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Dumb and Dangerous: 15 Ways Some People Are Ruining It for Everyone

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Just as a curious child can inadvertently ignite a gleeful fire, the thoughtless actions of an individual can result in substantial and wide-ranging repercussions. Much like a stubborn, contagious flu, ignorance has the capacity to disseminate its influence, profoundly impacting those in its proximity. In the vast realm of online discussions, individuals have explored the perilous aspects of ignorance and its potential for harm.

1. It’s Ignorant of Its Ignorance

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The worst thing about stupidity is the affected party oftentimes has no idea the havoc they cause.

A user says, “They (stupid people) don’t know they’re stupid. They think they’re pretty smart.”

Someone agrees, “And not only that they are pretty smart, but smarter than you, smarter than smart people, smarter than experts. Furthermore, they often think the smarter people or experts are wrong, dumb, and or trying to trick people. “

2. It is Blind to Consequences

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Smart doesn’t do dumb, because it knows dumb has consequences.

An online user says, “Stupid people can be dangerous because they act without considering the consequences of their actions. They lack the necessary foresight and wisdom to make prudent decisions, which can lead to disastrous outcomes.”

A user says stupidity “tend(s) to be less aware of consequences for their actions.”

Someone clarifies, “I wouldn’t say less aware. They still know there are consequences for their actions. They just think the rules don’t apply to them.”

3. Stupidity Has Rights Too

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As an online contributor notes, being stupid doesn’t deny anyone a chance to vote or reproduce. And that’s a problem.

Another user adds, “(I) would like to upvote this a million times. Seems like the least intelligent have the most kids.”

4. It Often Results in Violence

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Smart people use their minds to think; stupidity often uses its fists.

A user says, “They resort to fear or anger when they don’t understand something they need to think critically about.”

5. It is Very Confident

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A contributor says, “A smart person will think twice before acting. A stupid person lives in absolute certainty that they are correct and will follow whatever bats**t insane impulse that pops into their head because they lack the imagination to consider they may be wrong.”

Someone adds, “They’re the most confident that they’re smart.”

Still, another says, “It’s like that old quote. Something along the lines of fools are so sure of themselves and wise people are so full of doubt.”

6. Quick Multiplication

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A user explains, “They multiply pretty quickly. This, combined with a manipulative, smart person at the helm, and you can have their numbers used against common sense. From there, they can manufacturer more stupid people by making their ideas standards.”

7. It’s Easily Agreeable

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An online commenter says it’s unnerving how easily stupidity seems to get into positions of power.

Another adds, “They are like shape-shifters, they seem relatable to any proposal. It’s so easy to agree to anything when you lack the ability to consider the consequences.”

8. It Doesn’t Learn

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Experience is the best teacher, but only if you actually let it teach you. Does stupidity learn?

An online commenter says, “When a regular person messes up they are more likely to look back at what they did and reflect on the reasons why what they did was harmful or dangerous, a stupid person won’t take this time to reflect on all of this and as a results they will likely repeat the same mistakes several times until something serious happens.”

An online forum user adds, “They repeat the same mistake over and over.”

9. It is Very Loud

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When smart people are waiting their turn to talk, stupidity shouts from the rooftops.

Someone contributes, “Stupid People are loud. So politicians think, they are the majority.”

10. It’s Fearless

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While this may look like a good thing, It may be a course of much grief when one leaps before looking.

A user says, “We don’t fear anything.”

“They do things without thinking.” Another one adds.

11. They’re Everywhere

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A few stupid people can be amicably neutralized, but seldom are they few. An online form says, “There a lot of them, and they are often the loudest group.”

12. It’s Emotional

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Stupidity doesn’t know self-control.

A user says, “If you can’t think it through, your only other option is to act it out. And acting without thinking is the recipe for disaster and disappointment; which fills you with stronger emotions. Its one of the worst feedback loops than can easily spiral into depression and horrid actions.”

13. It Also Gets Access to Sensitive Things

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Dangerous things like weapons (and the internet) need discretion and wisdom. But being stupid doesn’t keep anyone from accessing them; hence the present chaos being witnessed worldwide.

A user says stupidity gets dangerous because of “having access to dangerous stuff such as weapons.”

And children. Scary but true.

14. Medical Neglect and Poor Health

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Ignoring or misunderstanding medical advice due to ignorance can lead to untreated illnesses, exacerbating health problems, or worse.

15. Stupidity is Bitter

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Holding grudges and staying angry is not good for anyone- leading to negativity and even health related affects.


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