

2. Leaving Expensive Cars in a Garage Collecting Dust

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Car enthusiasts that can’t afford their dream wheels can’t fathom the point of buying an expensive car as a collector’s item. Some people wonder what the point is if it’s just collecting dust until the day they die instead of being enjoyed.

3. Collecting Wine NOT to Drink

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Someone writes, “Even though I enjoy the taste, collecting ultra-expensive wine and not ever drinking it. Technically it can be an investment, but if they never sell it, then it’s not really an investment.” Like many collector items on this list, many agree that it’s better to enjoy these things rather than hoard them.

4. Cloning Camels

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Someone writes that they are watching a Netflix documentary about rich Arabs that are cloning camels. Apparently, they decided to clone a few particular camels that they found to be beautiful and superior to the others. Another user sarcastically shares, “I think that’s a worthy endeavor. Too many ugly camels around. Making earth more beautiful is a worthy goal.”

5. Killing Animals for Fun

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Many people are disheartened to learn that for $10-20,000 (or more), a wealthy individual can travel to the jungle or forest and kill an animal “just for fun.” This can include bears, lions, giraffes, and elephants. Animal lovers everywhere can’t comprehend the cruelty. However, there was a discussion of how this money can help the local economy and conservation efforts, revealing mixed feelings on the topic.

6. Collecting Watches Never Worn

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Yet another collector’s item that isn’t used is a watch. A user shares, “Collecting the same Rolex in different variations. And never wearing any because it’s in a safe.”

Another user points out the same for designer clothing and shoes.

7. Giving to the Poor While Recording

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It’s become somewhat trendy to record yourself giving money, or other acts of kindness, to those less fortunate. Whether it’s from the ultra-wealthy or an everyday Joe Schmo, many agree this habit is tacky and lacks authenticity.

8. Climbing a Mountain with Extensive Help

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A large discussion broke out about whether climbing Everest is a worthy hobby when it requires hiring a small (and expensive) team of experts to get them there. Many point out that hiring a sherpa to carry all the gear and assist with all the technical climbing makes this hobby bizarre. While others argue that it’s still an amazing feat that requires training either way.

9. Yacht Racing

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Yacht racing is a particularly expensive hobby that seems wasteful to common folk. One user says, “Like standing fully clothed in a cold shower and tearing up hundred dollar bills. By the million.”

10. Being Cheap

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One woman shares, “One of my friends has the money to buy the restaurants we eat at, but if we split an item she’ll fraction out how much she puts towards it. “I only ate 1 slice of pizza and there are 6 in total, so I’ll put down 1/6.” She also factors this into tipping. Drives me mental.” Yet, another user points out that rich people don’t get that way by giving their money away.

11. Dangerous Hobbies

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Some ultra-wealthy are on a hunt for their next adrenaline hit, whether going to space, bungee jumping, base jumping, or exploring the deep seas. Recently, the world has learned how quickly these endeavors can turn to tragedy as lives are mourned and lost in the sea.

12. Breeding Ugly Dogs

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One user shares, “Breeding and showing dogs, especially the tiny ones with the f***ed up noses and tiny heads where their brains don’t even fit anymore.” This is an expensive hobby that some people love; to each their own.

13. MMA Fights

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“Challenging other wealthy individuals to cage match MMA fights,” writes someone. Does anyone actually want to see that? And what happens when they incur serious brain damage? No thank you.


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