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13 Terrible Parenting Habits That Make Us All Look Bad

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As parents, we often strive to do our best in raising our children. We want them to be happy, successful, and well-adjusted individuals. However, sometimes, we may develop bad parenting habits that can negatively impact a child’s development.

Before we realize it, these habits can become ingrained in our parenting style and affect our children’s emotional, physical, and social well-being.

These habits can range from simple mistakes to serious issues requiring attention and change. Here are 13 of the worst habits that leave bystanders shocked and wondering what has become of our society.

1. Competing With Children

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It takes a special type of low self-esteem or personality disorder to compete with a child or even a child’s friends. This habit can lead to jealousy, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy in the child. Children should be allowed to be children without feeling like they constantly have to prove themselves or live up to unrealistic expectations set by their parents.

Watch any drama-based reality TV show, such as Toddlers and Tiara, and you will see moms who practically view their daughters as competition. Parents can easily fall into the trap of trying to live vicariously through their children or using them as a means to fulfill their own unfulfilled dreams.

2. Being A Mean Parent

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A parent is supposed to be their child’s cheerleader and source of kind words. However, sometimes, parents can fall into the trap of using negative reinforcement and being overly critical or harsh with their words. While discipline is important, constantly belittling and criticizing a child can cause long-term damage to their self-esteem and confidence. Some go so far as to use insults or derogatory terms towards their children, which is never acceptable.

To thrive, children need to feel loved, supported, and encouraged by their parents. Being mean or constantly putting them down will only make them feel unworthy and unlovable.

3. Influencers Who Exploit Their Kids

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Influencing became a job, and some people decided to make their children content to make money online. The problem with this is that children often have no say in the matter and may feel forced to participate in videos or photoshoots. This can also lead to them being exposed to online hate, bullying, and exploitation.

Parents should always prioritize their child’s well-being over their own personal gain. Children deserve to have a childhood free from pressure and public scrutiny.

4. Seeking Sympathy From a Child’s Disability

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Parenting a child with special needs is tough, but using that experience to gain public sympathy and feel good about yourself as a parent is pitiful.

A woman shares that her grandmother used to tell everyone that she was autistic and complain about how hard it was to raise a child in a “mental wheelchair.” This behavior is not only insensitive and disrespectful to the child but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes about individuals with disabilities.

5. Exposing Kids Online Indecently

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Trashy parents will do anything for a like and a follow, including taking and posting indecent photos of their children online. Not only is this a violation of the child’s privacy and dignity, but it can also put them at risk for online predators.

Parents should think twice before posting photos or videos of their children online, as they cannot control who has access to that content. A child’s safety should always come first.

One woman shared she saw a TikTok post go viral with her daughter in the bath, with a bunch of perverts commenting. Instead of removing the photo, she just turned off the comments. Seriously?

6. Havoc In Public Places

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While children sometimes have meltdowns or minds of their own in public, our parents must manage and discipline them appropriately.

Allowing children to act out or cause havoc in public places without taking action can be embarrassing for others and teaches the child that they can behave however they please without consequences.

Kids will be noisy and do dumb things outside of their parents’ control. But kids who are just allowed to go wild in public at the expense of others are a problem.

7. Excusing Bad Manners

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Kids make mistakes, and excusing all their mistakes is the raw material for bringing up entitled children who think the world owes them everything.

It’s essential to teach children manners, respect for others, and accountability for their actions. Excusing bad behavior only reinforces it and can lead to issues later in life.

Unfortunately, some parents think their kids can do no harm, leading to disagreements with other authorities in a child’s life, such as teachers or coaches.

8. Aiding And Abetting Kid’s Crime

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Sometimes, sad as it may be, kids may make huge mistakes as they grow older. Arguing that children shouldn’t suffer consequences for their actions because their lives will be ‘ruined’ is a bad example of parenting.

Children need to learn responsibility for their actions, and shielding them from consequences only sets them up for failure in the real world.

9. Feeding Kids Unhealthy Food All The Time

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Parents are responsible for providing their children with nourishing food for their growing bodies and teaching them healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, some parents rely on unhealthy convenience foods or fast food as a regular part of their child’s diet.

Not only does this impact the child’s physical health in the long run, but it also sets a poor example for them to follow and can contribute to obesity and other health issues.

Learning to find balance and moderation in their diets is an essential life skill for children to learn from a young age.

10. Letting Kids Rule You Over

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Parents are meant to set healthy boundaries for kids that help them feel safe. Kids don’t like rules and will run all over you if you let them.

Parents that are afraid to be the “boss” and parent at home can raise some mean, entitled kids. They don’t have to be harsh or cruel, just in charge.

11. Emotional Blackmail

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Some parents resort to emotional blackmail when disciplining their children, using guilt or threats to manipulate them into compliance. This can be extremely damaging to a child’s mental health and can lead to trust issues in the future.

Instead of resorting to emotional manipulation, parents should communicate openly and honestly with their children about expectations and consequences for their actions.

12. Drinking While Pregnant

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Drinking alcohol when pregnant is the height of bad parenting (and just the start, unfortunately) and a declaration that a mom really doesn’t care for the child they’re carrying.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause physical and developmental disabilities for the child. It’s essential for parents to prioritize their child’s health and well-being from the moment they are conceived.

If alcoholism is an issue, it’s essential to seek help and support to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both the mother and child.

13. Being a Sore Loser

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Parents and their children’s sports teams are notorious for poor sportsmanship. Instead of teaching children to strive for their best and learn from losses, they may make excuses or blame others for their defeats.

Seeing parents yell at referees or tear down other children on opposing teams teaches kids that it’s okay to be a sore loser and is not a positive example of sportsmanship or character. Parents should focus on teaching their children resilience and teamwork rather than winning at all costs.


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