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12 Times in Our Adult Lives When We Just Want Our Moms to Make Everything Better

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One of the most genuine childhood joys is having a mother to rely on when faced with life’s challenges. We find comfort in them for our scraped knees and turn to them when confronted by bullies.

Growing up entails leaving the safety of our home’s warm embrace and our mother’s loving care, yet there are moments when we simply yearn for our mothers once more.

Someone asked online, “As an adult, what was your first “I want my mom”? What happened and why?”

1. At The End Of A Tough Work-Day

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Work environments can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being, and when the day is done, all you yearn for is the comforting embrace of your mama.

One user says, “I worked in a restaurant that had a lot of customers every day, there were such demanding days that, when the day ended, and I went to the bathroom to take off my uniform, I cried.”

2. Getting Married

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No one wants to walk down the aisle without his mama.

An online user says, “Getting married. I wish my mom could’ve been there.”

3. When We’re Sick

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Moms take the best care of their babies when sick, even when they are adults.

One contributor says, “I got food poisoning after moving into my first place. Mom drove for 4 hours, cleaned my house, did my laundry, and cooked me healthy meals for the week. I love that lady.”

4. When You Experience Your First Heartbreak

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Heartbreaks are deeply painful, and when you experience your first one, there’s nothing more comforting than having your mother’s sympathetic and understanding ear.

5. When A Marriage Ends

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Life hands us major blows, and the end of a marriage is one such blow. For one online user, the one moment they really needed their mom when they went through a divorce.

They narrate, “My husband left. I cried in my best friend’s arms that I wanted my mum. It took me 2 months before I even told her, but all I wanted at that time was a cuddle.”

6. When You Need To Visit The Dentist

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Dental appointments can be daunting, and the equipment used can be intimidating. One of the most reassuring ways to navigate a trip to the dentist is to have your Mom by your side.

Someone adds, “My Mum took me to the dentist the last time I had a tooth out. I was 29, but I’m not ashamed!”

7. During A Job Loss

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Losing a job is a daunting experience, especially when you were not expecting it. One online contributor says this was the one time they desperately needed comfort from their Mom.

“When I was let go from my first adult job. I felt like a total failure and absolutely panicked on what I should do next.” They narrate.

8. When A Loved One Is Sick

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Having a sick loved one is traumatizing, and it’s a huge help when we have someone to talk about that journey with us.

Someone says the moment they needed Mom was “When my father-in-law was in a coma after having a heart attack.”

9. When You Lose Your Belongings

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Losing your stuff can be very disorienting, especially when you lose your money and personal belongings.

An online contributor says, “I was 18 during my first semester of college. Went off campus for the first time with some friends, and when we got back, I realized I had lost my wallet. It had my debit card, cash, ID, and school ID (needed to get into my dorm, dining halls, etc). I was trying to cancel my card at like 2 a.m. while still drunk and really wished I had her help/ comfort.”

10. When We Lose Them

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We often feel a profound sense of missing our mothers once we no longer live with them, but the greatest yearning for their presence arises when they are no longer with us.

Someone contributes, “After she died two months ago and I now have to live alone with my emotionally abusive and neglectful father whose actions contributed to her death.”

11. Coming Out Of Surgery

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A major life experience like surgery requires one to have someone familiar with you, and what’s more comforting than a Mom?

A contributor says, “Coming out of anaesthesia after a tonsillectomy at 21. Luckily, she was there, but I was too high to realize.”

12. When We Get Hurt

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Moms aren’t just good for baby boo-boos, grown-ups, too, need their moms when they get hurt.

One online contributor says, “I tripped and skinned my knee walking down a hill on my way to work. My knee hurt where I landed on it and tore my tights. My first thought was “I want my mom.””


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