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14 Things That Cost Lots of Money- But In Reality Should Be Free for All

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Today, many aspects of life have become commercialized, even those that should ideally be exempt. It’s genuinely disheartening that nearly everything comes with a price tag, often an exorbitant one, creating obstacles for those who direly need access to these necessities but face financial barriers.

An online community talked about the things that cost a lot of money but should actually be free.

1. Final Rites

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If you think living is expensive, try dying. The cost of giving a beloved their final rites is ridiculously high, making an already sad situation more grievous.

Some people think it’s better to just be dumped somewhere instead of incurring crazy expenses for an interment. The living need the money.

2. Hospital Parking

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Why are people forced to pay for parking in a place they’d rather not be in the first place? This is even worse when the doctors are also required to pay parking fees in a hospital.

One online user says, “Paying for hospital parking should be illegal.”

3. Professional Athletic Stadiums

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Public amenities funded by taxpayers should be accessible without additional fees, such as stadiums. The cost of accessing a stadium is unnecessarily high, and the prices of snacks sold within these venues can be outrageously inflated.

An online conversation contributor says, “If the taxpayer is going to pay for it, then they should be allowed to enter for free or, at the most, a nominal sum. You can’t ask taxpayers to pay hundreds of millions to build the thing and then also pay thousands for being allowed to use the thing.”

4. Tax Preparation And Filing

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Completing your tax returns can be an exasperating and seemingly inequitable process. The government collects your income, yet it requires you to disclose how much they’ve taken—or should take—and in some cases, you even incur expenses while providing them with that information.

5. Insulin

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People who need insulin don’t have much choice, and it’d be wonderful if they didn’t have to pay prohibitive prices for it.

One online contributor says, “Too many people in the US alone have had to starve themselves to make doses last longer. MANY have failed and paid the high price of insulin with their life. If anything in the world could be free, let’s give it to the chemical that people literally can’t produce or live without instead of charging them into poverty and a completely preventable death.”

6. Water

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In some parts of the world where bottled water is a common necessity to prevent drinking contaminated water, the price tags on water bottles are getting increasingly ridiculous, and the water bills are getting longer and longer. Why is this essential commodity not accessible or, at the least, affordable?

7. Eye Glasses

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Some people are born with bad eyesight and do not have a choice when getting eye frames and lenses. The cost of proper eye care is punitive, especially the lenses.

An online user says, “Getting glasses to see should be considered a disability. The frames and lenses cost can be ridiculous. Some people have had bad eyesight since they were born.”

8. Sanitary Pads

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Menstruation is not a woman’s choice, and sanitary towels cost too much. Many people in the world can barely afford sanitary pads, and even more, some school kids have to miss school during their period.

9. Medicine

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Getting sick is a very expensive affair; some medicines are impossible without insurance. How wonderful would it be if medicine was free, and anyone who needed medical care would be treated?

An online contributor says, “The fact that we have life-saving/life-changing drugs that don’t get used because they’re not affordable is a f*****g tragedy.”

10. Ambulance Rides

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Getting an ambulance in an emergency should not cost you an arm and a leg, but it does! Many people are terrified of being in an emergency and needing ambulance services, as the charges after can induce a heart attack.

11. Health Care

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Healthcare comes at a steep price, particularly within the United States. Falling ill can be a significant inconvenience and a primary source of worry for many individuals.

Essentially, it should be possible to get sick without worrying about the cost of getting sick and possibly going bankrupt.

12. Therapy

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Mental health has become a hot topic in the recent past; many people are struggling, and many are succumbing to mental health issues.

13. Garbage Bags

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Why do we pay for garbage bags so they can go to the garbage? It’s a relatively small cost on the list overall, but still makes some people wonder…

14. Education

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It’s a pity that accessing quality education remains a challenge for numerous countries, particularly when it comes to obtaining a high-quality education.

Countries that have ensured universal access to education have taken a significant stride ahead of others.


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