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Postpartum Hair Care Routine for New Moms 

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Becoming a new mom means entering a whole new world full of joy, laughs, and special moments. And then there are those moments when you feel like you’re ready to pull your hair out. Until you notice your hair has already beat you to it! 
If you’re noticing hair loss post-child birth, I hear you. But don’t panic! Postpartum hair loss is super common with new moms. The good news? I’m going to give you a few simple ways that you can help repair damaged hair.  

Why is my hair shedding after giving birth?

First thing’s first: What causes postpartum hair loss and how long does it last? The hair shedding that you may experience after giving birth all comes down to hormones. Estrogen, the primary hormone in both pregnant and postpartum women, greatly affects hair growth. When you’re pregnant, your body produces more estrogen, which for many means fuller, thicker, overall better looking hair. 
This phase of sought-after hair makes the drop in estrogen for postpartum women all the more challenging. After giving birth, the body basically stops producing the amount of estrogen it makes during pregnancy. In other words, “bye bye” luscious locks. 
I know what you’re thinking: How long does this shedding last? Here’s the good news. Postpartum hair loss is temporary. While the shedding can last for up to a year, many new moms only experience the shedding for two to four months after giving birth. 
If the hair loss continues or you have any concerns, never hesitate to consult with your doctor.

Tips to help repair damaged hair 

Now, onto the good stuff: How to repair your damaged hair in postpartum. These tips are actually super easy to follow, because they’re the basic things that many of us do anyways. Take a look: 

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Enjoying a nutritious diet is key to helping your body get the nutrients and vitamins it needs during this time. You can also speak to your doctor to see if they recommend taking nutritional supplements to help. 
  • Avoid heat styling. Any kind of heat (blow dryers, straighteners, curly irons) is tough on the hair. So try steering clear of any heat styling products for the time being to give your hair a fighting chance. 
  • Be extra gentle with your hair. Consider switching to a wet brush after washing your hair and avoid any hair styles that might cause pulling or breakage. 
  • Exercise moderately. While you definitely don’t want to overdo it, a gentle postpartum fitness plan is a fantastic way to reduce stress – which is key to regulating hormone imbalances! 

Want some more tips? See our full treatment for postpartum hair loss guide.

Be extra kind to yourself! 

And finally, my last tip to all you new mamas reading this: Please, be kind and patient with yourself during this time. All the changes you are experiencing – both physically and mentally – are completely normal and part of the new journey you are on. (And although it seems like it- you won’t go bald!)

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