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8 Reasons to Add More Playfulness to Your Day

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During our formative years, we exude inherent curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and unbridled joy. However, as the years unfold and we transition into adulthood, the demands of careers, financial obligations, and parenthood often capture our focus, causing us to drift away from the vibrant exuberance that was once our distinctive hallmark.

Going back to “child mode” might hold the key to our well-being and happiness. Here are a few remarkable benefits of reconnecting with your inner child.

1. Increased Sense of Joy

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Do you remember how even the smallest things made you happy as a kid? Simple activities like swimming in the pool on a sunny day, eating your favorite ice cream, or playing with your best friends all day long were enough for you to say, “This is the best day of my life!”

Once you rediscover your child self and the innate ability to experience uninhibited joy, you will find pure joy and enthusiasm in the simplest moments. This increased sense of joy will also fill your life with positivity and happiness.

2. Enhanced Curiosity and Ability to Learn

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Kids ask lots of questions and constantly try to understand what is happening around them, as they are driven by their inquisitive nature. However, as we age we lose interest in our surroundings and become less curious about small things.

Fortunately, by finding your inner child, you can reverse this process and cultivate an enhanced sense of curiosity. This increased inquisitiveness will boost your ability to learn and accelerate your personal growth as well.

3. Unlimited Perception

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Although we adults can focus and concentrate more effectively than children, our perception is often limited. This is because we tend to see only what we choose to see, often overlooking irrelevant details.

On the other hand, kids are very good at seeing the whole picture and noticing a multitude of things in their environment with an open mind. Broaden your perspective and see a significantly larger picture by reconnecting with the explorer aspect of your inner self.

4. Creativity Boost

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Stop worrying about others’ judgments.

When you allow yourself to feel free and explore new things without being worried about what other people think, you can unlock the doors to new thoughts and ideas. Plus, you might experience a boost in creativity, a greater sense of self-expression, and new perspectives as well.

5. Enhanced Amazement

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When you were a kid, chances are that you felt like life was filled with plenty of new experiences and wonders. You might have gasped at the beauty of a rainbow or been filled with awe when spotting a butterfly. However, none of these events have the same impact on you anymore as you have already experienced these a lot of times in your life.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can help you notice the little wonders of life.

6. New Opportunities

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Trying new things, failing, and then trying again is normal.

Restoring the part of you that wasn’t afraid to fail can be challenging. However, it’s worth it! Overcoming your fear of failure and learning to take chances can open several new amazing opportunities that can even change your life for good.

7. Improved Relationships

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Do you find it more difficult to make new friends and maintain healthy relationships with others compared to when you were young? You are not alone!

As we grow older, we become more protective of our self-image and less present in conversation with others. Luckily, if you tap into your inner child and let your shield down, you will be able to form new, more meaningful connections and improve your existing relationships.

8. Mindfulness

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While children live in the present moment, effortlessly engaging with their surroundings, we adults need to constantly remind ourselves to be present. Being in touch with your child self can help you cultivate mindfulness and take a break from everything that’s happening in the world.

Simple Steps to Tapping into Your Inner Child

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  • Cultivate a playful mindset
  • Spend quality time with kids
  • Dedicate time to activities you used to like and that brought you pure joy as a child
  • Be open to new opportunities
  • Look at your old childhood photos
  • Keep a journal for your cherished childhood memories
  • Meditate
  • Try visualization exercises
  • Laugh
  • Hug yourself
  • Communicate with your child self (talk or write a letter)
  • Ask for help from a therapist


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