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14 Old-School Things Only Baby-Boomers Still Do

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It’s challenging to disconnect a generation from their cherished activities, and Baby Boomers exhibit a distinct fondness for their peculiarities. A considerable portion of the Baby Boomer lifestyle appears unfamiliar to the current generation, leading some to question why they may not align with the perceived “progressiveness” of the contemporary world.

Here are some traditional practices of Baby Boomers that continue to perplex many.

1. Watching News

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In yester years, news time was sacred, and everyone sat down to catch up on the latest developments from around the world. That isn’t the case anymore, especially with the advent of social media and instant news. However, that hasn’t stopped Boomers from catching the news at the specified time, regardless of what else was breaking the internet on social media.

2. Walk-In Banking

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E-banking is the norm now, and many just make transactions with the press of a button and a code. Most Baby Bloomers will still prefer to walk to the bank to do their financial transactions physically.

3. Physical Shopping

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Almost everyone has an online shopping app, except most Baby Boomers, on their phone today. While many people prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, Boomers still walk into department stores to shop.

4. Wearing Watches

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You can barely spot a Boomer today who doesn’t own a watch. Phones have replaced most functions done by multiple gadgets, and watches are among the victims. However, if you spot a Baby Boomer today, they’ll most likely be wearing a watch—and most of these watches are classic and indestructible.

5. Journaling

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When others are busy documenting their daily experiences on social media for all to read, Boomers who write prefer to have a journal instead. Many still keep a diary of their experiences and thoughts, and this too, on a hard copy, not e-notes.

6. Playing Board Games

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Today, everyone has tens of games installed on their phones and PCs, and only Boomers seem to have been left with the exciting habit of playing actual games on physical boards (except for holidays).

While the younger generation is crunching keys and knobs, Boomers prefer to play physical board games still.

7. Paper Calendars

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Several things went extinct with the coming of cellphones and laptops, and paper calendars weren’t spared. The only place you’ll likely find a current paper calendar is in a Baby Boomer’s house.

8. Visiting the Post Office

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Some people today don’t even know where the post office is or what its purpose is. For many, the mail man brings the mail. Most Boomers though, will still take trips to the post office to post letters and parcels.

9. Cable TV

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Subscription channels are the norm today; that way, they can choose what they want to watch for less. Most Boomers have stuck with cable TV, and it’s hundreds of channels for a hefty bill.

10. Carrying Paper Money

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PDQ machines and online payments have made it easy and possible to walk around without any paper money, and still make all necessary transactions.

However, most Baby Boomers still prefer to transact their business with physical cash.

11. Reading Hardcopy Books

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Online reading seems convenient, allowing one to store as many books as possible without having a big shelf. Some people, however, still love the smell of paper and the thrill of turning a page and prefer reading physical books over e-books.

Most Boomers fall in the second category.

12. Writing Checks

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Despite the invention of direct bank transfers and other online payment plans, you cannot separate a Boomer from their checkbook.

13. Newspapers

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There’s breaking news every second on social media, but a Boomer will only trust what made it through the printers to his doorstep.

14. Pant Suits

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The suit is just about the only acceptable formal wear for many Boomers. While younger generations lean more on casual and ‘smart casual,’ the Boomers are still very much attached to pantsuits.

While we may struggle to comprehend different generation’s choices, it’s essential to recognize that differing perspectives don’t necessarily equate to being incorrect.


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