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20 of the Most Ridiculous Recommendations Moms Have Actually Been Given

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When it comes to pregnancy, the postpartum period, and the journey of raising a baby, it appears that everyone has their own set of opinions to share. Some of the unsolicited advice directed at mothers can be quite baffling, to say the least. While it might occasionally amuse, it can also become rather tiresome over time. This is why, on occasion, it’s often wisest to simply offer a polite smile and nod, recognizing that it’s not always worth engaging in an argument.

Well, get ready for a good laugh.

We gathered some of the most outrageous pieces of advice expecting and new moms often get around the world from an online forum thread that posed that asked moms about the most absurd things they’ve heard.

1. Your Baby’s Eyes Will Go Cross

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The old wive’s tale is that babies’ eyes will cross (and get stuck) if they look too long at something, particularly upward. This myth has been debunked, but still, one mom reports being constantly warned by “grown-ups” in her community.

2. You’ll Wrap the Umbilical Cord Around the Baby’s Neck

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From reaching overhead to hang clothes on a line to grabbing something from a high cabinet, pregnant moms have been warned that the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby’s neck when reaching.

One mom’s response was best to her own mom’s comment, asking her mom if she would wash her hair for the next months until the baby was born. This is when her mom realized how ridiculous her statement was, making them both laugh.

3. Keep the Baby Awake, and They’ll Sleep Like a Rock

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After a missed nap or overstimulation, a friend or family member inevitably says, “oh, they’re going to sleep so well.” NOT. Any mom with a young baby knows that sleep deprivation and overstimulation do not equate to better sleep but rather extremely bad sleep!

This is why many sleep-deprived moms are very strict about nap times and aren’t keen on a bunch of “play time” when it’s bedtime.

4. Don’t Give Your Baby All the Attention

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One Redditor’s father-in-law told her “not to focus too much on my 1-year-old because she’ll lose her husband.” Maybe he was legitimately concerned about their marriage, but shaming a mom for being attentive to her baby is a bit extreme!

5. Your Baby Must Have Colic

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Colic can be a very real and heartbreaking experience for some parents. However, according to one mom’s response, her mom (who was babysitting) informed her that the baby has colic. It turns out the baby was just hungry and needed to be fed (doh).

6. Your Baby Must Be Cold

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Older generations were taught that babies can get hypothermia easily, an idea that has been debunked. Yet, it remains a popular nugget of “advice” passed down from generation to generation. Some moms report they have to watch their babies like a hawk around the family to ensure they don’t over bundle them.

Many new moms are reprimanded by strangers, friends, and family alike that their baby is underdressed- even when they live in hot tropical climates or in the summertime.

7. Don’t Listen to the Doctors

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One mom shares a story about her mother-in-law (MIL) when her baby was one day old with jaundice (yellowing of the skin common in newborns). The doctor prescribed light therapy in the hospital, but her MIL insisted it wasn’t necessary and that the baby just needed to be dressed in yellow clothes.

Say what? Let’s leave the medical advice to the professionals. This MIL kept giving other ridiculous advice and was kindly asked to go home until the baby was discharged.

8. Your Baby Should Be Sleeping Through the Night

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Every baby is different when it comes to how often they need to feed during the night, especially newborns under 6 weeks old. One mom shares that she was scolded for drinking one cup of coffee a day and that it was the reason her 3-week-old wasn’t sleeping all night.

9. Your Baby is Sucking Too Much

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There is an old-school thought that breastfeeding is only for food. These days, we know that a nursing baby is soothed by nursing and often provides the comfort they need to rest and decompress (learning to function outside the womb is hard work!).

One mom was told that she shouldn’t let her baby linger too long, as it could damage her breasts. The mom, who wasn’t having any issues, had no idea what to say.

10. Your Baby Needs a Comforter

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One pregnant mom’s friend wanted to buy bedding and a crib bumper for a shower gift (both big no-nos for safe sleeping due to suffocation risk). When the mom said she’d be following safe sleep guidelines and only needed a crib, sheet, and sleep sack for winter months, the friend responded, “Ok, first timer,” and called her paranoid. She also told her that a baby comforter was essential for winter.

11. Baby’s Car Seat is Too Tight

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Snug straps in a car seat are essential for keeping a baby safe. Yet, many moms get comments from friends and family that the straps are way too tight and make the baby uncomfortable. One mom reports having to watch her mother-in-law closely to make sure she doesn’t loosen the straps when driving somewhere.

12. Put Honey on the Baby’s Gums

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One mom’s mother-in-law told her to put honey on her four-month-old teething gums. The mom was flabbergasted since honey is not allowed in the first year.

13. Your Baby’s Toys Are Possessed

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This is definitely one of the most absurd comments on this list. One mom was advised that her 1-month-old was crying at night due to demon-possessed toys and that she needed to say a prayer.

14. You Must Prepare Your Body for Breastfeeding

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One mom’s mother-in-law gave her awkward advice one day at lunch about how to prepare her skin for nursing by “toughening” it up. Thankfully, there is not a single breastfeeding consultant that would recommend this.

15. Your Postpartum Attitude Sucks

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Two days after a C-section, one mom reports her traditional and well-meaning mother came over to visit with other family members. Her mom proceeded to comment that she was “not dressed well for company, and her attitude sucked.”

16. You Still Look Pregnant

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Societal expectations for “bouncing back” after pregnancy are pretty ridiculous. One mom reports that two weeks after her delivery, her mom commented on how her tummy made her still look 7 months pregnant and asked why her feet were so swollen.

Women go through so much in the first 3 months postpartum (and beyond- up to 2 years!) that these absurd comments are the worst.

17. That Baby is Too Spoiled

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Can holding a baby too much spoil them? No, it can’t. Yet, it doesn’t keep the older generation from continuously telling new parents that their little one is too spoiled because of all the cuddles, kisses, and snuggles.

18. You’re STILL Breastfeeding?

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Every breastfeeding journey is different and personal. Moms are ridiculed for breastfeeding, whether it wasn’t long enough or too long. One mom that was breastfeeding her 18-month-old had someone ask, don’t you need to stop? He’s getting too old, right?

In reality, the longer a mom can breastfeed (if she wants to and can), the more health benefits it can provide to a growing baby and toddler.

19. My Wife Drank During Pregnancy, and It Was Fine

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We all hear stories about the mom who drank a glass of wine daily during pregnancy and had a healthy baby. However, most pregnant moms feel slightly shocked by this information and are more comfortable following medical recommendations.

20. Someone is Going to Kidnap Your Baby

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One mom had an employee at the hardware store tell her to keep her 10-month-old baby close. She went on to say that her baby is unusually pretty and that she should be very careful when out in public. Talk about creepy.


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