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10 Playsets for Stress-Free Pandemic Parenting

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Toni Gailing, a mother of two and potty training consultant, shares with us this week her favorite playsets. She told me that finding some playsets that worked for her and her clients have been a game changer for playtime and mama sanity- aka stress-free pandemic parents (and we can all use more the that right now!). These playsets vary significantly in price and use- find the ones that work for you to buy or get inspired for a DIY project! You can see more about Toni at or

10 Playsets for Stress-Free Pandemic Parenting

Keeping your child active, social, and happy, with activities is no small feat.

Throw in a world wide pandemic and you will notice that there are less parents taking their children to the local playground.

Aside from the usual stress of getting your child clothed, packing snacks, and making sure your child plays nice with others—now there is the worry of Covid-19. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has published guidelines to follow when visiting playgrounds which include wearing a mask and social distancing.

Jennifer Martin, a stay at home mom of two, with stage three breast cancer, has not been to a playground since the beginning of the pandemic. She is very careful about where she goes because she is immunocompromised. “Even the flu could kill me,” Jennifer explains.

She is among those that are at increased risk for severe illness from Covid-19, which include babies that are one years of age or younger, and children with certain underlying conditions. Parents that are healthy must also consider the risk of endangering elderly family members. Parents and children can contract the disease, be asymptomatic, and then infect others.

Playtime without the stress

Pandemic parenting for those that are cautious means avoiding public spaces and spending more time at home. It has made many parents search for ways to create dream playgrounds for their kids.

Here are some amazing playsets that you can buy, and install inside your home, apartment, or back yard. All showcase the latest designs in 2020.

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1. Playhouse 722



The adorable Playhouse 722 ($5,380) is made from naturally splinter-free Northern White Cedar. This play house is both charming and fun! You can play with your children or just let them explore their playhouse on their own. Customize the inside by adding bean bags, a toy kitchen, plush toys– the options are endless!


2. Tubelox Deluxe Set (200+ Pieces)



The Tubelox Deluxe Set ($348) is a set of interlocking parts that can be made into more than 300 different designs. The designs that can be made include crawling tunnels, play forts, tables, chairs, play cars, and so much more. The set is great for all ages from babies to school age children. You can put the designs together yourself, assist your children, or just let them do it themselves. This unique play set encourages your child’s imagination, and is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. It comes with an instruction manual illustrating design ideas.   

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3. Our Town  


This dream Play House ($9,275) has a tunnel, skylight, and tons of interactive features for the lucky child. It’s whimsical details are designed to encourage solitary, social, and imaginative play. Designed to be enjoyed for children up to five years old.

4. Timber Stacks Salem


Preschoolers and school aged children will have fun in this challenging obstacle course. As a bonus, the Salem ($27,535) is environmentally friendly. It is built with black locust, a sustainable wood that resists decay and has the highest possible fungi and termite resistance rating. This playset can be bought through local reps that will have it assembled in your backyard. This is no DIY project!

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5. Indoor Playset 198


This indoor playset is complete with a slide, a pole, steps, and more. The Indoor Playset 198 ($3,915) will remake an empty room into your very own playground—with no entrance fee! Kick back, read a magazine, and enjoy yourself while your children get their wiggles out. This could be used every day or just for the occasional rainy day.

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6. OrangeA Hanging Tree Tent  

(Editor’s Favorite!)


The OrangeA Hanging Tree Tent ($89.99) is portable and can be set up inside your house or outside. If you set it up in your backyard you will need a sturdy tree or pole. It also makes a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom as a bed or just a place to unwind. It has a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds so you can relax with your children inside this tent, read them a book, take naps together, or let them enjoy it alone. This versatile tent can be used by children of all ages.

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7. Sandhouse



What is better than a sandbox? A Sandhouse ($2,100)! Sand is a great sensory toy for babies and children of all ages. Playing with sand promotes and encourages imaginative play—without electronic devices!

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8. Bieay Climber and Swing Set

pandemic parenting playhouse 

The Bieay Climber and Swing Set ($66.99) is four toys in one for your toddler. It is a slide with a detachable rocker, a swing, and a basketball hoop. This adorable set travels well and can be set up indoors or outdoors. 

9. Playbed 108

playbed pandemic parenting 

Has your child transitioned out of their crib? This playbed includes a slide, a chalkboard, stairs, and fun! The Playbed 108 ($8,405) will make any bedroom also a playroom for toddlers and preschoolers.

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10. Koala Adventure Kids Wooden Playset

This playset can be put away after use, making it a functional addition to any home. The Koala Adventure Kids Wooden Playset ($679) is your very own jungle gym that will tire your active children.

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There you have it! Many great options for keeping your kids entertained when they are spending more time social distancing and less time at the park with their friends.

What type of equipment do you have at home to keep your kids entertained? Which of these options would you love to have at home?

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