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14 Ways Telehealth is a Game Changer for a Mom’s Health

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The world has harnessed the power of technology in various domains, and medicine is no exception. Leveraging telecommunication technology, medical services, consultations, and support can now be accessed remotely. Mothers, in particular, stand to gain significant advantages from technologies like Telehealth, which offer convenient access to healthcare services and support, enabling them to prioritize their well-being.

How, you ask? We’ll show you.

1. Access to Healthcare from Home

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Telehealth allows moms to consult with healthcare providers from their homes. Having to bundle up babies to get out or seek babysitting services to get to a doctor’s appointment is hectic. Remote access to healthcare eliminates the need to travel and wait in crowded waiting rooms while still getting the medical advice and treatment needed.

2. Convenient Appointments

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Mothers don’t have all day; anything that offers convenience is a welcome relief. With Telehealth, a busy Mom gets flexible scheduling options, including evenings and weekends.

A mother’s day is unpredictable; having the option to schedule appointments at a mother’s convenience is a godsend.

3. Postpartum Support

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There are more mothers in dire need of postpartum support than we’d like to admit, and most don’t get the help they need. Telehealth can provide postpartum mental health support, such as counseling and therapy, which is essential for new mothers who may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.

The convenience of online support groups and counseling sessions is an excellent advantage to Moms who can’t travel to appointments.

4. Pediatric Care

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New Moms have many questions, some legitimate, some laughable- but all pressing. With Telehealth, a Mom can consult with pediatricians about a child’s health and development, including the ridiculous-sounding questions.

A mother can also use Telehealth to determine when to make in-person appointments for well-baby visits, vaccinations, and minor illnesses. This saves time [for pediatricians, too] and stress for moms, as they don’t have to bring their children to the doctor’s office for every concern.

5. Chronic Condition Management

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Taking care of a child is hard enough; caring for a child while handling a chronic illness is a whole different kind of hard. For mothers with chronic health conditions, Telehealth is a savior. They can receive ongoing medical supervision, medication adjustments, and lifestyle advice without frequent in-person visits.

6. Nutritional Guidance

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A Mom’s nutrition is vital; knowing what to eat makes a huge difference in their health and milk production.

Telehealth services can connect moms with dietitians and nutritionists who can help with meal planning and dietary advice. This can be especially important during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.

7. Breastfeeding Support

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Breastfeeding may look like a simple “stuff the b**b in baby’s mouth” affair, but it’s more than that.

A mom needs guidance from lactation consultants who will address concerns or issues virtually. This can be particularly helpful for new mothers who may struggle with breastfeeding.

8. Medication Management

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With a fresh pregnancy brain and a needy baby, staying on top of prescriptions for mothers under medical care can be an uphill task.

Telehealth can assist mothers in managing their medications and ensuring they are taking the right doses at the right times, especially if they have multiple prescriptions.

9. Access to Specialists and Primary Care Providers

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Scheduling an appointment with a consultant can take a long time, but Telehealth helps facilitate consultations with specialists in various fields, such as gynecology, endocrinology, or dermatology, depending on specific needs.

This allows mothers to address specific health issues efficiently and get referred to someone that can help them quickly.

10. Health Education

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Information is power, and in these days of people Googling their symptoms, the correct information can be life-saving.

Telehealth platforms often provide valuable health education resources, informing mothers about their health, children’s health, and the best wellness practices.

11. It’s Time-Saving

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Mothers have reduced daily hours, and with all the things that need to be done, anything that saves time is welcome.

The time saved from not having to commute to in-person appointments can be invaluable for mothers. It allows them to dedicate more time to self-care, family, and personal activities.

12. Remote Monitoring

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For mothers with chronic conditions or high-risk pregnancies, telehealth can enable remote monitoring of vital signs and health data, providing continuous care without the need for frequent in-person visits.

13. Prescription Refills

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If you have any prescription medicine, you know the panic of shaking the bottle to find one lonely pill remaining and the panic of rushing to get a refill.

Telehealth can streamline the process of getting prescription refills, ensuring that mothers don’t run out of essential medications.

14. Help Relieve Stress

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Achieving the coveted work-life balance is hard for many, and it often feels like an unachievable goal for mothers.

Add needing the attention of a healthcare provider on that list, and the scales tip on their head. Telehealth reduces the stress associated with traditional healthcare visits, making it more likely for moms to seek help when needed, leading to better overall well-being.

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