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14 Break Up Notes That Are Too Funny Not to Laugh At

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While breakups are typically not associated with humor, there are instances where the delivery of the message carries a certain comedic element. While engaging in a face-to-face conversation is often considered the most mature and appropriate approach to ending a relationship, some individuals opt for a more creative and unconventional route in their heartbreak messages.

Explore these amusing breakup notes that have been shared on the internet. They might provide a light-hearted perspective on your own experiences of heartbreak and help you get in a good laugh.

1. ILY

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Abbreviations have gotten more creative, complex, and confusing in the texting world. ILY majorly means I love you. Well, one text sender actually meant to say, “I’m leaving you,” and not “I love you.” He probably needs to brush up on his text abbreviations to avoid confusion next time.

2. Oops, Wrong Number

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The announcement of an unplanned pregnancy can go wrong in many ways, as one person found out. The moment their message was delivered, their partner decided that his number was no longer in service and sent a message saying, “You have the wrong number.”

The only problem was, that he misspelled “you”, and then corrected it in a separate message. Sounds like this pregnant woman dodged a bullet with this loser of a guy anyways.

3. Break-up Pizza

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Pizza has saved many moms from dying of fatigue in the kitchen and many relationships on a movie night.

One person decided to give pizza additional duties—delivering break-up news. They ordered a pizza for their soon-to-be ex and wrote, “I’m breaking up with you” on the lid.

That’s one way to make a person hate pizza.

4. Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

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Writing each other notes is a romantic way to stay connected and keep the fire in the relationship burning. One beloved received a handwritten note on their one-month anniversary, but instead of a lovey-dovey message, the message read, “I’m breaking up with you. PS: Happy Anniversary.”

The P.S. would be a nice touch if not for the rest of the message.

5. No More Love Left

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Post-it notes are a very sweet way to let your significant other know you’re thinking of them and put a smile on their faces.

One person decided to ruin the Post-it magic by sending a break-up note on it. They wrote, “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE. BYE.”

Yes, in all caps.

6. Coffee 10-0 Love

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No one likes to be compared to anyone, but it’s even more unfair to be compared to something as universally loved as coffee.

One person made a whole list of things they love about coffee and then added the things they loved about their partners: nothing. Creative, perhaps, but ouch.

7. Heartbreak on Cake

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Cake has made a name for itself in the celebration world; an event isn’t complete without one. Cake was also the chosen mode of delivering break-up news for one person.

They sent their no-longer-beloved a cake that said, “I’m moving to Australia without you.” At least they had a delicious cake to drown their sorrows with.

8. No Longer Fun

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Love fades, and being with the person you love loses the initial fun for some. However, that should not be a reason enough to break off a relationship, you just find more ways to have more fun.

One lover didn’t get this memo, and when the fun ended, they ended things with a note that said, “Thanx [sic] for everything. I can’t see you anymore, I’m not having fun.”

They also reminded them not to call anymore. Clearly, they lacked imagination.

9. Start Crying

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Sometimes, people can smell a breakup from miles away, but only the intelligent ones do something to prepare for it. One internet user could tell the heartbreak looming and said they’d cry for days if that happened.

Their partner denied having plans to break up with them, only to send the break-up message in the same breath and ask them to “start crying.” At least they were honest?

10. Roses are Red

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We all know how this poem goes. One lover started the poem and prompted his better half to finish it for them, only to have it twisted into a break-up poem with the line:

“We’re breaking up because I don’t love you.” Bonus points for rhyming and creativity.

11. I Took the Dog

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Imagine being dumped and reminded that a man’s best friend also hates you.

That happened to one woman who got home to a breakup note and an announcement that her boyfriend took the dog also because he figured the dog hated her too!

The dog should be given a chance to decide.

12. Decoding the Emojis

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Texts are a cowardly way to break up with a partner, yet it often happens these days in a world where texts are the norm for conversation. One partner didn’t even have the energy to use words, instead resorting to emojis.

A series of broken hearts followed by a man running and waving goodbye did the trick.

13. Cheating Scavenger Hunt

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One woman got creative after catching her boyfriend cheating via a Facebook message. She packed up all his stuff and left them at specific locations, such as “your clothes are where we first met” and “your videogames are where we first kissed.”

Hopefullly he paid attention!

14. A Double Whammy Banner

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One man thought he was smart having two girlfriends. Until they found out about each other…

They hung a personalized banner over a bridge he drove by daily that said he was dumped by both of his girlfriends. Way to go, ladies!


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