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14 Hilarious Questions Kid’s Ask That Put Parents on the Spot

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Brimming with an unquenchable curiosity, children exhibit a remarkable ability to explore the world around them with unwavering wonder. This intrinsic quality frequently leads them to pose charming and unexpected questions to the adults in their lives.

These questions can catch an adult completely off guard, leaving them struggling to respond with a satisfactory answer as they try not to laugh, cry, or do something in between. A child’s questions have a way of making us reflect on our own understanding of the world and challenging us to find creative ways to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

Parents share some of the most hilarious questions children have asked, reminding us of the pure innocence and humor that young minds possess without them even realizing it.

1. Did You Go To School With George Washington?

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Children often think their parents are much older than they really are. So it is not unusual at all to be mistaken for someone in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s. However, what would your reaction be if your kid asked whether you went to school with George Washington?

Explaining to a child the relativity of time and the concept of generations is tricky, but it sure makes for a good laugh.

2. Did You Have Electricity?

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Questions about age know no bounds for little minds trying to grasp it. Even a 20-year-old is ancient to a child who has barely lived 5 years. So when they ask if you had electricity or cars back then, take it as an opportunity to marvel at the rapid advancements in technology and try not to feel too old.

3. What The World Was Like Before They Invented Color?

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Children will likely see vintage photos from a family scrapbook in black and white or sepia tones, which may lead them to believe that the world was once colorless.

This question is a great opportunity to teach students about the history of photography and how technological advancements have created the vibrant colors we see today.

4. Did You Have Rocks?

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Rocks have been around since the beginning of time. To a young mind, perhaps they think their parents have also been around since then. This question is another reminder of how children often perceive time and age.

Rocks, dinosaurs, and cavemen all seem to exist in the same time period for a child, making it a perfect opportunity to teach them about the wonders of history and geological time scales.

5. Was Jesus Friendly?

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Aside from grasping time, children also have a tendency to confuse the random bits of history and religion they have picked up along the way. In this case, a child may have heard about Jesus being kind and loving, leading them to wonder if he was a friendly neighbor or classmate.

Take this as an opportunity to explain the concept of religious figures and how their actions and teachings are still relevant today.

6. Doesn’t the Cat Have Any Feet?

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Cats can do some strange things. When they’re lying down on their bellies, their feet can often seem to disappear under all that fur. So it’s understandable for a child to wonder if cats even have feet at all.

One little girl at a vet office was very concerned that a cat had lost its feet and she wanted to know if it would ever get them back. She was relieved when the owner lifted the cat up to reveal her four paws. How sweet.

7. Can I Have Your Bones?

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Many kids aren’t put off my morbidity like most adults. Thus, one child’s question to his mom about whether he could use her bones as wind chimes when she dies is both hilarious and a little disconcerting.

This could lead to an interesting conversation about the circle of life and how our bodies are used after we pass away. A wind chime is a very unique and creative use of bones, maybe he’s onto something?

8. Can I Be Born Again?

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Growing up and learning about the big wide world can be confused and yield some big emotion. One little girl was so overwhelmed by the thought of growing up that she asked her mom if she could be born again as a baby. Couldn’t she just crawl back into her uterus and start fresh?

We feel you little one, growing up can be hard. But it’s also a great opportunity to talk about the amazing growth and development of our bodies and minds. And talk about what they can look forward to as they continue to grow.

9. When Did You Have Sex?

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Undoubtedly, talking openly about sex with your kids has a lot of advantages. However, it may also encourage them to ask embarrassing questions about your sex life. This is what happened to a mom when her children started interrogating her over dinner about when she last was intimate with their dad.

Her response was that she couldn’t answer that, which hilariously led her kids to think it must’ve been years ago since she couldn’t remember.

10. Why Can You Buy Cigarettes?

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Even kids these days know that cigarettes are bad for you. So when they see them being sold in stores, they naturally ask why it’s allowed. This question can be used as an opportunity to educate children about the dangers of smoking and why it’s important to make healthy choices.

One child asked her dad why he continued to buy cigarettes when he knew they’d kill him. She got straight to the point and brought up a very valid question.

11. Can I Sell Poop on eBay?

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You can sell anything these days, so why not poop? A child’s fascination with bodily functions and the concept of selling things online led to this hilarious question.

While it may seem silly, it can be used as an opportunity to teach children about entrepreneurship and what makes a product valuable. Who knows, maybe there is a market for human fertilizer. But if there is, we dno’t want to know.

Maybe the child could try selling some old toys or clothes instead.

12. Are You Pregnant?

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Kids are known for their genuine curiosity and awareness of other people’s body shapes and sizes. So when a child sees someone with a larger stomach, it’s natural for them to ask if they are pregnant.

While this question may seem embarrassing or uncomfortable, it can be used as an opportunity to teach children about body positivity and how everyone’s bodies are unique. And who knows, maybe the person has a baby on the way, and you just haven’t heard the news yet.

13. Can I have your TV when you die?

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When a loved one owns something we really want, it’s natural to wonder if we’ll inherit it someday. But when a child asks this question in the context of death, especially to their younger family members, it can catch them off guard.

The quesiton doesn’t mean a child is wishing for someone to die, just that they see something cool that they want and assume their “ancient” cousin won’t need it someday.

14. Why Hasn’t She Died Yet?

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To a child, 20 is old, let alone 94. So when one little girl learned how old her great-grandmother was- she couldn’t help but wonder how we were still alive. Good genes and the right choices, little one!


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