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13 Ways to Boost a Child’s Lifelong Confidence and Curiosity

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Children inherently possess boundless curiosity, a precious asset on their educational journey. However, this inquisitiveness can sometimes feel overwhelming when they bombard you with a barrage of “whys.” Instead of succumbing to frustration, this guide is here to assist you in nurturing and channeling a child’s curiosity, enriching their learning adventure.

1. Make Them More Curious

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That may sound counter-productive, but we’re referring to turning curiosity into an opportunity for them to think more and find answers to everyday occurrences for themselves.

Ask them questions starting with, “I wonder, or what would happen if ….” and let them think of possible answers.

2. Encourage The Curiosity

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Snuffing out the curiosity dissuades them from desiring to learn and explore, and we don’t do that, do we?

Encourage them to take up even the things that seem hard and to keep an open mind in their learning. Some explorations may leave you in knots as they try daring ventures, but you should also keep an open mind as a parent.

3. Follow The Leader, And It’s Not You

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Parents are hardwired to give instructions and expect their kids to follow everything they do. However, for a child to learn, you must let them lead you to what they need—most of the time.

Sit back and look at things from their angle; you will understand their little actions and requests.

4. Let Them Play Independently

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Helicopter parenting is the default setting for most parents, but if children will learn, we have to let them learn independently.

It’s normal for you to want to give them quick solutions when they get stuck, but allow them to explore how to unstick themselves from problems first.

5. Allow Them to Mess Up

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They may look like little cherubs when asleep, but those little babies are human, and humans make mistakes. Do not shield them from making mistakes, for that’s the best way to learn.

It may take everything you have to watch them try to crack an egg and not step in to help, but one egg on the floor begins a great lesson.

6. Let Them Explore

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Children will gravitate to the things they find attractive, and sometimes, this doesn’t make sense to an adult mind.

Don’t take the child away from what they’re showing interest. Unless it’s a hot stove.

7. Challenge Them

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Kids get bored easily when the tasks become mundane and easy. Observe for the signs that a challenge is no longer difficult for the child, and give them things to do that will force them to think harder.

8. Nurture Their Confidence

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Confident individuals have a head-start in life, and you don’t want your child growing into a timid genius.

Confidence fuels more individuals to success than intellect; help your child to believe in themselves and their capabilities.

9. Show Them The World

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Traveling with a child opens their mind and eyes to different aspects of life they haven’t seen before. Don’t leave children behind when you need to see the world, take them with you on your trips as much as logistically possible.

Plan special trips with them and let them choose where they want to go if your bank account agrees with them.

10. Make Them Readers

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Few things will open up a child’s mind, like a good book. Nurture reading from a young age by reading to them from an early age, and get them books as often as you can.

Gauge how much and how well they’re reading by asking them to replay the story for you in their own words. This will grow their imagination.

11. Make Learning Fun

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When kids associate learning with fun, you’ll have an easier time teaching them life skills and getting them involved in constructive activities.

12. Encourage Personal Choices

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We are older and have been around for a little longer, it’s normal to want to make choices for our children. However, if a child is curious about a specific topic or thing and wants to make an independent choice, let them.

A bad choice is still their choice, and a lesson will have been learned, hopefully sooner rather than later.

13. Make The World Interesting

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The world can be tedious, especially when looked at through the eyes of an adult. Make the world fun for the child by turning mundane things into magic.

Walk around barefoot, throw stones in a pond, or shout in an open field to get an echo.


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